Eric Trump Slams Media Over Stock Market

in Liberalism Exposed

For the past few months, the liberal media has gone out of its way to point out everything that isn’t going well with the Trump administration, while simultaneously ignoring everything that is actually going well.

While the media has fixated on the Russian investigation (an investigation that still has not unearthed one shred of proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians), they have consistently ignored indicators that the economy is improving and making America great again.

Trump’s son, Eric Trump, went on Twitter on Wednesday morning to lambaste the media for the continued lack of reporting on how well the stock market is doing, The Daily Caller reported.

“DOW, S&P 500, NYSE & Russell 2000 ALL at their all-time highs! Zero chance CNN MSNBC or the MSM will cover! #401Ks,” he wrote in the tweet, along with a picture of graphs showing the stock market rising. 


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