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HLN Blurs Offensive Words on Hero’s Shirt – You Won’t Believe What They Say

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The media has shown even great disgust for the democratic process as they blur the shirt of a police officer who saved a baby from a hot car. The man was proudly wearing a Trump shirt and HLN felt they had to censor that message during the interview.

According to The Blaze:

The retired New Jersey police officer who saved a baby locked in a hot car has been making the media rounds, including on HLN.

But it wasn’t just the heroic rescue itself that made headlines after he appeared on CNN’s sister channel.

During a live interview that aired Wednesday, the retired officer, Steven Eckel, wore a “Trump for President” T-shirt.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 9.31.19 AM

However, when the story re-aired later in the day, Eckel’s shirt was blurred out.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 9.31.43 AM

Here’s the uncensored interview:

And here’s the censored segment:

HLN said in a statement Thursday afternoon that the image was blurred “in error.”

As the Daily Caller noted, the move came just days after HLN announced it was canceling Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show. Pinsky recently questioned the quality of Hillary Clinton’s health care, saying he was “gravely concerned” about the “1950s level” care the candidate was receiving.

It’s fascinating to see how panicky the media is becoming toward the Trump phenomenon. Mr. Trump has clearly struck a nerve and has started a strong sense of rebellion and awareness among the voters.

So, it comes as no surprise that they are trying to squash support for him at every turn. And with the recent firing of Dr. Drew for daring to question Hillary’s health. It’s clear to see that the fix is in.

Time will tell whether Mr. Trump can defy the odds, but he’s certainly fighting a vast army of opposition in the media.

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Here’s All You Need to Know About Trump’s Historic Immigration Speech in 90 Seconds

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If you just watched the state-sponsored media, you wouldn’t know Donald Trump made a Presidential-looking trip to Mexico and then flew to Arizona and made a historic policy speech on immigration. The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that he wants to put America first again, and improve the quality of life for all Americans, regardless of race, color or religion.

According to The Blaze:

If you didn’t have time to catch Donald Trump’s speech Wednesday on immigration, Dana Loesch offers an easy, minute-and-a-half CliffsNotes version.

The short and shareable compilation, the “Trumpolation,” focuses on the real-estate tycoon’s campaign promises around his tough stance on immigration, including general topics that have both propelled him to his front-runner status and stirred more violence and vitriol than past election cycles:

● Building a wall, specifically one that is “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful”;
● Passing Kate’s Law, to ensure criminal aliens convicted of illegal re-entry receive strong mandatory, minimum sentences;
● Tripling the number of ICE deportation officers; and
● Creating special deportation task force focused on identifying and deporting dangerous criminals who have immigrated illegally

It’s interesting that liberal media pundits compare Trump to Hitler when he suggests such common sense solutions to a very real problem.

Illegal and poorly managed immigration to this country is wrecking it. While we know government officials want that, most liberals honestly believe pumping in tens of thousands of refugees is actually a good thing.

Mr. Trump is a welcome voice is a sea of insanity.

What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Watch the short version of Ms. Loesch’s Cliff Notes below:

Watch Patriotic Pole Vaulter’s Gesture Go Viral at Olympics

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When US pole-vaulter Sam Kendricks interrupted his practice run to stop for the national anthem, he didn’t expect the huge outpouring of patriotic support. As a second lieutenant in the Army Reserve, the soldier felt compelled to respond, as directed, to hearing the national anthem, even mid-stride on his approach.

According to The Blaze:

So it likely comes as no surprise that as Kendricks was right in the middle of a practice run during qualifications last Saturday, something caused him to stop as he neared the bar and landing pad.

It was the sound of “The Star-Spangled Banner” over the loudspeakers.

Upon hearing his country’s national anthem, Kendricks stopped his run, dropped his pole and stood at attention.

He eventually took home the bronze in Rio, halting a dozen-year drought of no medals for the U.S. in the pole vault. Here’s what the native Mississippian had to say about standing on the podium:

They say back home, and jokingly in track circles, that if you win a medal it will change your life. I think your life is changed on the way to that medal, honestly. With all the journeys and sacrifices that you make, all the training that you do, and the people you leave at home to watch. That is what is really the value of the (medal). I’m glad I have something tangible to bring home and show for it. I know that everybody in Oxford will love to see it. But the journey, like my coach says, is the goal. Not necessarily the medals. And it’s very fun to come and compete, but not necessarily the end of all things.

It’s always interesting how the actions of military men and women seem to surprise civilians. The military is loyal to flag and country and disciplined in their actions. Perhaps it’s because everyday citizens are not so respectful or capable of demonstrating such respect, but lieutenant Kendricks clearly tapped into a patriotic nerve.

