Comey Built Case To Oust Trump

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On Tuesday, The New York Times reported via anonymous sourcing that a leaked memo written by former FBI Director James Comey in February suggested President Donald Trump had asked the former director to drop the investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Five days earlier, former top DOJ official Matthew Miller, who worked with Comey under the Obama Administration, had all but predicted the memo on Twitter.

“One thing I learned at DOJ about Comey: he leaves a protective paper trail whenever he deems something inappropriate happened,” wrote Miller, adding an ominous, “Stay tuned.”

 On Wednesday, Miller gave us more insight into Comey’s actions, which the former DOJ spokesman suggests might have been strategically plotted in order to build a case to take down Trump.

“I keep wondering — something in the back of my head keeps saying to me — maybe Comey was actually trying to build an obstruction-of-justice case against the president here,” Miller told The Washington Post.

Miller says Comey could have easily nipped any inappropriate comments by Trump in the bud, but seemingly chose to let the president “keep talking”:

You know what I mean? Because Comey could handle this one of two ways: The president makes this request, and the first time Comey might say to him, “You know, Mr. President, it’s inappropriate for us to have this conversation, and I would appreciate if you would not make a request like this to me again.” That’s a way to handle it that says very clearly to the president that this should never be repeated.

But if you’re trying to build an obstruction-of-justice case, you might want the president to keep talking, because everything he does is digging a deeper legal hole for himself.


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  • If true, Comey committed an illegal act by not reporting the incident and should be prosecuted.

    • SED

      That is a true statement that what he did was an illegal act by not reporting which was pointed out by several legal experts recently!

    • Erica Stuart

      well, let take him Hillary, there is where I would start. Find him guilty of preferential treatment. Have a judge interrogate him as to why and on what AUTHORITY they decided no crime was committed when the law clealry staes it was a crime.

  • bosunb2

    Key words in this report- :anonymous sourcing”, “former top DOJ official”, “had all but predicted”, “suggests might have been”, “might have been strategically plotted”, “maybe Comey”, “could have easily nipped”.
    Is there anything credible here?

    • Robert

      No. Its just more Liberal Democrat and RINO Bull Shit from the swamp.

    • David Clark

      I’m not following all these “anonymous sources” stories. The truth is 90% of these hit pieces are things dreamed up by that wacko running the DNC. “Anonymous Sources” reads “BS” If someone has a transgression be a man/woman and take the heat. Honest people don’t hide behind “anonymous” they stand up and tell the whole world.

      • homegirl

        Remember Watergate-was Deep Throat wrong?

  • Lock con Comey up is what I want to see, along with getting him under oath and ask about lying Lynch meeting with slick Willy, then ask how he can read off a half dozen felonies on HiLIARy and not indict, never mind all failures like IRS fraud he never investigated, total POS, hope he hangs.

    • Nodough

      Have Comey roll over on the Clintons to save his ass from prison.

      • Agreed, but Comey knows just how many bodies have been left in their wake of history, so prison or DOA, tought choice for con Comey.

  • Julia

    It seems more likely that Comey is saying this now to take Trump down, just as Trump did to him. Vindictiveness is a bitch, and Comey was in bed with the Clintons way back during Whitewater!! I think along the way he sold his soul to the Devil!

    • Erica Stuart

      Listen to Comey when he talked about Hillary’s case, He had a slitk om is face lke he was enjoying making fun of Trump and us, It was malicious delight. “Its is so because I say so, I do not have to tell you how we made that decision” And he still appears to enjoy the attention.

  • tCotUS

    I have more trust in Putin than comey.

    • Erica Stuart

      I like that! Putin is smarter so more dangerous.

  • VirgoVince

    Isn’t that STILL ‘entrapment’ (set-up) no matter WHO does it, or WHY??
    AND trying to ‘take over OR destroy the govt,’ is STILL TREASON!!

    • Merida A McKnight

      Do you mean for the pos comey?

