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From actor Chris Evans (Captain America) to director Joss Whedon, the Marvel Comics franchise is committing harikari in the most unbecoming of ways: through unapologetic, partisan bashing of a democratically elected president they can’t stand.

Evans has expressed deep contempt for what he considers to be in the ignorant masses of Americans that voted Donald Trump into the White House. These are, however, the very masses that make up the core viewership of Marvel’s superhero movies.

“People were just so desperate to hear someone say that someone is to blame,” Evans said in a recent interview with Esquire magazine. “They were just so happy to hear that someone was angry, hear someone say that Washington sucks.”

“I feel rage,” he said. “I feel fury. It’s unbelievable.”

“They just want something new without actually understanding,” he continued. “I mean, guys like Steve Bannon — Steve Bannon! — this man has no place in politics.”

Evans’ trolling of Trump on Twitter seems more an obsession than a pastime, and the actor seems to blame the President for all of the country’s woes.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/05/30/marvel-abandons-fan-base-un-american-captain-america-on-247-anti-trump-rant/

  • Bayside GolfClub

    Fire this guy. He is completely replaceable. Give a young American actor a shot.. Not an australian, austrian, canadian, or any other ‘ian’. An American kid.. I don’t care what color. But not a radical blm turd.. Or seeking out someone specifically gay as a statement. Just a KID..

  • Joe Pewter

    whedon feels rage and fury..then he crawls under his bed again…fool punk

  • Kirke Veeder

    More Left coast BS. They didn’t get their way so we hear more interminable whining.

  • Low Cover

    Captain America was ultra right wing conservative and would terminate these Leftist Hollywood scum.

  • Chris Berg

    So let’s not support anyone or anything that is anti American, or socialist/communist, or terrorist friendly. Many of these people come to the US to make money, and mock and trash us while doing it.

    • Lynne Douglas

      Indeed — allowing access to folks who obviously hate our country is idiotic. To
      help them make money at our expense is beyond plain stupid, of course.
      This amounts to rewarding bad behavior, something child experts have talked
      of for countless years.

  • Alex Peshansky

    If an article starts with glaring misspelling, is it worth reading?
    It is not harikari, it is called harakiri!
    Don’t you have proofreaders?

  • jesse

    What uninformed little fools! Just burping up the mindless leftist mantra so oft repeated by the MK Ultra mind controlled hollyweird geeks.

  • Ted

    What Evans needs to do is a double check. Maybe some of Trump’s choices may not be the best, but the President we have now head and shoulder above the last. The worst president we have ever had was the last one.

    • Jim


  • Jeff Baker

    People who want to transform America are not in power now and it’s driving them Nuts.

  • Dave Harmon

    He is simply an ACTOR, nothing more. Same thing anyone can do by repeating what your told to say in a certain emotion. Marvel, Stan sell-out Lee has become a way to program and pass out liberal crap to millennial’s who live the fake rolls they see. Stan did it for the $$. I got rid of all my Stan lee early edition comics mostly autographed and also BURNED the signed Spider-Man edition from the golden years (#10). I am done with the liars and liberal cum-Bi-Ahh idiots. After Spider-Man was a grumbling, crying punk-ass to Mary Jane who was cast as some powerful, controlling woman and Spider-Man some apologetic wimp bowing at her feet; completely wrong from the comics in the real beginning; DONE. Then Thor as a WOMAN, insult to actual Celtic/Viking heritage, Iron man again under control by his strong world saving secretary and now a combination of Wonder woman/Amazon Queen not dressed in the original nice costume but some idiotic feminist crap. Wolverine now dealing with Yup another female super hero, powerful feminist nothing, Star wars also has adapted some Feministic Bull-Sh*T roles as well. Even another MUMMY re-do to make sure the FEMINIST B.S. even bleeds over onto that as well destroying the original story line with Boris Karloff. NOPE, Done with all the propaganda crap. Even the TV series that promote women to continually hit men with the understanding that Men do not hit women not matter what. WRONG. A woman can scream, call me names, break my property, whatever without any physical action from me at all, but the minute she strikes me in anger she has now put herself in a MANS position attacking another man and will be treated as one. Don’t want hit? Don’t Hit. Remember Ladies, you want EQUALITY, actually more than equality so remember that. As for the continued B.S. by the FAKE ROLL PLAYING MORONS real People simply need to realize the source and who or what your dealing with…….

  • Jim

    Both of these overpaid snowflakes can go to hell. I will NOT waste any of my $ or time on anything they do.
    Tell them I hear Venezuela, Zimbabwe and of course N. Korea or perhaps Iran, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Yemen would welcome their candy asses with open arms. And as long as they bring ALL their $ their families also welcome. And they would actually enjoy the “courageous words” from scum like them.

  • Tom Murray

    These foreign twits can really annoy me sometimes. The only thing they are good at is pretending to be somebody else and they are too ignorant to realize it was their House Boy that created most of this mess in the first place.

