Celebrities Call for ‘Month of Resistance’

in Fraud & Corruption

Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon are among the dozens of artists, entertainers, and activists who have attached their names to an effort calling for a month-long protest to stop President-elect Donald Trump.

“No! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!” reads a full-page ad placed in the New York Times on Wednesday by the group Refuse Fascism.

“Donald Trump, the President-elect, is assembling a regime of grave danger,” the ad says. “Millions of people in the US and around the world are filled with deep anxiety, fear, and disgust. Our anguish is right and just. Our anger must now become massive resistance –before Donald Trump is inaugurated and has the full reins of power in his hands.”

The group is encouraging “a month of resistance” to protest Trump, which it hopes will reach “a crescendo” by his inauguration on January 20.

“The Trump regime must and can be stopped before it starts!” the ad reads. The group urges its supporters to “step up the resistance: walkouts from schools and work, protests against attacks and threats on Muslims, women, people of color, LBGT people – all linked to the objective of Stopping the Trump/Pence regime. The struggle must grow.”

The group’s initiators include domestic terrorist-turned education activist Bill Ayers, far-left professor Cornel West and jazz musician Ted Sirota, among others.

The organization regards Trump’s presidency as “illegitimate,” and says the incoming administration will capitalize on the various “virulent movements of white supremacy and anti-immigrant hysteria” on the rise in America.

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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/01/05/celebrities-call-month-resistance-fight-fascist-trump/

  • Stupid Hollywood going to get more money with less taxes and regulations and they wanted a criminal and that what Hillary is. Obama’s administration full of criminal activity, incompetence and abuse. What in the hell is wrong with these so called actors, I cannot believe they are that stupid

    • Roberto Miller

      I agree 100%

    • Lilly Putney


    • Old goat

      Oh but they are that stupid and more!

      • The Redman

        Like “old goats” huh. hahahhhahahah

    • Kstar

      That’s what’s wrong with them—they’re actors and have to be given a script because they cannot think like a logical normal person.

      • Crapola

        Oh, but they have the democrat sound bites down pat. They are great at memorizing things and they have that. They are actors too, so they are good at pretending and make believe.

        • Chuck Lynch

          Memorizing? Oh yeah, that’s now a critical Common Core skill.
          Memorizing AND obedience to government dictates!!

          • The Redman

            Yep, chunk. like yo mama is 2 her meth pimp, huh. hahahahhahhahah

        • The Redman

          white-folks, huh.

    • Joe S Hill

      I’ll take Old Hollywood over the one in the present,which is trying to destroy our values with Homosexuality and liberal bullshit! these Turncoats are free to leave this country anytime they like! but liberal Hollywood needs a kick in the ass for trying to divide our Nation!

      • Crapola

        Well said. I rarely go to movies anymore because I hate the actors. They complain about everything, trying to use their status (as if being a celebrity is someone special that we should listen to) to make us do as they want. They don’t like guns yet they use them in all movies to portray how brave and tough they are. You can’t watch TV anymore without half the cast being a minority, or gay, or lesbian or something different than the majority. I have noticed a big increase in this in the last few months. I don’t dislike minorities, but I can’t help but notice that many of the new shows are all using colored actors, as if white people are taboo now. How is this fair? I could care less what these pathetic, phonies want from us.

        • Chuck Lynch

          No, no, no, no! The message from Hollywood goes deeper than that!
          The message is that if you are a straight, white Caucasian male you are scum, and, as that employee of Drexel recently said, need to be genocided!!
          Now that mindset folks needs to be deep sixed for America to become great again!!

          • Kinneret

            I only love to see the old movies, when talent was real talen and actresses were decent with morals and values, unlike the garbage of to day.

          • frustraated

            MLK is rolling in his grave!

        • Joe S Hill

          It offends me that Hollywood has betrayed many fans and moviegoers over this liberal horseshit,and these liberal celebrities think that all their pathetic whining and bitching is going to change the outcome of our previous election-it won’t! even as a fan of things like “STAR TREK” has become a major battle,thanks in part to George Takei,who’s enabled the LGBT movement to put its filthy values into a once beloved franchise that’s pretty much infested with Gay equality! but now these turncoats trying to fight Trump’s victory wants to cause as much trouble and disruption as they can,and using liberal Hollywood to make their pitch is so damned pathetic,which is why i value its past,when things like this didn’t exist! but when they feel boycotts and hostility,they might finally get the message!

          • Paul Joseph

            Takei is a sodomite

          • Joe S Hill

            Takei is another self chosen LGBT in liberal Hollywood who’s thriving high and well on this liberal band wagon trying to brainwash sane and normal minds into embracing man on man
            sexuality,which is still puke-out gross and disgusting! this is NOT the Hollywood i grew-up with,and its totally sick! Takei is a very nice man who i’ve met at two ST conventions,but promoting this behavior and lifestyle is certainly not something i’m in agreement,and the people running Hollywood today sure better get the message that this bullshit is not okay!

          • richardroland76

            One day when these liberals and their sick agenda are standing in front of their maker they will see how wrong they were. Unfortunately it will be to late by then.

          • richardroland76

            I agree. These celebrities think they are some sort of Gods or royals who decide who we should vote for using their fame to brainwash their fans and the american public. All liberals want you to believe that WRONG IS RIGHT AND RIGHT IS WRONG!!

          • rick meek

            Thank the federal judge who shot down the CA bill as unconstitutional then revealed months later that he was busy with his Philipino house boy…..

        • Larry Gordon

          I like how you think.

        • frustraated

          Good point about the guns!

          • rick meek

            One thing is for sure ——- gun and ammo sells have skyrocketed…

      • Richard.

        Old holly wood ..your nuts… Look on you tube for old violet marriages concerning holly wood stars and you see many gays .And America has just been added to the list of country’s that are persecuting Christians for the morals and views ..Even planed parent hood HAS lost it funding of the American tax dollar .for selling baby body parts .Woman have to start keeping there legs closed or find a man that been cut.. .Next we need to clean up the welfare system and get rid of Obama care…Not a way of life for so many many woman any more on a couch .That a lot more than draining a swamp and it going on…And No I did not vote …..

        • Joe S Hill

          Let’s not get stupid with insults! i’m aware of Hollywood’s history and i know who’s Gay,so please spare me! Old Hollywood wasn’t stupid and reckless like they are in the present,nor did their entertainers step out of line with their liberal bullshit like the crap they’re trying to do,nor did we have insane liberal celebs like these idiots bitching about disrupting Trump’s inauguration which is just too damned stupid to entertain! i’m also aware of the Christian persecutions going on in our country-also a result of liberal Hollywood’s twisted agenda-THEY’RE Nuts,not me!!