      • Lilly Putney

        Who ever posted the me4ssage to the news paper will e the one going to jail for crimes against the State. It is treason in the highest form and Com ey will be looking at jail time because he told the FBI the there was never any one asking him to belay the case against Flyn. He uis actually in more hot water than Trump is. As for Trump passing classifed material they should have checked their own web site before they jumped to conclusions that he was passing top secret info. Any one who watches the news every day saw all the info on CNN,CBS NBC ABC and FOX. It was talking about how ISIS was trying to use airplanes and laptops to take down airplanes . It was all over the news a month or more before Trump shared it with Russia which he had a right to. The whole world knew it before they ever passed it to WAPO. They should look before they leap then maybe they might get some thing right for a change. Love the reception Mr Trump and his officials are geting in Saudi Arawhat a difference this has made on them. Obama didn’t get that kind of a reception they didn’t even meet Mr O at the airport/what a difference. GO TRUMP

        • Erica Stuart

          well Lilly you hit on a very old failure of our leader to think we the
          people are not very bright. The first awakening came after WW!! . I was an air force wife to a fighter pilot at Langley, that became CIA later, so my husband squadron was chosen for an experiment on Radar. I usually watched and read the local newspapers and in an add of the company that made military products there was a big add of things to come. Next thing I know I was being interrogated where did I get the info about the Radar. Well you should have seen their faces when I said “the paper!!” .New laws came out on advertisements. Washington still things we are too dumb to understand. We know more than they do.

  • rob henderson

    It obvious to the world, that some in Trump’s inner circle and possibly the President himself have broken some laws and majority of the American trust regarding Russia. So it’s totally plausible that Comey felt he had control of the situation, and by reporting to AG he could jeapordize the investigation. Trump is learning very quickly that you can not run that office with reckless abandon, blatant disregard. Trump and his team have a long hard road in front of them. And they are already showing signs of breakdowns.

    • Erica Stuart

      That Russia Putin issue is a case in itself. There is no law about talking to foreign countries and etc. Those law are in case of war or potential war. WE RE NOT AT WAR WITH PUTIN OR RUSSIA ,McCain is sure trying to get us into a war there. That it the issue. Salivating over all those natural resources in the Stan states. Why no one check McCain and Graham activities with terrorist, and so on. It is a collusion but against Trump by that underground government we have.

    • Robert


      • rob

        BS? As in Trump is BS and his supporters are Bat Shot crazy?

        • Robert

          Sounds like you are BAT SHIT CRAZY. Are you one of those disgruntled Progressive Democrats or Rinos who doesn’t want your gravy train to end?

          • rob

            Nope I am a true gun loving American who fought for his country and doesnt want his country to be played out like some kind of reality show.

    • Robert

      Only in your dreams Snowflake.

      • rob

        Just turn on the news ignorant fool. You cant deny what has already been proven. Like the term snowflake is supposed yo bother me? That word means nothing to me, ay least use your big boy words.

        • Robert

          You aren’t worth wasting my time on.

          • rob

            Yet you go through my comments and reply to one that was posted two months ago? Come on Robert open your eyes to what the rest of us can see. And yes I would take Pence any day over Trump. At least we would know he is a god fearing man trying to live a gokd life. Trump is just dirty and crooked.

  • Linda

    Comey will protect Comey, make no mistake about that. Let the lies continue. It started with letting Hillary Clinton off the hook for clear criminal activity, and now it is time to come clean, but he doesn’t want to be prosecuted, so let the lies continue.

  • sjerseydevil

    Comey should have been fired the first day of the new administration.

    • Erica Stuart

      Agree and sent a note to Trump on his web site “you were too late”.

    • Nodough

      Trump screwed up regarding Comey. He screwed up by not firing all the judges.

    • k9maiden

      I have said the same thing! Comey should NEVER have been allowed to continue as Head of the FBI after his failure to prosecute Killary, even though Comey all but admitted she was guilty of cover ups in Benghazi.

