historic-flagUnited we stand, divided we fall.

That’s the idea behind Patriots Unite.

Even though we’re living in an age where conservative patriots are more divided than ever before, we want to rally people¬†around the core values and issues that should be important to conservatives everywhere.

So what kind of core values am I talking about? Here are a few:

  • The best government is that government which governs least.
  • The government should strictly adhere to the Constitution of the United States of America.
  • Americans are already taxed to death… we need to reduce taxes, simplify taxes, and get rid of the corrupt IRS.

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It’s time for Patriots to Unite! Will you help us?

  • Joseph D. Hollinger

    Americans need open discussions about everything. Community meetings should be held on a regular basis as an open forum without guidance in any direction and without an agenda except for pulling the community together to talk about things that anyone wants to discuss openly and receive community input in return.

    The only precondition is that discussions not be personal in nature. That topics to be discussed must concern things that effect, or may effect a significant section or community members and others on a State, National, and Global levels.

    Why don’t you get meetings like this started in your community and persist. Before long people will hear about the meetings and want to participate.

    Remind everyone that no name calling or other acts of disrespect for the body assembled and the individuals from which it is comprised will be acceptable or tolerated. Passion is understandable yet must be restrained to keep order and to allow as many to participate as possible. Leave your temper at home.

    Nothing discourages people from taking part more than an unruly crowd where they feel left out of the conversation and they don’t matter. A wise moderator that makes a sincere effort to keep discussions open but orderly involving as many as possible. Occasionally calling on someone that has been sitting and staring but not speaking out brings more people into the discussion and helps more people to feel as if they matter.

    Just sayin’