          • Richard.

            So good of a come back reply with such truth in it wording .I can only say your the big dog with the bite to match it with this kind of reply compared to mine..Richard.

          • richardroland76

            You hit the nail right on head !!

        • rick meek

          Liberals —– always excuses ——- always bullchit ——- always trying to turn everything in their favor —- old Hollywood wasn’t perfect but like politicians – kept the crap outta the public eye for the kids sake and they let kids grow up before turning them liberal.

      • frustraated


      • rick meek

        Old Hollywood is gone and the good actors have been shoved into twilight….The days of good entertainment are gone —– FT…

      • Judalon Smyth

        Stop supporting them. Money talks. I did not watch the Oscars this year and I read that their viewership was down so I was not alone. If the liberals want to go after Ivanka’s fashion business conservatives need to go after their incomes. I know, most are on the dole so it’s harder to make an economic impact on them unless we shut down welfare and big pharma.

    • dennis w

      BELIEVE IT…………………………………

    • Christian_Patriot7

      They just PROVE that liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS and ALL liberals must either be deported or permanently committed to a mental institution!

    • Judalon Smyth

      They are.

  • bent jørgensen

    donald trump for president yes

  • Roberto Miller

    If you don’t love our country why don’t you get the FUCK out of our country.

    • betty mccoy

      Foul Language DOES N O T ENHANCE your meaning; it minimizes your point !!!

      • WVF

        It does when Democrats do it.

  • cp123

    ha,ha,ha,ha. Bwahhhhhhh.

  • Roberto Miller

    My wife says that I’m allergic to BULL SHIT and I do believe that she is right

  • Howleyesque


  • Bruce in AZ

    I wonder how Ed Asner feels about having the same level of celebrity as Rosie O’Donnell. Looking forward to President Trump’s inauguration.

    • Paul Joseph

      never did like Asner; he was well cast in the movie Edorado as a thug

  • John Adams

    For almost 8yrs we had to put up with your Boy destroying our Country and we didn’t riot or burn property down or destroy buildings or block traffic in which at least one person died because the Ambulance he was in couldn’t get to the hospital in time so stop the BS and live with the fact your party LOST. Live with it we had to.

    • catnap

      First – I love your name!! I did a thesis on Presidents John and John Q Adams – and my senior thesis was on a wonderful woman named Louisa Catherine Adams – John Q’s wife (who was much more interesting than that stick-in-the-mud John Q). That said, you are correct. We acted like adults. We didn’t like the choice – but the people spoke and we made the best of it. Yeah, we griped, but that’s about it. Now after 8 years of mismanagement and racist BS from BHO, we get a possibility of a good-for-America president, and they are coming unglued. I truly think maybe we need to find an island, call it liberals in California – and ship them all there.

  • Flyby1

    Has been’s and never were’s looking for the slightest bit of recognition. Sad. Maybe they could hook up with sharpdumd who WAS going to leave the US. It’s too bad “celebrities” don’t keep their word anymore. O’donnel for dog catcher in 2020. LOL

  • flutepilot

    Hey idiots – this is exactly why you lost. Wake up, put on your big boy/girl pants and stop this crap!

  • jlcham

    So far, all the violence has come from anti-trump supporters and racist Dems.

  • cccarr

    resist what…..more jobs. increasing our security, repairing our foreign policy, restoring our military, reducing our debt, tightening the u.s budget? no thank you obama/hilary lovers. get ovER it and btw go look.up the meaning of facist and you will find out it is not donald trump.

    • Old goat

      You forgot! Kicking out illegal aliens and keeping them out1

      • Chuck Lynch

        Don’t forget the vetting of refugees from the ME!!

  • Robert Dimmock

    Who told these ass wipes they have the right to declare resistance to anything. They think because they were in a movie, they are important enough that people should listen to them. they are as important as gum on a shoe sole.

    • JohnB


  • Jim McGann

    Having read the ad thoroughly I believe this violates existing laws and everyone who signed this should be arrested for inciting a riot. Put them in jail several months before their trial, deny them bond! Would we miss them? You decide!

  • Lilly Putney

    Wouldn’t it be great if these ass holes would actually leave on their own. Since when do we have to listen to people who live their lives in a make belief world. We live in the real world where you get up and go to work when you have or can find a job and they want to get rid of the only person who has actually offered us some relief and hope for a better future. Who has already stopped and brought some work back into some areas. People who have not had a chance of a job now might have at least a little hope in their futures. This is not O’s hope and change that took every thing and gave nothing in return. This is a man who is going to try to stop Mr trump every day of his Presidency. The American people need to step up and let Obama that it is time for him to leave Washington DC for some other Country because his term as Pres is over and he has no pull any where any more. Leave our chosen Pres. alone and let him do his job which Mr O never did do.

    • Old goat

      Anyway! What happened with all the assholes who were going to leave this country if Trump was elected? Too bad their word means nothing.

      • dennis w

        NEVER HEARD OF ANY OF THEM…………………………..

        • The Redman

          Nor denise w, huh. hahahahahahahah

      • The Redman

        98% white-folks. hahahhaahhahhaha. old goat nuts

    • Old goat

      And you know it is very likely that Reagan and McCarthy were/are correct about the tremendous number of commie/pinkos we have in our government/country. You are right Lily these people live in a fantasy world.

    • Chuck Lynch

      Can you imagine what a joy that would be if the first thing Trump does after being sworn in as President would be to pivot and as he is taking his hand off the BIBLE point at Oboma and command the Federal Marshalls present to arrest that man for treason, among a whole host of other seditious and immoral crimes???

      • Christian_Patriot7

        Chuck, I LOVE THAT idea!!! Yes!! President Trump, please do that!!

        • The Redman

          U R a good example of Y america has fallen.

      • Forrest K. Wright

        sounds good , but have you really thought out what you have said ??? . remember all those who voted for Obama an then H C , GOD help us against the enemies of truth an justice , we still are a Christian Nation , even some times I wonder about our walk with JESUS an the FATHER . we need to make-up our mind who we are going to Follow , or are we going to compromise with evil like all the rest of or brothers an sisters have .

