Blumenthal Wants Kavanaugh Postponed

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Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) believes that the hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh needs to be postponed and is “now tainted with illegality” because Trump “has been implicated in a criminal conspiracy…that impacted the outcome of the election.”

Blumenthal stated, “We should be pushing to postpone the Kavanaugh hearing. This nomination is now tainted with illegality because the president who’s nominated Brett Kavanaugh has been implicated in a criminal conspiracy, not just any criminal conspiracy, but one that impacted the outcome of the election.”

  • Daniel Murphy

    Yeah, good old Blumenhal. Trying to make something out of nothing.
    Talking about a non-existent conspiracy and we all know that the President did not commit any crimes.
    What a man does is his own business. So what if he had some “reported” affairs, so did Bill “Your Hero” Clinton.
    Go read a good book under a tree and maybe you’ll feel better in the morning.

  • Gary Oplt

    This guy along with all the rest of the liberal Democrats couldn’t tell the truth on a real bet. Just another “FAKE”.

  • hdrider

    My question is why hasn’t Judge Kavanaugh been confirmed already?

  • Joseph Morgan

    This demo-rat is afraid that his own skeletons would be coming out to haunt him for his under the table dealings. If he has nothing to hide then do not stall the confirmation proceedings. Think of treating AMERICA RIGHT and not how you can fill your pockets.

    • Ginger Martinez

      Treating America right is protecting us from a judge who believes a sitting president cannot be indicted. Tells you right there why don nominated him. Before any more of his nominations are confirmed we need the truth about the election. He is trying to surround himself with people who have agreed to protect him. If there’s nothing to protect him from why is he insisting on loyalty.

      • Michael Evans

        For following set laws??/
        “a deputy to Mueller followed up a few days later in a phone call to clarify that the special counsel plans to follow the Justice Department guidelines”; those guidelines say a sitting president can be impeached but not indicted.

        • Ginger Martinez

          There is no such law or guideline referring to indictment of a sitting president.

      • GomeznSA

        “insisting on loyalty” – oh, you mean like barry with soto-mayor and kagan? Or all of the flag and general officers who refused to pledge personal loyalty to him and were coerced into early retirement when they refused? That sort of “loyalty”?

        • Joseph Morgan

          Most of the obummas appointments and promotions are the CREEPS that were & are being replaced with people who want our country to be strong and not BOW down to those who take our money and still berate and condemn our country. If you like obummas type of rule MOVE to Africa.

          • Ginger Martinez

            Trump is “bowing down” to dictators and literally allowing them to get away with murder.

        • Ginger Martinez

          What are you talking about? Any proof?

        • Ginger Martinez

          Stick to topic. Obama isn’t President. And you are truly brainwashed.

      • Joseph Morgan

        You, lady, are an IDIOT!

        • Ginger Martinez

          Why? What have I said that was ‘idiotic ‘ in your opinion?

  • Michael Ksen

    How that Viet Nam service record there LIARthal.
    Want a hat.or a POW flag.

    • Ginger Martinez

      You were going to question anybody else’s service record when you are still supporting Don and his bone spurs?

  • Jmanjo

    I would be surprised if this liberal puke believes in anything that would be good for Americans. He is just another freak Democrat that lies every time his trap opens!

  • Richard I Ellis

    I see that MRS. HILLARY BLUMENTHAL is speaking again for an IMPOSSIBLE ACT here against the SUPREME COURT NOMINEE!

    • Ginger Martinez

      I hope you understand how making stupid nicknames makes you sound like a five-year-old. This is one of the reasons, one of the many, that the world is laughing at us and our illegitimate president.

  • Ginger Martinez

    You are all uninformed

  • Michael Ksen

    Ginger Don did not LIE about his bone spurs Liarthar embellished his service record to win a election FRAUD if the GOP had any balls the GOP opponent should have filed election Fraud and have him removed from the ballot. P.S. where are Obama’s school records..