Did Conway violate federal ethics standards?

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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway urged people to buy Ivanka Trump’s clothing line during an interview Thursday morning, a comment that could be a violation of federal ethics law.

Conway said on Fox News that Nordstrom’s decision to stop selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line was not based on business decisions, as the company said, but instead to hurt President Trump. She hit out at boycotts of Trump products as misguided, but then endorsed Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

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source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/did-conway-just-violate-federal-ethics-law/article/2614363

  • Albert Marchese Jr

    It seems more like a light hearted comment to me.

  • Paul

    No, if you cannot have an opiinion, you have no freedoms

    • Jesse

      Hit the nail on the head. Don’t need P.C. either.

    • Rhodie

      So take their guns. That’s the whole plan.

  • Does Conway buy Ivanka Trump’s clothing for her self????

    • Judy Reina

      Yes James Johnson, she does.

      • BobM001

        So does Geraldo Rivera. He bought 4 pairs of Ivanka’s shoes for his kids. He stepped up and gave Nordstrums the “I will NOT patronize” this morning.

  • Chuck

    The Damn-o-rats are in deep doo doo, if all they have is what Kellyanne said!

  • Patrick Murphy

    boy o boy what have we come to when you cannot even joke without some one trying to make something big out of it.Are you sure the democrats lost when they cry foul and every one still takes them at face value about anything?It seems like the USA we loved is gone and liberals have taken over.

    • rick meek

      YET – they claim everything was a joke or misstatement until they gang up on people ….

    • Rhodie

      Pat, you are so right as an ex combat veteran I shudder at these freaks on the street. We want to war with Russia and this is what we will send to the front lines. Ha ha ha what a joke.I guess we should send that marshmallow ammunition

      • Eileen Ross

        Rhodie, I have been worried about new military men (?) going into the service. Where in the world are we going to find manly men anymore? Are there any left, or are they mostly snowflakes who will melt the first time a Drill Sargent hurts their little feelings?

      • Patrick Murphy

        Rhodie you are so right and as a veteran here also these clowns don’t need any live ammo.And to think they want to put guys like us in jail for defending our selves against these leftist thugs.it’s just not right my friend.

  • toddyo1935

    The weenies would love to bring her down. So much for the regressive progressive empowerment of women. No! She’s entitled to her opinion.

    Is it a violation for the weenies to push Planned Parenthood? or,

    Why doesn’t Nordstrom’s sell Fruit of the Loom underwear? Did they ever? Did a top exec make a pronouncement they were no longer selling Fruit of the Loom to make a political statement? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f1f01f77fe19c2f2c51cd6215271a849d1d1fefcd609f8b4b7d9f3d02bd7149a.jpg

    • Eileen Ross

      You are spot on!!!

  • BobM001

    What kind of a CRAP site you running here? YOU KNOW DAMNED WELL she didn’t “violate” SQUAT!!!!! So why put out this GARBAGE? Guess what “Patriots Unite”? You’re getting “unsubscribed”. LOOOOOOSERS!

    • rick meek

      It’s just a chat room Pard – but you do have a point about the BS ….

  • ConservativeSenior

    The democrats and a lot of republicans have no ethics at all. This is nonsense.

    • Kenneth


  • JoAnne Roberts

    Can Kellyanne not have an opinion of her own? Is that now against the law? The Dems control of most of the media is getting to be laughable! And I actually don’t believe that it was a business decision except to say many well heeled Hollywood big mouth types indicated that Nordstrom better get on board with them or else they would boycott the store.

  • David Renaud

    This was her comment….. was not a political demand. What in hell is wrong with American people ?

  • David Renaud

    Nobody thought anything was bad or wrong with Hillary Clinton lying and it was OK that she ran for president of the USA…. The people (AMERICANS) are becoming more communistic than ever. We are a democratic republic. If you want communism, move to Russia or China and see how you like it……..

    • rick meek

      better yet pard —— VENEZULA……

  • KS

    She is a stupid as Frump. The repugs are throwing this country down the drain, and it is only Feb.

    • Milton W. Lowe

      The Dems for the past 8 years have ruined America under the Fake (obama) & you have the nerve to say your stupid remark!

    • rick meek

      Try thorazine next time —- it works wonders on the mentally ill —– then the paddles….

    • toddyo1935

      Inability to use proper English is an indication of rank stupidity or thorough brainwashing. There’s still hope. Ask God for wisdom.

  • Thomas Pratt

    I guess I shall never shop at Norstrum’s!

    All kidding aside, I could not afford to shop there to begin with.

    It is sad that they stopped carrying her product as I am sure many such as myself think it is poor politics to stop doing business with someones daughter just because they may not like her fathers policies. There are many that probably could afford Ivanka’s products and would purchase them at Norstrums if they were available.

    Norstrums has lost that potential business.

    My point is that retailers that think they can blackmail people into supporting their political views must think an awful lot of themselves. If someone tried to black mail me into not purchasing from someone, I think I would be even more likely to purchase from the person who is being boycotted.

    • Eileen Ross

      We can purchase online, according to Kelleyanne. Think I’ll check it out, but doubt if it’s fairly priced. Then again, it’s probably much more reasonable than Nordstroms.