        • The Redman

          Y can’t U, as a white-folk, say dat white-folk haters R ruining america

      • Christine Sears

        Trump cannot arrest anyone. He can ask for an investigation and then the arrest is made by that party, not the President. He does not have that kind of power.

        • The Redman

          Thank U 4 explaining dat 2 dem stupid inbreeds.

      • The Redman

        Can U of all subhuman, imagine dat white-folks like U, help ruin countries. chunk, U R A pure loser. hahahahahhahahaha

  • Bill Ewing

    A group of washed up actors/actress whose only claim to anything is the ability to read words that were written by somebody else. And no body pays attention to their rants.

    • JohnB

      Washed up, rich and too much time on their hands.

      • The Redman

        Like dem lice on yo greasy head, huh. jommie-bo. hahahaahahhahaahhah

    • Crapola

      Absolutely. Most of them have trouble when they have to think for themselves.

    • The Redman

      Everyone “read words somebody else written”, huh, silly-billy inbreed. hahhahahahhaahhaah. even U.

  • Kathleen Davis

    I think we should call for a month (or lifetime) of resistance against any of their movies because i have a deep anxiety, fear and disgust about what they are doing to try to illegitimize Trump’s presidency.

    • Old goat

      My friends I watch none of their obscene degenerate garbage!

      • The Redman

        Yep. yall “watch” Lil children, huh

    • betty mccoy

      I am “OFFENDED” by Progressives speech !!!

    • The Redman

      What do U know. U’re an old flea picking tramp. hahahhahhahahaah

      • Christine Sears

        What is your problem attacking others who Understand these idiot Liberals who don’t have a clue. Stop acting so stupid!

        • The Redman

          Y do U, tramp, try and rob me of my opinion. R U A troll-tramp, or jes “stupid”. hahahhahahahahahahah. yall white-folks ruin things in america


    you worthless no acting pieces of shit can leave the country right now like you promised to do 6 months ago i guess your word is as shitty as your acting careers go die you whiny assed losers and get out no one wants you here.

    • Crapola

      I agree with the sentiment but not the language.

    • Chuck Lynch

      Wait! What happened? Did Trump go back on his word?
      He promised to use his own plane to ferry all the malcontents to wherever they wanted to go. Why are they still here?
      Must be that Trump backed out of his word, NOT!!!

      • The Redman

        trump-ah-hump U, chunk. hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    • betty mccoy

      Foul Language demeans YOU !!!

    • The Redman

      And take yo no good mama, and yall lice wit U. dave from the caves. hahahahhaahahha

  • Dave Harmon

    Boycott everything they ever did. Who the hell do these weak ass nothings think they are to tell others how they have to live? O’Donald is a nothing, confused idiot. I say time for vigilante action. USA ran by holly-weird is trying to erase male whites in this country. Claim WHT SUPREMACY. REALLY? Where are all the white groups you talk about? No one is defending white PPLS rights. Its all BULL-SH*T.

  • Old goat

    You can always tell the good character of a person by who their enemies are! All of the mentioned in this article who are against Trump are what I call the, “Scum of the Earth “. Great testimony of Trumps goodness for the country.

  • bookworm

    Talk to the hand . . . tell it to someone who cares . . . I’m still looking for the world’s smallest violin . . . You promised to leave, why are you still here? We don’t want to hear anything you have to say.

  • My country

    Hollywood has always propagandized Americans with their tv shows and movies I say Boycott Hollywood! Cut the boob tube off ! Don’t watch or buy their filth ! These actors have been teaching and showing in full detail the depths of how far they are willing to sell their soul for money ! They are all a bunch of whores and whoremongers! Just wait until you see them on the screen having sexual encounters with children ! Especially now that their perverted California government says child prostitution is ok now ! California needs to be reigned in ! They think people really love them and will listen to their nasty mouths ! Decent people need to leave because that place is satans playground and God will destroy that place!

  • Dee Ward

    Are these uber rich people going to pay the bills for those who follow their suggestions and skip work? Are they going to keep supporting you when you lose the job for not showing up? Will they fix the grades you destroyed by not going to school? NO they will not, they we sit in there mansions .and watch you suffer

  • Bruce David

    We’ve called for a boycott of all the films and TV shows these socialist actors appear in-we’re hitting them in their pocket book. Debra Messing show is already under consideration for cancellation and no one will hire Rosie O’Donnell for anything

  • BuddyBoy53

    Arrest them for subversion and treason…. time to bring back consequences for illegal behavior!

  • My country

    Whoopie goes both ways and Rosie is a pervert .Sound advise from those that have mental problems with their sexual gender !

  • Jons_On

    I think it’s time to call for a decade of boycotting these celebritie’s products. Whether it’s a movie, a record or a product these un-American jerks have endorsed. I have never seen such a bunch of babies over an election.

  • Joe S Hill

    Liberal celebrities trying to engage a useless fight against a newly elected US President,and these are the same whining and bitching losers who threatened to leave the US if Trump got elected-but they’re still here! so these fools try in vain to “hold-up” Trump’s inarguration,while the rest of this country is supposed to embrace these idiots? “our anguish is right and just”? more liberal delusions,and treasonous ones at that! here’s the message to these liberal actors-LEAVE THIS COUNTRY! Liberal Hollywood needs a good kick up their collective asses if they really think that all of America is on board with their LGBT,UnAmerican values! they’re angry because “the woman who would be king” (Hillary) lost to Trump-well boo hoo,hoo! they can leave America and go form their own nation,but guess what-the world out there is already set in its ways,and whatever these dummies are thinking,reality isn’t on their venue! i’m sorry liberals,but eight damn years of your Obamanator president comes to a screeching end in 13 days,and REAL Americans will take back the White House! as for the celebrity turncoats here,who think Trump’s presidency is “illegitimate”,they’re the ones who are illegitimate,and seriously retarded! the liberals have had their time in the sun already,and that’s over! Trump is the new CIC now,and if they don’t like that,then they can all march their asses on board a jet plane and fly to Canada or the Mid East and see how long they’ll last there! Treason is NOT an American value,and this Nation is NOT about self imposed Homosexuals,Atheists,and illegals-it is about the American people,and NOT liberal celebrities trying to undermine and subvert our own values over the likes of these real deplorables,who’ve already shown their true colors like the Gay Rainbow,laters with that bullshit,and laters with these left wing celebrities!!

