Ann Coulter Calls For Trump’s Impeachment

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Wednesday night, news broke that President Donald Trump had inked a deal with Democrat leaders to extend amnesty to illegal immigrants covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, in return for a promise to increase border security. Democrats claimed Trump also dropped his promise to “build the wall” on the Southern border, but the President disputed that allegation Thursday morning.

Regardless of the ongoing back-and-forth however, some hardcore Trump supporters are already branding the deal as treasonous to Trump’s campaign promises, and at least one hardcore Trump surrogate — columnist Ann Coulter — seems to be calling for Trump’s removal from office.


Coulter predicted Trump’s deal in her column on Wednesday, writing that Trump would spell the end of America if he colluded with Democrats to authorize DACA immigrants to say in the US.

She gave a few good reasons why a deal on illegal immigration would be problematic — the legal and procedural headaches that accompanied 1986’s similar measures, were legendary — but also claimed that Democrats pushing for DACA authorization were hell-bent on turning the US into a “third world hellhole” and implied that any immigration policy aside from a complete and total border shutdown, threatened European culture.


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  • cynthia

    Every President has fallen short of their promises, many for reasons we will never know. But if you weigh the positive and good things, and the many promises kept…President Trump is doing an exceptional job. Everything is in some kind of context, right or wrong, and subject to interpretation I have always respected Ann Coulter, and even been in awe of her intellect and acute vision…no more. She skillfully destroyed that perception.

    • James

      I agree; Ann Coulter has displayed the same shortsightedness as the RINO’s, Pres. Trump is not from the political arena, he is a savvy businessman, one who knows how to make a deal, and the way I see it, he has just put two democraps down on the mat and pinned them. No matter which decision they make; whether to let the wall be built so the DACA kids can stay, or throw the DACA kids under the bus to prevent the wall, either way, they are going to garner the hate of some of their base. A brilliant move by our Pres.

    • The Redman

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  • Larry

    I love Anne’s spunk but she does tend to allow her shotgun mouth to overload her popgun arse at times. This is one of those times.

  • Go,Bernie

    Calm down, Ann. All is not set in stone. It isn’t easy trying to get an agenda through with barriers at every turn! You may have to compromise some just as Pres. Trump is finding he may have to do to do the very best for the American people. Unfortunately, times they are a changing.

  • yumadlh

    She is starting to give me a headache along with a few of her friends.

  • Matthew

    Anne Coulter is spot on. Get back to your goals to protect America and it’s citizens. People in this country illegaly need to be removed bar none. No exceptions. Start thinking about America the same way Anne C. does.

  • rayhause

    She has to just say stupid things to remain relevant. She’s lost all of my respect for one I thought was a conservative, no more.

  • ladyNred

    ANN, I am SOOOO disgusted with You. You DON”T have President Trump’s back. I will NEVER listen to you, or purchase another one of your books. You are a TRAITOR!!

    Our President is doing a GREAT JOB , even with all the Swamp Rats he has to deal with & now You are turning your back on him, SHAME on You!!

  • just care

    We have to admit that Ann is right. I would understand if Trump kept trying to deport and kept hitting roadblocks, but that isn’t the case. He is wilfully going back on his word. I’ve seen football teams losing badly and give up, but ive never seen them purposely give the other team the ball. He is acting like a spoiled brat. He is saying ” if congress won’t help me then I will let the enemy. No dealing on immigration. Not even for the wall. What’s the point in having a wall? They’re already here. Build a wall and deport as many as you can. Take away entitlement s and e-verify. I will vote for him again if he does his best. I know he can’t get it all done, but don’t go backwards.

    • James

      Do you really think he has gone backwards? He has just put chuck and nancy on the spot. Either they support the wall in order to allow DACA kids to stay, (and notice, there has been no mention of what, if any restrictions would be held against them. Or they throw the DACA kids under the bus to prevent the wall. Either way, they are going to upset some of their base. I think our Pres. has made a brilliant move.

      • just care

        I hope you’re right. I just can’t see a good outcome. If he trades daca for a wall, that would be a horrible deal. The wall just needs financing. Its about $20 billion. The cost just for health insurance for daca is $120 billion. Besides I will never be in favor of trading our freedom for anything. And beside, we are getting into the habit of amnesty trading. What will the next prez have to trade? Amnesty of 10 million for e-verify?

        • James

          Consider this: Pres. Trump has already stipulated that any who have committed crimes will be sent back. OK; that means a few will be deported because they are criminals. He also stated that they would not receive automatic citizenship, this opens the door to denial of certain benefits, saving monies from the Fed. account. There is also the stipulation that those who are of working age have jobs, which means they are now required to pay taxes. and lastly; this shows to those who are given the equivalent of a ‘green card’ that it’s not just the liberals who are willing to give them a chance.
          Don’t get me wrong; I am not in favor of illegal migrants, but most of these were children “sent” here, not of their own free will. If they are willing to obey the laws of this country, give their allegiance to this country and it’s ideals, show their desire to assimilate, and become productive citizens; I am willing to give them the opportunity.