  • got my licence

    So apparently he only plays a American/ hero on film. He might be kissing ass to get another film but I doubt it.

  • jobird

    So long capt.america.No more of your movies.I guess my un-political husband will go alone.I thought they were stupid any way.Saving $$$ the good old American way..

  • Zero1

    Time to hunt down All of these Traitors and throw them the Hell out of this country.

  • Robert Dimmock

    Well won’t go see anymore of his movies. You know they get a little fame and start to believe they are important. He isn’t smart enough to know that people who watch his movies voted for Trump. More hollywood bull sh#t.

  • Joe S Hill

    Chris Evans is entitled to his views, and the “CAPTAIN AMERICA” star can loathe President Trump all he likes, but that doesn’t change reality, nor does that sway the American voters, who did what had to be done! Hillary Clinton would’ve ruined this country and she would’ve been worse then Obama, so if the actor isn’t impressed by Trump, then that’s Too Bad! eight years of Obama destroying our Nation with his Homosexual and Muslim agenda was way past enough, and WE spoke at the voting polls! so if Mr Evans isn’t pleased with the choice that we all made, than he has to deal with that in his own way! i like his Captain America movies, but i also recognize that like all Hollywood actors, not many of them will embrace the values that we all hold so dearly!
    his comicbook character is a corporate property of the Disney chain (they brought Marvel in 2009) and their macabre ideas of allowing LGBTs into material that is not about them, will eventually start to sour, and they’ll lose their customers ad eventually their money. if this is what Mr Evans represents, then he’ll learn the hard way that he’s on the wrong team!

    • phil62

      I wish there was some way to make everyone aware of just how deep into immorality the Disney Corp. is actually in. Walt Disney was a pedophile. The Disney franchise caters more to decadence than anyone else in the entertainment business: Thirty days every year DEVOTED solely to the LGBT freaks, making a point of hiring young homosexuals in their daily kids shows just to brain wash kids into thinking it’s all okay – even sodomy and pedophilia, making a bold point out of installing more and more sexual deviance into their cartoons, teaching the kids that it is okay to be mean and take revenge out on any person who disagrees with them, and the list goes on and on. I used to work for Disney but I will never support another thing that has Mickey and Minnie’s handprints on it.

      • Joe S Hill

        You’re covered on this fact, because the Disney corporation has become “The House of Rat” and the people running Walt Disney’s once beloved studio for serious Family entertainment have turned it into a Homosexual, liberal loving UnAmerican junkpile! Rats have this unmistakable smell about them, and The House of Mouse just doesn’t exist anymore since these liberal scum have destroyed Walt Disney’s image! Disney’s ownership of Marvel is also unnerving because they can take many of their movies and turn them into the kind of liberal rubbish that will completely stop moviegoers from spending a single dime on their films, and Chris Evans again, is entitled to his opinions, but he also needs to take heed carefully, on not to get political, and especially against our current CIC. Kathy Griffin’s seriously retarded sense of humor has proven that truth, and is paying dearly for her unfunny behavior! should the “CAPTAIN AMERICA” actor decide to go down this dreary road, he’ll learn the way that it’s not a smart idea. the Disney turncoats wish to cater to the Alphabet crowd even more, than they’ll find-out how unpopular they’ve become when the fans and the real moviegoers get down on their stupid asses! The House of Rat just wreaks of Homosexual values and favortism, so let’s see how long they can keep that up, because at some point, it’ll bite them in the ass hard, and when that happens, i’ll be laughing at their downfall when they support “man on man” values and other same sex attrocities, none of which, that Walt Disney was ever known for in his history! Homosexuals are trying to lie and squeeze their way into areas and businesses, that have nothing to do with them, and when the older fan base sees that very carefully, then they’ll know who’s who, and who isn’t! Homosexuals are on one way road to hell, and the fake civil rights that have been created for these people won’t save them! but destroying a beloved studio that stood for family entertainment-that’ll have serious consequences down the road!

  • markypolo

    Nice to know. Wife and I won’t be watching any of Marvel’s or Chris Evans’s movies.

  • jimmimac

    surprise Trump won the election both the popular vote which the demonic party tried to steal and the electorial college, so stuff it captain pussy!

  • phil62

    Well Marvel and (cough-cough) Capt. America, you just blew the crap out of my family EVER going to another Marvel movie. If I did not try to do things the right way each day I would to you to kiss my “ignorant mass – white ass”, but that would not be to conservative of me would it.

  • JL Brown Jr

    I think if evans does not like our new president, that’s his right, but to go bashing our President Trump it will affect their bottom dollar because I won’t buy his movie. That’s my right. Without a fan base he won’t get those millions of dollars. I suggest keep you Hollywood heads down if you like fans!

  • proudmomoffive

    And why do people patronize these lib-tards movies? We all should go on a massive block boycott of all of Hollywood, nothing from totally un-patriotic garbage and inmorality comes from there.