  • Lilly Putney

    I has only been about six years that they made a list of what the religion was in our nations capitol? Guess what? Most of them had changed to the muslim faith after O became Pres. It was on the internet and Polisi was on the top of the list along with quite a few others. So they are also living in a fantasy world of death and destruction to our rights and our Country. I prayng God will protect s just as he did for Isreal here a week or so ago from ISIS.

  • Dixie Collins

    Yes if you do not love this country then leave. I am sure you will be welcomed to a country that has Sharia Law.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    I have found myself no longer want to go to the regular theater but to wait for the movies to go to Red Box or on TV and or a $2 theater. They don’t need my money spread their anti-Christian anti-American verbage.

  • JWB

    Why do these Hollywood types, and the millennials believe they have an absolute right to determine the nations leadership. News flash-Hillary lost, Trump won! End of story……..Get over it already.

  • disqus_lPXETc1pqC

    The trouble with Hollywood is that they aren’t used to listening and don’t have the slightest idea of what they are talking about. They don’t realize is that America will do just fine without them and the impression they are making is childish, just what we expect from them.

  • bosunb2

    I used to think Ed Asner had his head screwed on straight. No more. Why would anyone want to side with Bill Ayers, a terrorist who blows up government buildings?
    One question, when are y’all leaving for Canada? From a veteran.

  • George Totten

    Roberto Miller I agree with your statement. And where do they get this fascist stuff. Look like their the one who wan to dictate what we should have. Look who is included in their group, Bill Ayers, This is the guy who wants to destroy the country.

  • Edward Conley

    Notice that the majority of them are has beens? Guess they think this will get them some much needed attention.

  • Bigmanuger

    The so called celebrities , most of them has been and irrevelant in both their trade and their lives can go straight to hell while sitting on a corn cob. While they are waiting for their trip to hell to be approved they should all go live in Haiti. Haiti is a paradise that the “Moronic celebrities can relate to. Seriously these idiots are comming unglued and it s funny to watch , their like spoiled two year olds that aren’t getting their way.

  • catnap

    President Elect Trump was elected as per the Constitution and the law. Sorry you Hollywood lib twits – but you don’t get to run this. Please stick to what you are (allegedly) good at – ACTING. Leave the thinking to people who live in the real world. If you can’t handle the truth of this – please find a country you like better and GO THERE.

  • Bill Littleton

    I, like many tens of millions of Americans, are absolutely fed up and sick of these “pretend people” trying to push their distorted warped values on the rest of the country. Do these self-delusional individuals actually think that normal every day folks that actually contribute to our society give a damn what they think, let alone say? Please move, go away and shut the hell up. No one cares or is listening to your phony whining bullshit!

  • Crapola

    And millions of people in the US are disgusted with what Obama has done to our country. We want to stop the millions of illegals coming across the border because there are terrorists hiding amongst them, pretending to be good people. There are criminals that are robbing and attacking our citizens and raping our young women. They need to be checked before allowing them to roam free to do their dirty work. People are tired of being afraid to leave their homes for fear of being attacked, or of their homes being broken into while gone. People are being murdered when they go to the airport, or go out shopping, dancing, or just walking on the street. Long lines at the airports to make sure no one has a bomb. This is not our America. This is turning into a third world country just like France, Germany and the rest of the UK is dealing with. We need change.

    • JohnB

      It’s called leading from behind.

    • Chuck Lynch

      About the only thing Barry was proactive about was wiping out the Christian population of Syria through his resourcing of ISIS and Al Qaeda and his futile effort to start a war with Russia, over THEIR aggression (yeah, right!)!

    • Abby701

      Just what Obama was aiming for. And don’t forget the diseases coming in with these people, diseases that were eradicated years ago.

  • kermit froggie

    All you libretards lost the battle, stop acting like a whining baby. The democrits act like a bunch of communist, here, you have to do this or do that, I’m tired of being pushed around by the queers, anti gunners, Obama care, so get over it, I have a more justified reason to protest than you do, but I’m not out having a baby like temper tantrum.

  • JohnB

    I didn’t see Cher’s name mentioned. I thought she was moving to Jupiter.

  • Linda Fink

    These people are mindless, they think people look up to them because they act on TV or the movies. Well guess what snowflakes it is the American people who give you your paycheck. We should all boycott everything that they do!!!!!!!!!

  • Crapola

    Remember McCarthy? He was noted for making claims that there were large numbers of Communists in the movie industry. He was called crazy, but he was right.

  • Ar G Peterson

    Nancy Pelosi said that the bill had to be passed to find out what’s in it. Similarly, we have to see what the president will do, before we can say he did it wrong.

  • John Wirts

    A month of resistance against ALL LIBTARD pop culture stars and politicians.

  • Chuck Lynch

    And all the patriots out there have been calling for a month of resistance to THEIR MOVIES and other forms of paid entertainment!!
    Maybe one of these days it will sink in to their little brainwashed minds that THEY need us more than WE need them!!

  • Earl Marple

    does r.odonnel have both sex organs, then she can go and fork herself, or copulate or have sex with herself. earl.

  • Peter Smith

    Instead of your “month of resistance”, why don’t they entertain us by pounding sand up their asses?

  • yennikcm
  • Tboy
  • Ardvark

    Let’s see , Asner the former president of the American communist party and and bunch of other losers protesting! How worthless they are!

  • HotinSC

    Better yet, how about a YEAR of resistance to the know-it-all “entertainers”. Don’t go to any movies, watch any shows or news channels where any of these idiots “reign”. There are some good people in Hollywood, but unfortunately, very few when compared to the self-important, better-than-thou brainless freaks.

  • Glenn Newton

    Ed Assner, I thought that CKSukr was dead!!

  • Christian_Patriot7

    Hey, stupids, the Obama regime should have been stopped before it got started!

  • Paul Huck

    Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon are among the dozens of artists, entertainers, and activists who have attached their names to an effort calling for a month-long protest to stop President-elect Donald Trump. The standard list of liberal idiots!

    “No! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!” reads a full-page ad placed in the New York Times on Wednesday by the group Refuse Fascism. (Well- we agree! Those of us who voted against Hillary did not like her Fascist plans either!

    “Donald Trump, the President-elect, is assembling a regime of grave danger,” the ad says. “Millions of people in the US and around the world are filled with deep anxiety, fear, and disgust. Our anguish is right and just. Our anger must now become massive resistance –before Donald Trump is inaugurated and has the full reins of power in his hands.” And many felt the same about Hillary. “The problem with liberals is – they actually believe they are right.” R. Regan

    The group is encouraging “a month of resistance” to protest Trump, which it hopes will reach “a crescendo” by his inauguration on January 20. Please note the ‘Month of Resistance’ is actually held on Obama’s watch – to protest Obama’s policy, while the sane people simple wait patiently until he is gone, the liberals actively take to the streets, burning, looting, protesting, rioting. These are the real hate-filled ones.