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SEAL Who Took Down Bin Laden To Pay Huge Fine

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You know something is wrong when the Navy SEAL who played a pivotal role in the raid that killed bin Laden has to pay the government $6.6 million from the profits of his book about the raid. It seems only the President can profit from the raid.

According to The Blaze:

Matt Bissonnette, who wrote “No Easy Day” under the pseudonym Mark Owen, will give the U.S. government all profits and royalties from the book or movie rights. The proceeds already total more than $6.6 million. He will have four years to pay the bulk of that.

The former Navy SEAL who wrote a book about his role in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden will pay the government more than $6.6 million for violating non-disclosure agreements and publishing without getting the document cleared by the Defense Department, according to federal court documents.

Matt Bissonnette, who wrote “No Easy Day” under the pseudonym Mark Owen, will give the U.S. government all profits and royalties from the book or movie rights. The proceeds already total more than $6.6 million. He will have four years to pay the bulk of that.

It’s refreshing to see that Mr. Bissonnette has another successful book that allows him to profit from his years of service. Why the government felt the need to confiscate the profit of the former SEAL’s book is anyone’s guess, but most likely a deterrent to anyone else who may be considering writing a tell-all. When it comes to Special Operations, it’s probably better, and less embarrassing, to keep missions secret.

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Trump Has Best Reason Why Hillary Releasing Her Taxes Now

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Hillary Clinton is a queen of redirection and the Trump campaign is accusing her of releasing her taxes now to draw attention away from the felonious revelations in her leaked emails. It’s ironic that while Mrs. Clinton refuses to release transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street firms, her medical records or those 33,000 emails she said were ‘personal’ and thus not subject to disclosure, yet is willing to release her tax returns.

According to Western Journalism:

“Hillary Clinton has turned over the only records nobody wants to see from her — the American public wants to see the 33,000 emails she deleted to obstruct an FBI investigation,” Jason Miller, a top campaign spokesman, said in a statement Friday.

“Everything she doesn’t want us to see has been digitally shredded or put under lock and key. This document release is nothing more than an attempt at distraction and misdirection by an individual who created and then purged an illegal private email server,” Miller added.

“The records we need to see are those being hidden, deleted, obstructed, and stashed away by Hillary Clinton to keep authorities from untangling this corrupt scheme that reaches into the world’s shady corridors of power,” claimed the spokesman.

FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that Clinton had not turned over “thousands” of work-related emails.

The statement also makes reference to alleged instances of pay-for-play regarding the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, which may further be revealed by the missing Clinton emails.

As reported Thursday by Western Journalism, Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former of chief of staff while serving at the State Department, was part of multiple emails addressing requests by the Clinton Foundation to give high-dollar donors and others special attention.

Additionally, while working at the State Department, Mills interviewed top level executives to run the Clinton Foundation.

The Trump campaign statement noted the sale of the American company Uranium One to the Russians (and with it, 20 percent of the U.S.’s known uranium reserves), which Clinton and other Obama administration officials approved.

Ian Tefler, CEO of the company, donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech he gave in Moscow from a company promoting Uranium One.

The Trump campaign noted that Hillary Clinton was paid $10,000 per minute to make Wall Street speeches herself, the transcripts of which she refused to release.

It will be interesting to see how the media respond. Will they bite and shift all attention away from the incriminating material in her leaked emails. Content that could put her in jail for life. Or will they shift their focus to Mrs. Clintons’ ‘transparency’ of releasing her taxes, and put pressure on Mr. Trump to do the same.

I’d put my money on the later, but time will tell. What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Is This Evidence ISIS is Amassing on US/Mexico Border?

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The increasing terrorist attacks in Europe are raising concerns about such attacks in the US, with the main focus on the porous US/Mexico border. Now comes new reports that ISIS may be amassing on the Mexico side of the border with Texas.

According to Western Journalism:

According to reports in an Italian newspaper, ISIS operative Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir has been training militants near Ciudad Juarez since 2015.

The newspaper quotes Khabir as saying the Southern Border is so easy to enter he “could get in with a handful of men, and kill thousands of people in Texas or in Arizona in the space of a few hours.”

Further information linking ISIS with operations in Mexico came after the arrest of Erick Jamal Hendricks, who was arrested last week and charged with “conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.”

Judicial Watch, which has independently reported about the existence of the Ciudad Juarez camp, reported that Hendricks said jihadist “brothers” are just south of the U.S. border in Mexico.

Hendricks tried to “recruit people to train together and conduct terrorist attacks in the United States,” according to the government’s criminal complaint.

The Justice Department, in announcing Hendricks’ arrest, noted his connection to Mexico-based terrorists.

“Hendricks allegedly told (an ISIS source) that he ‘needed people’ and wanted to meet in person; that there were several ‘brothers’ located in Texas and Mexico; that he was attempting to ‘get brothers to meet face to face;’ and that he wanted ‘to get brothers to train together,’” according to a Department of Justice press release announcing Hendricks’ arrest.

