China Fires Missile Warning US

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China’s defense ministry said Wednesday that it successfully test-fired a new advanced guided missile in the Bohai Sea near the Korean Peninsula.

China’s Global Times reported that that launch “killed two birds with one stone” in that it showed that China can attack two mainstays of American military might in the region: the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense anti-missile system and aircraft carriers in western Pacific.

A statement on the ministry’s website confirmed the test took place and “achieved the intended result.”

The announcement came after Beijing expressed opposition over the deployment of the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea, The Associated Press reported.

Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in a news conference Wednesday that China was “resolutely against” the deployment of the THAAD system — and that the country will take “necessary steps” against it.

“We hope South Korea can pay high attention to China’s concerns and handle the relevant issue in a proper way,” he said.


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source: http://conservativetribune.com/china-threat-united-states-south/

  • Bayside GolfClub

    Make no mistake.. They are using OUR technology that obama-jarret GAVE them.. Gave them access, probably sold them.. Possibly sold to them by what they GAVE to Iran, That;s what;s up.. The groundwork. The evil of obama-jarret chaos, crisis, and profit to their precious Mullahs.. Much more is in play here than the %150 BILLION in taxpayer money they blatantly gifted to iran..
    Do some research. Look at it with the eye of what a terrorist with access to America’s secrets and research programs would do..

    • Deert

      ….plus Bill Clinton.

    • Andrew

      You’re absolutely right.

    • william bailey

      And bill Clinton too ! “OPB” however there “EXISTS” technology that the Chinese do not have that can “ACTIVATE” any of their missiles “Blow Up” before leaving their location of origin , be it land or sea or air locations ! “OPB” !

  • jong

    The problem still remains that China has built everything or almost everything under license from the Russians. And they have not improved their stuff since the cold war. For instance the Chinese new jet uses a Russian engine that has a bad habit of cutting out And their ships are not built well and the new “carrier” is not capable of launching planes that can have air superiority. IF we had wanted to we could have not only downed their missile but, sunk the ship that sent it. AGEIS is a wonderful thing.

    • Tim

      I was in the navy over 25 years ago and we could do what the chineese did back then and we did it consistantly! And that was on an Ntds style ship and the aegis and block nine are way more supperior today than the ship I was on.

      • jong

        Can you imagine one fire control ship lighting them up way beyond them and other ships locking on to them and they can not even find where they are. And thank you for your service

  • John Freese

    That’s fine China. BUT, you have to hit your “Intended target”. The U.S. Navy has the very best defensive weapons in the world from missiles, jamming, counter measures, the ‘sea wiz”, defensive 3 and 5inch rounds and now even lasers. You would run out of missiles before doing too much damage. If we deploy 100 ships and you only destroy 3 of them and damage 4others, you are still screwed. You will loose your entire fleet. Including the new Aircraft Carrier and the other one being built. It would be a routing. Even with your new systems, they still are behind ours and we have many more ships than you have. If you decide to use nukes, we would retaliate. Instead of trying to put on a “tough guy” show, you should directly challenge North Korea. Their leader IS CAPABLE OF LAUNCHING AT YOU ALSO. And he is insane. Get on the ball and do the right thing for us, the world and for yourselves. Do the honorable thing and show the world an honorable nation. North Korea is the enemy here. As for all the ocean that you claim, Get real. Those “man made islands” are put in the open sea” Freedom of navigation is STILL INTERNATIONAL LAW” You don’t put a stop to it by making an island and saying it stops. That will get you into a war you will loose. Do the right thing here.

  • juan robledo

    Obama’s fault, this is his doing, he wants World War 3, to even the others countries strength, what an IDIOT

    • Joe Smith

      Juan…..IDIOT is really putting it mildly but it’ll work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tim

      Juan we are fifty year more advanced than the ship they used to do this test so don’t worry about it. Beleave me they are nothing to use.

