Alejandro Villanueva Jersey Sales Skyrocket

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The jerseys are completely sold out on some sites.

NFL fans looking to outfit themselves in honor of the only Pittsburgh Steeler to take the field for the national anthem ahead of yesterday’s game against the Chicago Bears better hurry: Alejandro Villanueva jerseys are selling out fast and stock is dwindling.

Monday morning, Villanueva’s #78 Steelers jersey was a top seller on, ranked just below Marshawn Lynch’s #24 Oakland Raiders jersey, but above Aaron Rogers’s #12 Green Bay Pakers sweater. At the time of this article, the jersey is still climbing the charts.

On, Villanueva is the third best selling jersey Monday morning, beating out perrennial favorites like Tom Brady.

For some football fans, including radio host Buck Sexton, Villanueva’s jersey was the first ever purchased — but they did so proudly.

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  • usmcSergeant

    I hope the NFL doesn’t get a share.

  • ch

    Problem is he came out the next day and retracted his allegiance as he didn’t intentionally want to upset his team. You are either a Patriot or not. Tell your ball less friends to shove it and stand up.

    • potemkin_village_usa

      This whole kneeling Protest Is Based Upon A False Premise.
      According to the Bureau of Crime statistics Department of Justice 49.6% of all murders last year in the U.S. were perpetrated by Blacks most of which were males and 94% of their victims are black. two thirds of those killed by police were in the process of committing a violent crime. Blacks apparently have a disproportionate percentage in the population as a whole in violent crime statistics and the prison population.
      This begs the question: What are we to do to mitigate this disparity, let a huge plurality of the murderers who happen to be black by letting them go so they can continue killing blacks in the ‘hood?
      *** If the Kaepernicks of America want to make a difference for the Black Community, perhaps they should work to transform the Black community from a culture of crime and that of a thriving one. Let’s start by weening the single mothers from the welfare enticement by changing the requirements for AFDC (Aid To Families With Dependent Children) compelling in having children out of wedlock.
      NOTE: Why hasn’t the press brought Ben Carson in on this problem? Isn’t he the HUD Secretary?