The Justice Department said Hendricks tried to recuit an undercover FBI informant.

The press release alleges that Hendriclks told the informant to “download the document ‘GPS for the Ghuraba in the U.S.’, which … allegedly encouraged Muslims to die as a ‘Shaheed’ (martyr), to ‘Boobie trap your homes,’ to ‘lay in wait for them’ and to ‘never leave your home without your AK-47 or M16.

Despite evidence to the contrary, the Obama administration has publicly denied any existence of ISIS terror cells in Mexico.

While radical Muslims are increasing their attacks against Europeans and Americans, Obama is decreasing defense of the border, increasing the infiltration of illegal Muslim immigrants and keeping it all very secret. It’s almost as if Obama is an accessory to terrorism and the actions of this Administration are treasonous.

What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Watch the report below:

Media Narrative of Khizr Khan Is Crumbling Fast

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He was the star of the Democratic National Convention, but the media darling and narrative around his story is crumbling fast as more information is learned about his past. One thing is becoming clear, anyone who takes on Donald Trump finds their offense quickly turns to defense as weaknesses and lies are exposed.

According to Western Journalism:

The Gold Star father has been in the spotlight after he waved a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution during a DNC speech and asked if Trump had even read it. Shortly afterward the media propped him up as an expert on the historical founding document, and touted his knowledge of law repeatedly.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC even likened Khan to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

“You`re like Justice Kennedy because Justice Kennedy, Anthony Kennedy, who Ronald Reagan appointed, is the swing vote, you know, and uses the liberty clause and the equal protection clause for all of his recent big decisions,” Matthews said during an Aug. 1 segment.

Now it seems that most of the information regarding his extensive knowledge was just hype.

Breitbart revealed Friday that Khan passed the BAR when he was 60 and was only permitted to practice law in New York as of June 22, 2010.

In an article published at the end of July, the Washington Post claimed that Khan was “a Harvard-trained lawyer.”

To many this would seem impressive, as Harvard is one of the premier law schools in the country. But Khan graduated from Harvard in 1986 with an Master of Law graduate degree — not a standard law degree.

The Master of Law degree is what most foreign students seek to obtain if they have previously received a law degree in another country. It is a one-year program, as opposed to the standard three-year law school education.

Khan originally studied at Punjab University in Lahore, Pakistan. Not only was he taught British law, but he also become an expert in Sharia law — a medieval Islamic code that doles out harsh punishment for certain crimes.

Being a devout Muslim, Khan has been quoted as saying Sharia takes the place of “all other juridical works.”

Even though this newly revealed information is concerning, it is unlikely the Democratic party will stop using him as a political force to damage the Republican presidential nominee’s image.

On Tuesday, Khan asked for Arizona Sen. John McCain to withdraw support for Trump.

“I implore Sen. McCain … I continue to implore all of the good Republicans who either support or are going to vote for their party’s candidate, this will be a historic moment in the Republican Party. If you publicly rebuked him, you will look back and you will stand tall in front of the nation,” he told Cronkite News Tuesday.

Democrats are now urging Khan to run for political office, as well as hoping he will appear in future Clinton campaign ads.

It’s interesting that the Democrats want Mr. Khan to run for office. Being that he believes the Constitution is subservient to Sharia Law, it’s like the Democrats are inviting their own destruction.

One thing is certain, little about the media narrative of Khizr Khan is holding up to scrutiny. The only person the media seems to scrutinize is Mr. Trump, and the worst they can come up with is that he offended someone with his words.

What do you thinK? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Huge Milestone Reached As Obama Spent Almost a Year Doing This

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Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 5.59.06 PMPresident Obama has under-achieved in the Presidency to the disappointment of many. But, in one area, he has outshines his predecessors. You see, Mr. Obama has hit the golf course more than any other President before him. It seems the work of the nation may be too much for Mr. Obama and he’d rather be golfing.

According to The Hill:

Barack Obama is playing his 300th round of golf as president.

That unofficial count comes from CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller.

Shortly after Knoller’s tweet, the president was on the move, departing the town of Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard, where the first family is vacationing, at 12:38 p.m. for his 300th round of golf while in office.
The motorcade passed a sign that said “Welcome back, First Family,” en route to the Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, according to reporters traveling with the president.

Many onlookers caught in the traffic jam caused by the motorcade were spotted waving and taking photos.

“The President is golfing at Farm Neck Golf Club with Chris Paul, Cy Walker and Joe Paulsen,” a White House official said.

Obama told the Golf Channel’s David Feherty in a recent interview that his golf handicap is an “honest 13.”

“I think my irons are good, my drive is straight but unimpressive in length, and my putting’s decent, chipping is OK,” Obama said, according to CNN.

