Clerk’s Office Does the “Unthinkable” in Response to Gay Marriage Ruling

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After the so-called historic ruling on same-sex marriage, many conservative Americans feared that they’d be forced to comply with the new rules and dishonor their faith. And while persecution may still be ahead, one group of public servants showed the Supreme Court that they won’t stand for that kind of injustice – by walking out of their jobs and leaving the whole Decatur, TN clerk’s office without any employees!

Local TV station WBIR reports:

Clerk Gwen Pope and employees Sharon Bell and Mickey Butler all said they were resigning because the Supreme Court’s decision to allow same-sex marriages clashed with their religious beliefs. Their last day will be July 14.

Currently, Decatur County’s clerk office will not issue a same-sex license, the employees said.

According to Drew Baker, area representative for the Tennessee Equality Project, Decatur County is the only county in the state that has said it won’t issue same-sex licenses. As of Thursday there have been no requests for a same-sex license in the county.

Pope said the decision to step down wasn’t made to make news.

“It’s kind of sort of like you don’t want to draw attention to yourself for any reason,” Pope said. “That’s not why we’re doing this. Not doing it in any way to draw attention to us. It’s for the glory of God. He’s going to get all the glory.”

What do you think about these brave christians and their decision to hold true to their faith? Don’t you wish more would do the same across the country? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.