Dems Confident They Won’t Lose Seats In Midterms

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Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) claims he is “not concerned” about the Dems losing any seats in the 2018 midterms.

“We’ve always said that Democrats in the Senate have a very difficult political map,” Van Hollen said.

 “We have 26 Democratic Senate seats we’re defending, eight Republican seats. But that being said, we still see the energy on the Democratic side — big turnouts. And the reality is that even in states that Trump won, when you ask folks what they want, they want senators who are going to stand up for their state, that they’re going to be independent,” he added. “And by the way, they certainly do not like what they’re hearing from Republicans who are talking about taking away protections for people with pre-existing health conditions. Republicans voted to take that away. Other Republican Senate candidates are on lawsuits like the Texas lawsuit that would take those protections away from folks, and that is a top of mind issue for voters around the country.”
  • 1Americanboy

    They should be because honestly they should lose every seat that is up for reelection they are corrupt and it is time to drain the swamp

  • Karla

    It makes no difference how may ba-zillon times Trump has said he will NOT stop protecting people with pre-existing conditions, the Democrats keep banging that same stupid drum.Just like they have insisted the Republicans will ‘take away your SS’ for the past 20 years. Too bad democrats are so stupid they believe all this crap and keep voting for these idiots.

  • Phoenix

    I just, ‘read this article’ & my answer is — WANNA BET?

  • pabritt71

    I don’t think the Democrat Liberalist’s know what the word ‘Truth’ means and are so brain damaged they don’t want to know. It is an epidemic of major proportions and actually a danger to our United States. Their IQ is at a level of maybe second grade and we could be in enormous trouble world wide if they should actually win any seat in any of our Legislation. I don’t think there are enough braindead people to pull off a win, but we will soon know. May God Bless all Truth Seekers.