    “The Trump regime must and can be stopped before it starts!” the ad reads. The group urges its supporters to “step up the resistance: walkouts from schools and work, protests against attacks and threats on Muslims, women, people of color, LBGT people – all linked to the objective of Stopping the Trump/Pence regime. The struggle must grow.” It will fizzle as nothing comes of it. Please note those listed, being recruited are already unemployed, on welfare, entitlement slaves dependent on those who work. Easy for them to ‘walk out’ of work – when they don’t. There are not threats to the list above. This is the imagination of liberals. The only threats are from those listed.

    The group’s initiators include domestic terrorist-turned education activist Bill Ayers, far-left professor Corney West and jazz musician Ted Sirota, among others. Again, all listed initiators are known leftist, agitators, terrorists and friends of Obama and Hillary. Nuff said.

    The organization regards Trump’s presidency as “illegitimate,” and says the incoming administration will capitalize on the various “virulent movements of white supremacy and anti-immigrant hysteria” on the rise in America. Maybe there is a reason for the mention rise. There is no white supremacy, except in the minds of liberals. Affirmative Action reverses that and gives privilege to the listed pervert groups above, by law. We have laws that favor those against anyone white, male or Christian.

    Liberals divide us into classes, per Marxist doctrine, then set the classes against each other- by race, income, religion, gender, sexual ‘orientation/perversion’. This is the source of most hatred in this country, not the unifying, let’s all work together patriotic side. Most of these are have never served in the military or as police, firemen, and our protectors. They never put themselves at risk to protect others, only for personal gain. Every one of the listed celebrities makes 4-5 times the average income. If they believed their own doctrines why are they not feeding to ‘poor oppressed’ people they pretend to represent? Instead of A Month or Resistance, we should have a Month of Cooperation and Unity – but it will not start until Jan 20th, when the celebration of the end of Obama’s terrorist reign ends. The only hysteria is in their leftists, socialist, liberal, progressive minds.

  • stick

    HEY HOLLYWEEDS Quit your bellyaching and grow up. UR acting like a bunch of SPOILED BRATS that didn’t get there way Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo F**king cry babies.

  • bmoc

    Who’s Michael Shannon? I’ve never heard of him and don’t even recognize his face. The left has become sooooo desperate. In return, why don’t we boycott everything these Hollywood pansies do, forever!

  • John Green

    With these idiots stupid doesn’t fall from home! They wanted the criminal Hillary elected leader! These idiots don’t have any common sense!

  • David Byrd

    We should pass a law that says if you cannot abide outcome of the election you free to leave country, or if you continue with these childish temper tantrums then you should be held accountable for your words to invite unacceptable behaviour and sued for any damages to persons or property that recieved your words and acted upon them. Once one of these has beens or neverweres are costed money perhaps they will learn more of how republic works.

  • betty mccoy


  • Richard Genco

    What makes u a celebrity? Certainly not brains.

  • Valor

    A fascist America? What the hell do these piles of crap think Obama, Hillary and the Demorat Party represent? If they don’t like it, there is no Berlin Wall with armed guards keeping their sorry backsides here. LEAVE! Meantime then can KMA!! These idiots couldn’t find their way out of a short tunnel at high noon on a sunny day! Anyone who cares what they think is as stupid as they are.

  • Snufy

    And that will accomplish what? Who in their right mind cares what those liberal jerks think? They’re stuck on themselves and haven’t any clue as to what reality is.

    • Valor

      Yeah, they all live in a make believe world, and have no clue.

  • The Old One

    What in bloddy hell are they still doing in our country. I have very convenient property located outside of the US for them to buy. They could come back after Trump’s two tours, that is just 16 years away. If they are lucky and North Korea helps them.

    Pathetic and so sad.
    But then again never try to teach a donkey two tricks at the same time, for they will never learn the first one in the first place. An elephant is a whole different beast.

  • bobooly

    ….and they call themselves celebrities and think they are important? They are ignoramuses and despicable jerks in my opinion- the exact opposite of patriots. They have a greatly overblown sense of self-importance and deserve a major lesson in humility- I hope the more informed general public will teach them one by ostracizing them and boycotting their work.

  • SF1

    Dear Fellow Conservatives of the Cause: Please join with me in petitioning the American Medical Association to declare Liberalism as a Mental Disorder. It creeps in bit by bit, but eventually these poor souls become raging, rioting, idiotic, burning, looting, raping, killing lunatics !! We MUST get these poor imps some medication and counseling before they destroy the very fabric of our society !!!



  • Richard Frick

    Boycott movies and events that represent these insipid, ungrateful, insidious has beens. They threatened to move out of the USA if Mr. Trump was elected and now these rotten scum believe that they own the USA and want to expunge the President elect. Bring in the pied piper, force them to a raft in Santa Monica and cast their sorry asses to sea. They are undeserving any credibility in this Country.

  • Robert Crowder

    I don’t wish ill on anyone, but, I think we would be a little better off if California would go ahead and fall into the Pacific while they are having a democratic convention. I never heard so much whining since the church nursery ran out of Apple juice and Teddy Grahams.

  • randolph.poole

    These P’sOS ought to get a real job! They obviously have to much time on their hands. Their display of self-importance and pseudo-intelligence is startling!

  • thomas

    The Member List of this Group of Communist-Marxist-Nazi’s have their allegiance to the lead group of Progressives Party which is the Democrat Party of Communist Marxist Nazi’s in America. Like Adolph Hitler, Hillary Clinton & her Hollywood NO Goods make up this group of Traitors against the Democracy Republic of America Our Capitalist form of independence in action for Producers Consumers Trades and others which create Citizen Jobs and Markets Our Economy. A Good American Citizen does not ever become a member of their Racist Bigoted Group.

  • thomas

    US Citizens must VOICE UP and force demand the immediate firing & replacement of those Communist-Marxist-Nazi-Socialist agenda Teachers, Special Subject Instructors , Professors and the like throughout this Countries Higher Learning Educational Institutions . Save Your Child,Children, Young Minds being taught by Communist-Marxist-Nazi’s Socialist’s within the Education Fields having access to Your Children. Parents Guardians Care takers must End the Progressive minded Communist Marxist Nazi Socialist agenda using your Children’s Minds as Targets. Be very Active Be Sharp Be Protective against these groups converting your child’s mind into their perspective of mind control being against Your America .