      • juan robledo

        But the idea of them having access just makes me boil Obama will always be a Traitor in my eyes

  • We should have blown it out of sky to show how serious U.S. is over maniac escalating threats, so a knock down of any missiles being test fired would send a message heard around the world. The previous fraud in white house allowed this bold move by doing nothing but hiding.

    • Tim

      We just watch and see what they can do. No worries what so ever!

  • wdcraftr

    The bible tells us that due to some big catastrophic event, that America’s christians will demand a national Sunday law in the name of peace and safety.. Then the whole world will follow this Catholic Papacy law requiring Sunday rest and worship. It sounds good, but just as in the Dark Ages, the Vatican/Rome will once again rule the world with it’s religious laws, and that will lead to persecution, and killing of those who keep God’s 4th commandment, Saturday seventh day worship.. This will be the battle of Armageddon, over Who do you Worship.. The Sunday worship law will be the Mark of the beast, and Saturday Sabbath worship is the Seal of God which will get you eternal life.. Whether a nuclear attack, or a financial crisis, or a terrorist attack, this Sunday law is coming soon, and the Pope and many of America’s elite are behind it.. To enforce it, there will need to be a one world govt, currency, and banking system, with no cash purchases, for it will electronically control your buying and selling based on who you worship..

  • Jerubbesheth xx

    If China is so concerned about THAAD, then they should be talking to the little fat man that runs, North Korea. China can also take their sick chickens, and send them to Trump the Buffoon. Trump can eat them all.

    • allen blaine

      Jerubbesheth xx, What the h3ll is wrong with you?? You need to move to China, a$$whole. Obama was a coward and brought this country down in the eyes of the world. Not only that, prove to us that Obama was a citizen. The BC he showed on the internet was proven to be a fraud. He is an illegal alien. When the truth hits the MSM everything Obama did while usurping the office of POTUS will be automatically void and of no effect. Obama will go to jail and those that were accomplices in this hoax will be in jail also.

      • Nastyoldone

        You have taken the words right out of my mouth. I hope that I live to see BHO taken down, P.S. with all of his buddies.

  • Ross Blankert

    I think China should find out what Trump thinks about this now. How about starting a trade war.? Shut off all imports from China. They are using the money made by selling stuff to the USA to build arms to use against us. Maybe start small. Mention that if they pull any more of these tactics that there will be a 35% tariff on all products from China, effective immediately.

  • generalJed

    This shows that the THAAD system works. If I were Trump, I would move in five more units. China’s actions also show that they are working with North Korea and that they have lied to trump about working with him.

  • Chris

    President Trump has accomplished more to move America forward in 110
    Days then Obama did in 8 years. The feckless one did more to set back foreign policy than even Carter did. The world is taking America seriously again, and our allies are trusting us again. The despot dictators are shaking in their boots and Isis is truly on the run. Obama had a Muslim communist agenda to weaken America, he wanted to turn us into a European socialist country. Not going to happen Obama! We will be great again and the Democrats with their MSN partners will be run out of town.

  • PXXAT5

    THAAD is a missile defence system, so please give me more info on how China firing a missile threatens a THAAD missile defence system battery.

  • The Redman

    “China” has had it wit dem stupid white-folks in america

  • Cookie Vranish

    China is most definetely a threat to us. Clinton and Gore sold them the missile guidence technology years ago! They have the money to develop weapons and they are smart! We may have our hands full!

  • rick meek

    I don’t blame china – it’s DC and the morons that are there full of stupidity….They gave china the trade deals where US tech is needed to manufacture products —- China is chinese first – china will always have these countries as buffers and if ya get too close…..

  • Phillip Lake

    So what are they going to do? Are they going to using the precious nuclear arsenal and wipe out the world? NOT NO BUT HELL NO. I am sick and tired of hearing all these damned stupid threats from that fat ass little Korean freak and his ass kissing Chinese brothers. You wipe out ANY country in this world with nuclear war and you will kill the entire human race except for the few thousand people that are in Underground Military Bases. BULLSHIT.