      • Robert

        Muller and Comey are lifelong friends, do you think he would ever Prosecute Comey? Talk about Collusion and Corruption. Its right in front of you.

  • Jimbo

    He sure as hell got into something to distract the Clinton case

  • Hippity

    People will believe what they want to believe. Comey was a snake that had to have his rattler cut off. He is the one who ignored the DOJ on numerous occasions when he should have passed information on to the DOJ. He is, and was, a political leper!

  • metheoldsarge

    Trump is damned that he did and would have been damned if he didn’t. Had he done it back in January when Schumer and his lap dogs demanded it, he would have caught them flat footed. I agree that Comey had to go. That being said, I may be raked over the coals over this. I think it was more the way it was done that has some people upset. To dismiss the head of a major government agency like the FBI, should be done face to face and in private or at least while Comey wasn’t in a public situation giving a speech. It is never a good idea to publicly humiliate anyone. It will come back to bite you every time. To do it over the media when the person is on the other side of the country is very bad form. I think Trump stepped in it on this one.

    • Robert

      Remember it ain’t over till its over.

    • Erica Stuart

      Agree, sent him a message on iis web site told him “you waited too long”

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Got this testimony about Comey under oath saying he didn’t ever get a request to end any investigation.
    Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! Proof Comey’s Memo is Phony (Video)

    14 hours ago

    Written by Keely Sharp


    Former FBI director James Comey came forth with a memo after he was
    fired by President Trump. He tried to state that Trump attempted to
    persuade him to drop an investigation against former national security
    advisor, Michael Flynn. However, the White House pushed back, and they
    pushed back hard. The claimed that no such thing ever happened, and
    Comey himself may have proved that to be true, before he ever even sent
    out his phony meme.

    Comey actually stated, under oath, that no one has ever asked him to stop an FBI investigation. He stated this on May 3, 2017 .

    As Breitbart reported, here is how the conversation went:

    “So if the Attorney General or senior officials at the
    Department of Justice opposes a specific investigation, can they halt
    that FBI investigation?” Hirono asked.

    “In theory yes,” Comey answered.

    “Has it happened? Hirono asked.

    “Not in my experience,” Comey responded. “Because it would be a big
    deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something that — without an
    appropriate purpose.”

    “I mean where oftentimes they give us opinions that we don’t see a
    case there, and so you ought to stop investing resources in it,” Comey
    said. “But I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop
    something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal.

    “It’s not happened in my experience,” Comey said.

    The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of
    their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

    • The Redman

      So, yo gossip isn’t the gospel, huh. fake witness.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        Last Warning, the Lord gave me permission to say this to you and remember I am both of these: “Touch not mine anointed,” and “Do my prophets no harm.” You have endangered yourself, not because of who I am but because of whose I am.

        • The Redman

          U R A pure breed hip-o-crit. white-folks like U, cause other white-folks 2 ruin america. U R A demon in pink skin, fake-wil. hahahahahahahahahah. go and,– ” 2nd Tim. 2:15″

          • Dexter L. Wilson

            If you have actually read your Bible you will remember that story of a Prophet being harassed by a bunch of kids and a bear came out of the woods and tore them up I have warned you and this is my last comment to you.

          • The Redman

            U R the “bear” tearing the minds of other white-folk children up. U use yo tongue for both life and death. hippo. hahahahaahhahhhhaah. better B careful. dex-roast.