  • Jack Allen

    Anyone know where I can get the full list of these idiots? I will never support them in any way shape or form. I just want to be sure I don’t miss any of them.


    And almost without exception, these people are no longer of any consequence and no one listens to them anyway. Why don’t they just LEAVE LIKE SOME OF THEIR FELLOWS HAVE THREATEND TO DO.

  • The Redman

    Yep. ole snake-mouth trump-ah-hump america in 2 ruins, and the hater white-folks who worship him. haahahahahahahaah

    • Rob Waddell

      Fuck you nigger!

      • The Redman

        Boy, U love dem “nigger waddell’s” in yo long neck, huh. hahahahhahahahhahaha. so U already know what its like 4 trump-ah-hump ya. hahahahahhahahahahah. wigga-bo

  • Rob Waddell

    Where are these idiots coming from? Who is telling them this junk? The dangerous threat is leaving the White House! You freaks are twisted, is the CIA back to conducting mind altering experiments? Donald Trump is nothing like what you imbiciles have been hypnotized to believe! Put down the sugar cubes! This is just another attempt by Soros, to get his monies worth! We The People, will not allow you socialist wannabes, to ruin America! Do you really think that your careers could have flourished in a socialist country? America is the spot! Wake up, and stop going to Michael Moores house!

  • Terry Story

    These people are so completely looney that I can’t imagine that anyone other than the rest of the looneytoon group in Hollywood would even be paying any attention to them. But, there are those that are brain dead that will be listening, and they will probably have a stroke over all of the histrionics these loonies are promulgating.

  • Rob Waddell

    Boycott Hollywood! Boycott Rock&Roll! Boycott spending a red cent at their shows! Hit these fools where it hurts, their wallets! “We The People” are going to show you zombies exactly who we are, we are the majority who put President Trump in office! We will go to war to stop any type of conflict aimed at our democracy!

  • Rob Waddell

    All of you idiots who portray someone you aren’t, is your job, not reality! We will give you a dose of reality that will make you lose control of your bodily functions! We love our homeland and we will not allow this nightmare you fools call progress! Are you people insane? ISSIS, is murdering innocent people! Obama has invited them here! Do you want your daughters, your mothers, and your friends raped in the streets by those Islamic cowards? It is real, it isn’t good, it isn’t something you want to experience! They won’t give a damn if you are famous, they will cut your throat!

  • Kinneret

    Why don’t you all move to another planet? you brain dead immoral liberals America will be better off, if you just move as fast as you take your cloth off for the camera.

  • Rob Waddell

    I realize you liberals embrace the ones you fear, but Islamic jihadists believe that they must kill infidels in order for their messiah to return! That means you and I are their targets! Wake the hell up!

  • Rob Waddell

    Political correctness is a strategy taught in some communist boot camp in someone’s basement who spat in the faces of our heros returning from Vietnam! John Kerry was one of them! Did you know that every breathing Muslim wants to see Jews murdered, just like Hitler! Obama and Soros, are Hitler!

  • Rob Waddell

    It takes a very weak mind to be swayed as easily as you liberals have been manipulated! As brilliant as you all claim to be, you sure are naive!

  • WVF

    What we, the American public, should do is avoid any movie or film in which any of these morons have any association. It’s time that We the People put a stop to these ignorant servile nincompoops by no longer supporting their lavish lifestyles.

  • gracebydesign

    You are the fascists!!!!

  • Billy M Stephenson

    Who are these brainless twits? Anyone with any common sense knows President Elect Trump is and will be a breath of fresh air from the lying, immoral, criminal Obama/Hillary empire. Please get God back in our society by getting prayer and the pledge of allegiance back in schools. It does not take much reading to know our country was created using bible scriptures and the 10 commandments are the very basis for our legal system as to what is right and wrong. The USA is and always will be a Christian nation based on the book of life (The Bible).

  • dkuch

    OH!!! I thought the public would get lucky, but I guess these fools are not going to leave the country like they said they would if Trump was elected! SOOOOO sad!!!! Now we have to put up with more of their BD!!!

  • Packprowler

    Well, they’re actors, not the brightest bulbs in the pack.

  • Keith

    Someone should tell them what their political ideology is, since they apparently don’t know. They’re CommuNAZI Fascisti. So why are they upset at President Trump if they think he’s a Fascist? Mr. Trump is not Fascist. Maybe they should study political ideologies, philosophies and theories so they can accurately describe their political opinion. And Mr. Trump isn’t establishing a regime. That’s for dictators like Barack, the Usurper, may his name be anathema.

  • Michael A. Lozano

    I guess Americans should boycott any movies or shows the ignorant individuals make, produce or are attached to in any other manner. Their work is “make-believe”…as it is not real, nor does it, in many settings, set a good example for the youth of our country. It often portrays actions that are less than desirable and it exposes our youth to behaviors that are less than desirable. So why do they get to make such actions…their only vote counted at the polling booth; they need to keep such inflammatory verbiage to themselves as it is not their position to devoid the Voice of The People, whom have spoken at the voting booths all around the country. And while Mr. Trump didn’t exactly win the Popular Vote, he and his team out-smarted “Team Hillary” because they planned better and smarter, as she thought all the crap they pulled during the campaign would persuade Americans to vote for her…boy was she wrong. Afterall, what real accomplishments has she really had? She didn’t even answer the phone at 3:00 am on 09/11/2012, which left an US Ambassador and three members of his security detail killed because she claimed there was an inappropriate Video played “Somewhere”, giving it credibility? Are you kidding me – I don’t think so! She was remiss in her duties, which is to protect American Citizens around the globe; her inactions allowing these Brave Americans to be killed! So please BOYCOTT THE FILMS, PLAYS, TV SHOWS…ETC…ETC…MADE BY ANY OF THE WHINERS MENTIONED ABOVE!!!

  • klittlefire

    I call for a lifetime of resistance against everyone of these over-rated so-called actors!

  • Steve Danford

    These libs are so funny that it hurts. Do they really think that “millions” of people are going to listen to them? There will be some support for them from the easily lead lib sheep. These “celebs” just prove you can’t fix stupid.

