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Try Not to Freak Out When You Hear How Hillary’s Playing the Media Now

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If you’ve kept up with Hillary’s campaign at all, you probably know that it isn’t exactly the model of transparency. Hillary has stonewalled certain journalists while cherry picking others dozens of times before, but this time she’s taken her manipulation to a new low.

She’s finally granted her first exclusive campaign interview, and you’ll never guess who it’s with:

CNN reporter Brianna Keilar, who showed up at a Clinton aide’s wedding just a couple weeks ago.

What do you think? Is Hillary just showing her true colors, or is there any possibility for a semblance of objectivity here? Tell us in the comments.

You’ll Never Guess Who’s in Trouble Over the Confederate Flag Now

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If you thought all the craziness surrounding the confederate flag has subsided, think again.

A firefighter in Minnesota got the shaft after flying the stars and bars on one of his department’s fire trucks, and now conservatives everywhere are outraged.

43-year-old Brian Nielsen was driving a Hartland Fire Department truck in a traditional “3rd or July” parade, but the fact that the truck was outfitted with a confederate flag means he may be out of a job.

The Blaze reported on the issue, saying:

Nielsen said he expects to be asked to resign and that he’ll go with the request if asked. He said he put the flag up without consulting the fire department.
“I will out of respect for them, yes I will [resign],” he told Minnesota CBS local. “I’m sorry I hurt my city and hurt the fire department.”

After a white male shot nine black church attendees in Charleston last month, the debate over the Confederate flag erupted since the alleged shooter had pictures on Facebook of himself with a Confederate flag. Saying the flag is a symbol of racism, activists began calling for the removal of the flag from South Carolina’s capitol as well as public property around the nation.

That’s why Nielsen’s decision has attracted such media attention, but he said that to him the flag is not about race.

“I don’t see race,” Nielsen told The Albert Lea Tribune. “Black and white are the same to me. My belief is that ‘politically correct’ is going too far.”

What a disgrace. Can you believe that in the world we live in today that simply putting a flag on a truck can mean you might get blackballed?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments.