Democrat Calls GOP “Worse Than Bums”

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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) defended Adam Schiff (D-CA) who called Republicans, “bums.”

Swalwell stated, “Well, I think ranking member Schiff’s point is if they are not willing to have their minds changed about holding the president accountable, their seats have to be changed. You know, we’ve tried to be honest brokers all along in this investigation, particularly the House investigation, and our Republican colleagues put their heads in the sand to look the other way, or they are rowing in the same direction with the president. The American people are exasperated by the lies the president tells about basic accepted truths. I actually think one day you are going ask me to come on air and defend whether the sun really sets in the west because the president woke up one day and tweeted it sets in the east. It’s maddening.”

“You’re worse than bums if you are not willing to stand up to a president who is attacking a former FBI director, a patriot who served our country in Vietnam like Bob Mueller. You’re worse than a bum if you are allowing the president to cash in on the oval office, and put Chinese workers ahead of American workers when your company is taking a five hundred million dollar loan from Indonesia. You are worse than a bum allowing your daughter to receive trademarks from the Chinese while you’re executing trade deals. So I think he was being kind to them. People want to see a check on the president, and to see us to put on his desk the things that he has said that he would sign that Republicans won’t show the courage to do, like immigration reform, like an infrastructure package, like prescription drug reform, and like background checks. So I think people are fed up, and they want to see people standing up to the president.”

  • G.E.O.

    At some point in time the Country has to realize where all of the bad mouthing starts from. The Progressive, Liberal Democrats who can never offer any positive or productive ideas for our Country so they only bad mouth everyone and everything. How stupid are they that they do not remember that at most times their gum flapping is caught on tape and they then act like they never said it. It would be truly wonderful if we could provide everything to everyone in the World as they bemoan all of the time, but logically and financially we can not and this my friends is the simple truth that we must begin to live by or none of us is going to have squat…

  • David dkoppyus

    So you mean if we dont listen to the demonRats dictating what we must obey then we are not American or worthy to be alive. Sorry demonRats libtards I am not a sheep and have my own brain that is not controlled by anyone but me. I also know how to research and check voting history of the congressional members. You lying sack.

  • William Gordon

    If the republicians are bums–the demos are liars/robbers/thieves

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Ever notice their whining is mostly the same as when Obozo-the-idiot was in the WH? All the problems they say about Trump is exactly what we had with the liar-in-chief.

    • RC

      You left out lying, brainwashed, indoctrinated, stupid asses. That’s exactly what Schiff, Swalwell, and some others, including a bunch of RINO traitors are. In my opinion, Democrats are a thing of the past. We now have a bunch of Communists masquerading as Democrats that are in the process of overthrowing our government and destroying any freedom we might have left. The want to rule us and not represent us.

  • Brenda

    I am not a bum I have worked my whole life . I haven’t lived off my country like the democrats and liberals who want everything for free.

  • jjmcl431

    I would like to print what I think Democrats are but If I did I would be kicked off the internet.

    • Along Came Jones

      Not if you claim to be a Democrap.

  • Lillyhammer Lip

    Democraps are stupid idiots. So there……now we are even. Next tirade?

    • RC

      Now there you go, insulting all the stupid idiots. Democraps don’t have enough sense to be stupid.

      • Lillyhammer Lip

        I digress. My mistake. You are correct. “Enough sense” is way too much credit. They have absolutely NO SENSE.

  • Along Came Jones

    The American people are exasperated by the lies the president tells about basic accepted truths. “So I think people are fed up, and they want to see people standing up to the president.” DONKEY MUFFINS! What people have these two Asses been talking to? We spent eight years under the thumb of a traitor and they whine because the traitor in line lost the election. They need to grow up, face reality and realize how much money their views have stolen from their own descendants and the Citizens of This United States of America. Moon Beams and DONKEY MUFFINS, I give up.

  • rick meek

    Dam Man —— Ya’ll want some cheese and bread with that WHINE…….
    Always some NUT from CA…….
    MOST of these so-called kids – were smuggled here ALONE….DHS CAN’T release them unless the Govt finds them a guardian or family member…….NEVER deported these kids are DENIED return to their own countries by those countries and the taxpayers are stuck with them….

    • RC

      I know where there are people who be guardian for those people. Those guardians are call prison wardens. That bunch of no good trash broke federal law by simply being here in the first place. What I don’t understand is what the so called liberals in this country don’t understand about the two words. ILLEGAL ALIEN.

  • democrat politicians are clueless to solve anything and that is why they are so irrelevant. They will start using four letter words like there mouth pieces the so called main street media. They forgot that Obama had a super majority in both houses and could have passed any bill without a republican vote. The health care bill was so bad that they could not pass it without bribing two democrat senators to get it passed. That was the only major bill passed in 8 years. Also remember Pelosi said right after the 2008 election the democrats would not loose an election for 50 years. Well two years later (not 40) they lost the house and four years later the senate and two years later the Presidency. Why because they are clueless what the American people want. They do not want the federal government providing jobs and they want an honest government not one that Obama gave the country which was the biggest criminal organization in our history including the IRS, FBI, DOJ, SOS, EPA, and Dept. of Energy giving them slush fund monies won in law suits instead of putting it in the general funds or paying down debt. Obama increased the debt by over 10 trillion dollars more than all previous Presidents and the citizens had nothing to show for his 8 years in except if you worked for a small business you were only allowed to work 20 hours a weeks so you had to hold down two jobs. Now we have Obama’s criminals in the DOJ and FBI fabricating stories, lies and incompetence trying to take down Trump,