  • Cheyenne Kid


  • kassa1

    These pieces of shit live in another world, if they don’t like this country my offer to them is leave we don’t need trash like that near anyway

  • Paula

    Leave it to Illuminati Hollywood! Nobody’s listening to you. The Russians (hehehehe) helped us win the election idiots. It’s over! Trump Is our President!

  • herrinchoker

    And they think that they are relevant because—–??

  • Richard Greville

    These clowns are far more impressed with them selves , than I am with them . They should stick to ‘entertaining ” in stead of trying to stuff their political views down our throats. Just because they have more money than the average person , should not allow them to try to dominate the rest/ If i had my way, no one worth over a million would be allowed to contribute to any political cause..

  • Girlie58

    Boycott hollywood! They have gone way beyond their limits! I will never watch, see, or listen to any of these a*****es, specifically the ones mentioned who are anti-trump/america!😡

  • William Manners

    They fear morality will be restored in America and their deviant ways will be outlawed!

  • Anne Mills

    Why, oh why, do these Hollywood bubble heads continue to think they think like we do in their bubble worlds? They don’t want a “fascist” president (which he is not), but they would have accepted a socialist president. Hmmm… What can you expect of people who play make believe for a living? How about a boycott of Hollywood?

  • Phyllis Pillow Ellington

    They would have us be over thrown by terrorists. We need better vetting! What in the world is wrong with that. Look at other countries! We have enough corruption to take care of here without more to it.


    How about a LIFETIME boycott of these idiots?!?!?!

    Who cares what they have to say, anyway?

  • Mike Homes

    I’m whitey. I love my country and everyone in it.
    We will come together. All of us.
    America is the Best.

  • Richard Husted

    Maybe it is time we as real Americans re-started the “HOLLYWOOD BLACKLIST”. I was reading about the first Senate House on Un-American Activity’s that were held in 1947 by Sen. Joseph McCarthy. I was surprised the number of Hollywood People that were and their family’s still are members of the Communist Party. The list is very long, but it is time we add the new names to it, and BOYCOTT these people and their Studios. These people will do their very best to bring down our Government, and they have the Millions of Dollars to do it along with the help of the MSM Propaganda Machine.

  • Buck O’Fama

    So, counter-protest. Money talks. If everyone who voted for Trump (half of the country 🙂 stops paying to see the movies these so-called entertainers make, maybe they’ll get the message that we don’t find their political opinions entertaining.

    Obama – the man who built nothing that works, and broke most of what he touched.
    One Big Ass Mistake, America!

    • arthur M. alex

      First, and foremost, there are NO liberals in Hollywood!

      It is for us to pull a Saul Alinsky of “Rules For Radicals” infamy, and call these untermenschen what they are-MARXISTS!

      Wherever we go, whoever we speak with, communicate with, the word liberal must be replaced with-MARXIST.

      They must be marginalized in all forms of media, vilified, and stripped of every, and all forms, and means of income!

      A such, they can now be marginalized into the realm of treasonous anarchists, who must be rounded up, and summarily dispatched to interment camps for deportation, and in some cases, prosecution for crimes against the USA!

      Second, we need to begin a meaningful petition, and effect a nationwide boycott on each,and every piece of filth on film, and audio distributed by the Hollywood commies by setting aside a least one day per week- a day of non attendance to every movie theater, and a total boycott on purchases of DVD’s, and every other product proffered by these degenerates.

      Cleansing of these rabble, and scum of the earth is one of the salient methods of returning wholesome family values, ethics, and morals which were the cornerstone of our nations’ Judeo-Christian culture, the culture that believes in God,Country, and the traditional Family!

      Hollywood can be defeated, and essentially vanquished if we have the will to do so-





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  • Christine Sears

    These idiot actors and actresses don’t seem to care that we have supported them by watching their movies until they started their idiotic rants about something they know NOTHING about. They cannot get rid of Trump as President and they need to stop. He is more of a President than Obama ever was and he isn’t even in office yet. The Liberals have done nothing but lie to us from day one and have lined their pockets with illegal money ill gotten. They say Trump is an illegitimate President because he is not a politician. How stupid is that? The Constitution says we were not supposed to have Royals which means Attorneys or high power officials in our government, but that is where they are. All they do is line their pockets with our hard earned money. These stupid immoral, ignorant liberals are the worst racists and bigots I have ever heard of. They listen to the likes of Obama, Clinton, Holder, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the other race baiters and have the nerve to call people on the right bigots and racists. They are worse than anyone who supports Trump. They need to read the facts in History, not the fake history of the Democratic party who are responsible for the murders of the American Indians and taking away their land to sell to new settlers, They were also behind the KKK which backed Killary for president and voted for her. The Dems were also behind slavery. The majority of the rich Dems owned slaves and wanted to keep them as slaves when the Republican party was against it.. These whining crybabies make me sick. I certainly will not watch any of their movies unless they are actors and actresses who are not Liberals. These mentally ill people have no clue what they are backing. They have no clue what having Killary as President would have meant to this country. We would have had NO rights or freedoms, period. We, as Christians and Patriotic Americans need to stand up to these immoral corrupt idiots and let them know we have spoken and there is NOTHING they can do to change what ” We the People” have spoken. We made our choice, Now it is time for them to get out of our country or shut up and sit down. We had to put up with the lawlessness of Obummer for eight years, and we sat by silently watching him destroy our country and spend tax payer money for his elaborate vacations that he did not deserve which he took more of than any president in history put together. He disrespected our police and military while he supported thugs and baby killers who sold their body parts, he bombarded our country with illegal immigrants who took our jobs and we pay for their homes school and food stamps.. He allowed many criminal Muslims into our country who hate us and want to see all of us dead. Are these idiot people that b;ind or just plain stupid? Do they understand what Sharia Law means? Apparently not or the LGBT community would know their lives will end. They have no idea what Islam is all about or the One world government the Liberals want to force on us. They should all be put in a padded cell somewhere so they can’t hurt us with their idiotic sick ideas. The Liberals are as evil as they can be. They are disgusting, immoral and stupid to say the least. I know I have probably repeated some of the things I have said, but I am venting and I do that when I am angry about what stupid people do when they think they are more important than the rest of the country who voted for Trump as our President legitimately . We voted for him, he won and that is that. Get over your worthless selves.

  • thumper79

    are there any current box office winners on the list? they should read the PETER PRINCIPLE!

  • Vicki Kuner Mattingly

    we have put up with the left”s BS for 8yrs!!! we are done. donald will put some fire back in this country. go away hollywood

  • Russ

    Only a moron would listen to and believe anything these ignorant bastards have to say.