“My sand game is terrible.”

It’s interesting to think if Mr. Bush had golfed half as much as Obama, the press would have lambasted in the media overtime he hit the tee. It seems Mr. Obama gets a pass and continues to hit the tees.

With 300 trips to the golf course in the last 7 years, you would think Mr. Obama would be better than a 12 handicap. However, seeing how he’s done everything else, it’s not surprising that he’s mediocre on the course as well.

What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

See the Trailer That Made “Hillary’s America” the #1 Top-Grossing Documentary of 2016

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The Obama administration jailed him for his political filmmaking. Now conservative documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has struck back, again, with the #1 top grossing documentary of 2016, with the scathing “Hillary’s America” that was released in July and has already set records.

According to The Blaze:

D’Souza’s newest documentary, “Hillary’s America,” was put out in limited release July 15, just ahead of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and in wide release July 22, the weekend before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. In less than two weeks, the film has raked in more than $5.2 million, making it the top-grossing documentary so far this year, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The 100-minute movie casts Hillary Clinton, who this week became the first female to win a major U.S. party’s nomination for president, and her husband Bill as “depraved crooks” while labeling the entire Democratic Party as “the party of corruption.”

The trailer for D’Souza’s latest project was released earlier this year. In it, D’Souza says that Democrats once supported slavery and suggested their plan now is to “steal America.”

This isn’t D’Souza’s first successful political documentary. He previously produced “2016: Obama’s America,” which eventually became the No. 2 political documentary of all time, taking in around $33.4 million. (Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore’s 2004 “Fahrenheit 9/11” grossed more than $119 million.)

The documentary comes after D’Souza predicted last December that Clinton would be the next president of the United States.

“They fight like it matters to them,” D’Souza told Glenn Beck. “They’re in a knife fight, not a chess match, and we have to up our game.”

D’Souza added, “I respect their ruthlessness. If you look at Hillary, her political strategy is to doggedly move ahead and dare everybody else to bludgeon her to the ground and sit on her, otherwise she’s going to keep moving — you’ve got to respect that.”

It’s interesting that Mr. D’Souza could mention something complimentary about Hillary, when it’s a near certainty that Mrs. Clinton would not return the favor.

It’s telling that his documentary became the #1 top grossing documentary after only about 2 weeks, which clearly tells you Americans are hungry for the truth, and the polls pushed by the Democratic party about how close the race is with Mr. Trump, are just more fiction from that camp.

What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Bernie Sanders Have Harsh Reaction To DNC’s Apology After Email Release

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The day after the release of incriminating emails, the DNC offered Bernie Sanders and his followers an apology. The DNC claimed it to be an ‘sincere apology’ but how sincere is it when the only issue was being caught in the first place.

According to The Blaze:

The emails, published by WikiLeaks, show what appears to be a concerted effort to damage Sanders’ bid for the Democratic nomination as he and Hillary Clinton fought their way through the Democratic primary.

“On behalf of everyone at the DNC, we want to offer a deep and sincere apology to Senator Sanders, his supporters, and the entire Democratic Party for the inexcusable remarks made over email,” incoming interim DNC chair Donna Brazile said Monday in a statement. “These comments do not reflect the values of the DNC or our steadfast commitment to neutrality during the nominating process.”

“The DNC does not — and will not — tolerate disrespectful language exhibited toward our candidates,” she continued. “Individual staffers have also rightfully apologized for their comments, and the DNC is taking appropriate action to ensure it never happens again.”

The party’s convention has been off to somewhat of a rocky start, as Sanders’ supporters protest outside — and inside — the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Clinton’s name was first mentioned during the invocation and, while there were some cheers for the presumptive presidential nominee, loud chants of “Bernie!” and “No TPP!” rang out, lasting around 20 seconds.

In addition, earlier in the day, outgoing DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed off the stage when she attempted to speak to her own Florida delegation.

In place of Wasserman Schultz, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, as secretary of the DNC, called the convention to order. However, after welcoming delegates and guests to the Philadelphia arena, she began to walk off stage before realizing she forgot to use the gavel to formally start the convention. Seconds later, she quickly ran back to the podium to hit the gavel.

Ohio Rep. Marsha Fudge was also met with protesters. In response to the chants in support of Sanders, she said, “I am going to be respectful of you and I want you to be respectful of me. We’re all Democrats and we need to act like it.”

To say the convention has been off to a rocky start is an understatement as just about every speaker has been heckled and anyone mentioning Hillary has been loudly booed.

What we’re witnessing is a dramatic changing of the tide as the establishment is not getting away with the corruption of the past. With more information and more tools to force transparency, we’re seeing the old guard being forced out and a new guard taking shape.

We’re not there yet, but soon we shall see the DNC and their press releases becoming more and more irrelevant.

What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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