  • Erica Stuart

    O.K. Time to pull the paper trails from Comey, just introduce a new argument for the same issues. Here is what we can do, but this is not trick, it is Judgment at work. So fast back:
    It all really started with Hillary. We all agree Comey excuses for Hillary were ludicrous. But lets look at it kindly to start, and this all came to me when I found a video on You Tube from a Dr. who stated that a grop of Dr. was examining Hillary stumbles, falls and strange behavior
    they suspected Parkinson disease. Remember Trump also kepts saying she was not strong enough. Well, this Dr. decided to video all strange actions to see if they add up to Parkinson, and they did. Now, let us assume the FBI knows about her strange attacks. So, when Comey had to decide her action with the mail his firm reasons for not charging her was “we cold not find any thing indicating criminal intent, etc etc. But he did state she was careless, poor judgment etc etc. which are not criminal for the FBI BUT dumped the whole thing on the voter, and she lost. O.K. As I said start with good intention for Comey, and it will go over better for us if we challenge. The issue now is ” Mr. Comey, you and the FBI showed considerable restrain for Hillary “Intent or no intent” But you dumped intent and malice on The President evevry inch of he way. WE checked Mr. Trump true character and we fond that, (despite that silly show “you are fired”) he does ot like to fire people. From the beginning he went out of the way to help his campaign manager who grabbed that Reporter and pleaded for him also stating he “was a god person with four children…. no need to come down so hard on him”. And thatis exactly what he aid for the General “he is a fine person he has a great military career of service, so, be careful how you approach this, don’t smear him and his great record, go easy on him”?” Now does that sound more like Trump or not? LETS MAKE A CASE OF THIS.


  • Ron C

    Miller is just spreading more bullcrap…the intelligence investigation hasn’t been impeded one bit…as the alternate realty for the lunatic left hasn’t been impeded one bit…!

  • Nodough

    Stretching out personal entrapment comes to mind and this makes you party
    and not telling DOJ.

  • Liz Miller

    Comey appears to be up to NO GOOD. He wrote memos to himself about a President. Seems he was attempting to build a case against our President. I am glad Trump fired his ass and his memos prove he should not he heading the FBI.

  • Juanita

    This is bull!!! It is a case of he said/he said. Any attorney or legal official can make a memo to file after a meeting with someone. That at best is his recollection not hard evidence.

    Plus, anonymous source statements are being quoted as if they are facts.

    To quote Justice Thomas, this is a high tech lynching!!!

  • DocJimmy

    Comey has been on the Clinton payroll for a long time now and with the help of Holder and Lynch, kept Killery and Obama from being prosecuted. I think they call that “aiding and abetting” which is a felony. In general, the Obama/Clinton(SOS) regime from 2008 to 2016 is so dirty, even Clorox and Ajax can’t get it clean.

  • shadowlee

    No facts just BS !

  • The Redman

    There will always B a white-folk on white-folks war. they R demons in pink skin.

  • Joe Pewter

    comey will FAIL..Trump has millions of supporters that will cover his back…believe it!! we will MAGA…..punk ass f/ckin scum

  • Willie Reeves

    In witch he should have done. You can’t catch a rat until he show himself and Mr. Comey did the right thing in uncovering this mans real deeds and who he is. But we all know this fool and crazy man of a president if we wish to say it are not. The ones who has and still do support this clown, this administration and congress all are the same worthless and un-American as they have always been. Its all about them and for them they seem to think but oh will they be shocked in the end of it all. Mr. Comey was getting to close to the truth of it all is why this clowned fired him, this man still think he is in that show he once had. One can never change an old fool like this, he has been this way for much to long once a fool always a fool.

    • Robert

      More BS Comey will be the one going to Prison.

    • k9maiden

      Really? Sorry, but hard to take anything seriously from one who apparently supported a woman who took 100s of millions of dollars from our enemy, says she is for women’s rights, yet is supported by countries that treats women and little girls the most brutal on Earth. Hard to believe anyone who apparently doesn’t follow the Constitution, the Law of Our Land, by voting for an ineligible, Muslim/Communist who went to college on foreign aid, who divided the races and set race relations back over 50 years, undoing everything MLK did. Hard to believe you when you backed BO who set our military back to BEFORE WWII standards, who allowed illegals, criminals, and our enemy, ISIS and Radical Terrorist to cross our borders like ants to a picnic. Hard to believe the left winged Commies when BO, Pelosi, and Reid shoved a Socialistic Healthcare Bill down America’s throats with 70% of the country against it, passed in the middle of the night, with not one person crossing party lines, and those Dumbocraps on the fence were either threatened or bribed to vote for it. It set our healthcare back, worst in history, and cost an arm and a leg. It punished doctors and the elderly, all the while the Commies refused to go on it themselves. It had everything to do with controlling the people and NOTHING to do with healthcare. Trump has already done more positive things for this country in 100 days than BO and the Regime did in 8 years. You must be a MUSLIM because those, illegals, and Ghetto gangs are the only people that voted Killary and the entitled. Trust me, read SHATTERED, and you will find out who and what the Clintons really are. Body bags a mile long, the latest is Rich, and I am sure, because Judge Scalia hated the Clintons and knew exactly what White trash they were, they had him murdered to. Killary’s election was rigged, and she thought she was going to get to pick the next far left loon Supreme Court Judge to further advance Communism in this country. You people are so stupid. Why don’t you take a lesson from the greatest Black Man in this century, Dr. Ben Carson, who didn’t rely on welfare, but his brain to get him out of poverty! But you people call successful Blacks Uncle Toms. You are a joke.

  • Tim Miller

    Anyone appointed by Obama should be fired. The Liberal Media is out of control and nothing they say is believable anymore.

    • k9maiden

      Just believe the opposite of what they say, and you will probably have the truth.

  • epauls


  • Fleur

    Put him in the same cell with Maxine Waters and John McCain.

    • k9maiden

      Throw Shirley Jackson Jones, Elliot Cummings, and Boxer in for good measure.

    • Robert

      John McCain proving to be another Traitor.

  • jesse

    Comey is a snake who cannot be trusted! He’s a hack who politicized the FBI, ruined their reputation and should have been canned long ago. He served at the pleasure of the president, who was well within his rights to remove him. Now, Comey would be well advised to take it like a man, and maybe he salvages his reputation, instead of a typical sore loser leftist and make a spectacle out of the whole situation!

  • Phillip Lake

    TY Reality99e, you are totally on target; he is just as much of a liar and backstabber as the vast majority of the power mongers in D.C.

  • Erica Stuart

    What happens to legal procedures???? Comey in both cases. Hillary now Trumps, never gives a law or a verdict. It appears to me he should start his accusation as required:
    Mr. Trump by ding so and so you broke the law “number and description” and precisely where he broke that law. Trump better stop playing games with them and talk like a lawyer or say:
    “really, wait a mine tell that to my lawyer, what I did what law and so on, until then rules requires you make sure it does not go out until I and you get the facts straight”

    Let the lawyer ask precisely what he supposedly did and what law he broke. There is no law to speak demanding we do not talk to Russia. ASK “what law, what law” On Hillary he just kept saying “we went over and could not find “criminal intent”, just stupidity. No No, there is a law she broke, so the issue is: only a judge can decide if a law is broken or not, spell out please what rules you followed to arrive at your decision” He said something like, “we cannot reveal our ways…” Any good lawyer could have nailed him. The trouble with Trump he always tries to make a deal,,,you cannot make a deal with law persons that in itself is a crime.

  • Apolloone

    Once upon a time in America “Anonymous Sources” rarely ever spoke out, in fact in eight years he never uttered one word about Obama, but today Anonymous Sources has something to say about anything and everything concerning President Trump, ():-)

  • David Clark

    I’m a Trump guy, nevertheless when Comey auditioned for SNL I’ve never seen a FBI official call a press conference and then lay out 20 minutes of all she did wrong, but then announced HE was not going to prosecute. FB INVESTIGATION, He works for the AG, and the AG reviews all the results and HE/SHE decides weather to bring charges, or not.

    He came with this blemish free record, somewhere along the way decided he was one step under God and could not keep out of the lime light.

    The wacko liberals keep up this BS about Russia, and more. If anyone elected Trump and torpedoed HRC it wasn’t Putin, but Comey.