  • Milton W. Lowe

    I have never shopped at Norstrums before today & I’ll never shop there from now on!

    • rick meek

      Don’t – I walked into one several times – saw the price tags – walked out….

    • M Henderson

      I have on occasion shopped at Nordstrom’s on line for my wife and daughter,But after their comments about the President (DONALD TRUMP) and his actions,Well I just can’t seem to keep that down leaves a bad taste in my mouth (A figure of speech to some of you Azzwipes) I have spent my last dime with them.

  • rick meek

    Man – the lefties sure love to use the law to BEAT OTHERS OVER THE HEAD WITH — But claim that they have a right to choose what they want to uphold and enforce…..THE WOMAN WAS BEING SARCASTIC…….Which drives them nuts….

  • Larry


  • VA Nurse

    IMO, when Conway in December was tapped to be WH counselor she was hardly automatically a federal employee so would not fall under regulations and ethics rules. Therefore nothing wrong with her comments!

  • Bonnie Hischke

    She was just stating that Nordstrom’s was wrong, treating her unfairly and we should honor Ivanka’s brand anyway. Just standing up for someone being treated so unfairly is not wrong. I would have said the same thing. I hate democrat bullies. Enough is enough, stop the insane hatred.

    • stonefellow

      People of conscience who are Democrats should be ASHAMED OF THE PERSONAL VISCIOUSNESS of their party members against an innocent person.

  • Kenneth

    In the words of THE QUEEN OF HELL AND ALL LIARS.

  • Charlotte Holstun

    Who cares with this at a time we are having serious problems in this Country?

  • Leo Torres

    She probably did not have any idea she was violating Federal law. However, it should be common sense that a statement like that may rub some people the wrong way.

  • Jmanjo

    What losers! Next thing you know they will condemn Trump for his style of salt and pepper shakers! If the voters cannot see how corrupt and disenfranchised the liberals are then they should go back to school for re-education. The media are as shameful as the idiots making the comments and statements about our new president! Thank God Obama is out. Now if we can get Pelosi, Warren, and all the rest of the dimwits out maybe we can be great again!

  • Kacy Stroud

    To Answer YOUR Question: If OBAMA & MICHELE can get people to purchase what they were wanting the public to BUY because they believed in the Product and were not held accountable for Violating Federal Ethic’s than ” NO ” Kellyanne Conway did NOT . .

  • Jesse

    Are we in the winds of Civil War in our country and this is the cold war. The Riots under the guise of protests is the warm war.

  • Violate ethics standards? What a joke. Proof the Left will make a mountain out of any molehill to delegitimize Trump’s presidency

  • Larkspur Girl

    Kellyanne didn’t do anything wrong at all…. she was asked about it on Fox & Friends, as I was watching the show. The Liberals are just shooting from the hip now, and they will jump on anything they can just like before the election. They need to GET OVER IT, he is our President now. We are fortunate to have a man who is putting his family through “hell” to fix our country and there are so many people that are being spiteful vengeful, hateful, and attacking at will. There is a reason why we were spared Hillary becoming our President, and we need to be gracious and respectful of President Trump and his family. I think they are attacking Kellyanne to get even for losing all their credibility.
    Every time I see Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth ( Pocahontas) Warren or Sid Blumenthal I want to scream. They are making a mockery of our Congress, the Administration and our country.
    God Bless President Trump and his family.
    God Bless America!


    AHHH excuse me. Did Hillary violate federal ethics standards. THAT is what the question should be. Boy what Kellyanne did was a real security threat wasn’t it ? Give me a freaking break. Buy Ivanka Trump’s clothing. What a horrible thing to say. Democrats don’t even know what ETHICS are let alone tell somebody they violated them. Since when do they give a shit about ETHICS ???

  • George Matyas

    why is this not an ethics violation, The oath of office state that you become a representative of the people, so how can they claim they are a dem, rep and to the party that elected them, no district or state is 100% of one party !!!!! So I believe they are not accepting their oath and should either resign or separate themselves from the party that elected them, so than they can do the job they were elected to do

  • Thomas Hayes

    Why not ask the Clintons, they have been selling all kinds of stuff out of the Whitehouse for decades.

  • jimamrhein

    Leave Mrs. Conway Alone!! “SHE’S DOING A FINE JOB FOR OUR NATION”!!! Jim

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The American left stood by, and even cheered, for eight years as lies were promulgated, laws were broken, and the Constitution was trampled on a daily basis by the Obama administration. Is it not now more that a bit hypocritical that they leap like starving dogs on every minute misstatement by the current administration?

  • Sophie Plate

    And where were these people who seem so concerned about “ethics” when a sitting President claimed that RIOTS for political reasons were justified? Ethics?

  • no dilliger

    a violation maybe ,but doubtful ,let’s see it’s $281.00 to drive in the wrong lane in kalifornia ,so comparatively speaking her violation is almost a 1/4 pennys worth of ethics crime maybe ….dems want her put in stocks in front of the white house for a month or so…. i say give her a pay raise to cover the imaginary fine,for the non-crime tell the outraged to piss up a rope