  • Rick Fertal

    I thought they were leaving the country? Not on your life, the Easy Money is too good to be true!!

  • The Redman

    Hater white-folks have ruin america

  • wdcraftr

    They did there protests at the voting booth in Nov, and it didn’t work then, so what makes them think it will work now? Unfortunately, I think Trump or Pence, who attended Jesuit Catholic schools, will be the man in office when the Catholics and Christians cry for a natl. Sunday Law, which will mandate worship and rest on Sunday.. Of course that will lead to persecution of those who keep God the Creator’s Holy Sabbath, Saturday, for it always has led to persecution. The Dark Ages, led by this same Catholic Church Papacy, killed over 100 million Christians during the Dark Ages, 638-1798 AD… A repeat is coming soon.. Daniel and Revelations tells us so..

  • William E. Feeman, Jr, MD

    While I voted for Clinton (the lesser of two evils), Trump won the election, if not the popular vote. We must support the democratic process but we can also get rid of the electoral college and go with the popular vote so that this does not happen again. BTW, the Russians may well have hacked the DNC, but they did not win the election for Trump. The DNC lost the election by running the only candidate who Trump could have beaten–virtually any other Democrat could have beaten Trump. So, if you want to blame someone, blame the DNC. The Russian hacks (via Wikileaks) have revealed that the DNC is just as unprincipled as the RNC. Perhaps we should use the next four years to support a third party to get us out of the mess we are in.

  • William Hutchinson

    We need to boycott Hollywood types and don’t go to movies or concerts if they can’t survive too bad.we are Americans trying to do the right thing
    If they don’t like it don’tetc the door slam them in the butt onthe way out

  • Maynard

    Some of the people in Hollywood can’t seem to THINK. They are very good at make believe.

  • frustraated

    What a bunch of whining idiots!

  • frustraated

    As a college grad, I actually know how to think and research for myself and don’t need stupid brainwashed entertainers taking away our constitution! They need to read (if capable!) black football legend BURGESS OWENS’ book “Liberalism–how to turn good men into WHINERS WEENIES AND WIMPS!”

  • cme run

    do any of these people still work. Seems all the goofballs stepping up have a career that has tanked.

  • opus

    I thought all you entitled, liberal a$$ holes were going to leave the country if Trump was elected. I’ll help you pack if necessary.
    Why can’t you accept someone with a real plan to make America great again and support him and his hard-working followers along the way.
    NO, you have to fall in line with the other rich, entitled global elitists who truly want to dominate the world, not let people be free to earn a living and keep what they’ve earned.
    Ha ha, you lost, we won. Leave now.

  • arthur M. alex

    First, and foremost, there are NO liberals in Hollywood!

    It is for us to pull a Saul Alinsky of “Rules For Radicals” infamy, and call these untermenschen what they are-MARXISTS!

    They must be marginalized in all forms of media, vilified, and stripped of every, and all forms, and means of income!

    A such, they can now be marginalized into the realm of treasonous anarchists, who must be rounded up, and summarily dispatched to interment camps for deportation, and in some cases, prosecution for crimes against the USA!

    Second, we need to begin a meaningful petition, and effect a nationwide boycott on each,and every piece of filth on film, and audio distributed by the Hollywood commies by setting aside a least one day per week- a day of non attendance to every movie theater, and a total boycott on purchases of DVD’s, and every other product proffered by these degenerates.

    Cleansing of these rabble, and scum of the earth is one of the salient methods of returning wholesome family values, ethics, and morals which were the cornerstone of our nations’ Judeo-Christian culture, the culture that believes in God,Country, and the traditional Family!

    Hollywood can be defeated, and essentially vanquished if we have the will to do so-

  • Pollyannanot Blufelt

    What a joke. If these fools met all of the people I know who have immigrated from Iran, Syria, Iraq, China, Russia, Serbia, Britain, Korea, and India, they would be surprised to learn who voted for Trump! I know I was. Obama and HRC blew it with their ineffectual liberal propaganda campaigns that attempted to obscure the truth. They made a big deal about how idiotic the Brexit vote was, and didn’t read the public’s understanding of world events correctly. I know Mexican Americans who voted for Trump because they don’t go along with the B.S. of the left. Just today, an Iranian American who has lived here for decades told me that he visited Vienna recently, (where he lived before coming to America) and it was not safe due to the huge number of bad people who went there from Middle Eastern and North African countries. Europe has changed for the worse. The same liberal mindset that caused that in Europe is what Obama and HRC represent here, and these immigrants know that. So it wasn’t just a bunch of uneducated, angry white males that supported a conservative alternative, despite Trump’s many distasteful and sometimes foolish comments during the primary and final election campaign. It was almost half of the voters in America!

  • Pollyannanot Blufelt

    It is quite ironic that these millionaires who have been enriched by the corporate media payment system now want to use their megaphone of fame to oppose the very people who have made them so wealthy. Namely, the population who buys all the products that advertise and thereby pays their stratospheric salaries. Time for them all to get a 90% pay cut and live like the rest of us. They don’t even provide anything important beyond a passing whimsical moment of entertainment which we will forget in a year or two, yet they think they really mean something. An engineer, doctor, or construction worker contributes more to society than these glittery flakes.

  • Pollyannanot Blufelt

    These “white supremacy” claims are just pure BS. I know a lot of non-Anglo people who supported Trump. A lot!

  • Pollyannanot Blufelt

    Make your voice heard by writing letters and / or emails to the networks that air shows with these actors in them. Or write to the editors of the NYT. If that’s too much trouble, then at least boycott their shows.

  • Phil Christensen
  • Spunky

    These people think they are important. No reality in these brains of the Hollywood leftists. I really don’t think they could do one thing for a whole month straight. They are probably doing it to make noise – like, don’t forget me – look at me — call me – I need a script. Maybe they could do a movie of where the earthquake fault line goes nuts and that part of the coast falls into the ocean. Oh wait…..

  • Kda1924

    Hollywood needs a wake up call. I say we protest them by not going to their movies, buying their albums or supporting them in any way!

  • rick meek

    The Vicious Vaginas of the View Vow Vendetta Versus Voters Victories….

  • rick meek

    Celebrities — Like the politicians and others —— They forgot that – there is an army of gaffers – electricians – FX people – directors – writers – stunt people – others – that make these pukes LOOK GOOD….