          • just care

            Considering that the children were in a sense victims of their parents crime, any of them that can stay must be combined with their parents in jail. I’m not in favor of any path to citizenship. What I’m more concerned about is the future. Let’s not pretend it will be the last time that an immigration negotiations will happen. A precedence must be set. I do feel bad for some of the illegals, but now they are all chanting ” all or none” and
            ” were not going anywhere”
            It’s hard to sympathize with arrogance.

          • James

            Such arrogance; as you speak of, is a very visible sign of failure to assimilate, and I am all for sending these a$$holes out. But I happen to know two of these young people who are now in their early teens; well mannered, ( as they were taken into a conservative home and raised with the right teachings){no pun intended}.
            As for future migrants; it is up to “WE THE PEOPLE to insure it never happens again. Turning our backs on those who have actually embraced true Americanism would only create another front to be fought, and one which would also be seen by the rest of the world as ‘coldhearted’ at a time when we really need to be bringing more countries over to a conservative outlook, we cannot afford to allow the leftist view to continue growing unchecked!

  • kassa1

    I know that siding with any of the Democrats is like dancing with the devil. No matter what you do like the communist they are there is never enough to give up. My thing on this is never compromise your values ever for anything not even for bipartisanship.

    • The Redman

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        • The Redman

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          • The Redman

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  • J. P. Lynch

    I don’t think any deal on DACA has been reached yet, has it?? It was an illegal exec order by Obama in the first place. Pres. Trump sent it back to congress and asked them to actually do their jobs for a change!! MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Medic RN

    I’m disappointed in Coulter. Better she acquiesce to the “art of the deal” as possibly better overall for America vs. a McConnell-Ryan treasonous, tri-global-one world government-socialist Republican Congress fecklessly doing NOTHING.

    • Never had much confidence in her, really. She had a few decent ideas, but has always been brash, and frequently acted quite foolish.

      • Medic RN

        I assumed she was a purest hawk, representative of our conservative backlash. For her attack on Trump, she may as well be Antifa saying the same things. I’m appalled at how wrong I was about her.
        As you read the Amnesty-pathway proposals, they are more severe than a wall could ever be. Fines, penalties for non-compliance, voluntary-individually-separately-privately paid-for deportation agreement (bonded in advance), responsible update and maintenance of location/residence or warrant arrest, photographs, family members, foreign addresses, contact references, back taxes, W2’s, past employer histories and ID’s, enrollment in citizenship classes/application vetting for same….a complete nightmare…like being collared by the IRS…willingly!
        The proposal way satisfies the right and completely decompresses the left. Nice deal.

        • It can happen. She did play a convincing game.

          Wow, lots of penalties!!

          • Medic RN

            A nightmare for illegal entries; voluntary for them. Willful, voluntary demonstration of compliance/cooperation. BTW…more severe penalties for those who resist, stay outside, stay illegal. Guaranteed deportation for a traffic ticket, bounced check, mortgage, credit application, voter registration, attempting to vote without being registered, anything which puts them on the radar.

          • Seems simpler to simply deport!

          • Medic RN

            Liberal resistance will never allow it. Jerry Brown just signed California as a sanctuary state. State sanctuary laws need to be repealed, population needs to swear a new pledge of alligence to the United States….be incarcerated for treason…or leave.

          • James

            NO pledge; no financial support from the Feds!

          • Medic RN

            I know right? Admittedly, a pledge is…extreme. But so is the idea that California houses half of Hillary’s voting electorate; the criminal, corrupt co-chair of a murderous, treasonous family crime cartel. Man, they need to figure out where their bread is buttered…and pledge to support it after tearing it apart.

          • If thy behave like that, cutting off ALL federal aid will take care of that problem, easily enough.

      • The Redman

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  • rick meek

    Ann – STFU – let’s see what the end game is…….

    • The Redman

      “the end game is” no good evil white-folks will take America in 2 Hell, U stupid inbred. hahahhahahahahahaah

  • Truth-Seeker!

    Ann Coulter is a provocateur…. she is well aware that HER President Trump will do the right thing, by BUILDING THE WALL!!

  • Dennis Smith

    They should of impeached obama he violated our constitution and cause all these problems.Butour political leaders did not want to upset the liberals and the blacks.So in the end we all suffer for there lack of leadership.

  • Pat Travitz

    Sounds like she believes what the Lamestream Reports We don’t the exact deal yet Demo-rats will always make it look like they won even if they lose. MMMMMM!

  • The Redman

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  • The Redman

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  • rowleya

    Selling your soul to the Devil ( Leftist Progressive Commie Socialists)
    Is throwing the Constitution in the Sewer of failed EU policies and practices.
    Make Americans Grunts Again MAGA
    Is the theme in action

  • William Gordon

    Ann –Mr Trump is not a member of the political world like all those idiots in DC–do you remember he says he wants to empty the swamp– the US Congress make up the swamp. a few months ago you was in his corner–what has happened to you morals