Fox Doesn’t Support A Government Shutdown

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Brit Hume of Fox News stated President Trump’s threats to shutdown the government was a “dumb” idea.

Hume stated, “I think it’s a terrible idea.”

“Whichever party is deemed responsible for or most enthusiastic about a government shutdown gets the blame. People like government cut down they don’t like it to be shut down and this has been proven time and time again. The last time the Republicans were seen as responsible for a shutdown this was back during the previous administration, it was a shutdown over — I can’t remember now what, yes, over Obamacare —it was a disaster. The Republican Party is standing with the voters plunged to the lowest level in the history of the Gallup poll. When the Democrats were seen responsible a year or so ago was the Schumer shutdown it lasted two days and the Democrats completely capitulated because they saw the handwriting on the wall. It works badly for those deemed responsible.”

  • James Michael

    You don’t agree with anything that will make this country better this is the first time in every the country is. Going into the right direction great job President Trump

  • Charles W. Bell

    That’s because FOX news and Bret are part of the establishment/ wall street/ Chamber of commerce in fact they are more of a Bush frame of mind and Bret was and still is a Never Trumper

  • Danny S.

    Brett the Republicans get the blame anyway! We finally have a president who uses twitter to quiet the MSM. When Trump starts losing then I’ll agree with you but the truth is Trump wins and he has 90 percent of Republicans behind him. No border wall and no immigration reform and you’ll wish Trump had shut the government down.
    The Senate is pushing bipartisan bills thru congress in order to stop these agencies from being shut down . GEE in 8 yrs of Obama there was never a budget but Trump threatens to shut down the government and all of a sudden the Dems and Republicans are working together to take the affects of a shut down away by funding most of the government. Looks to me like the establishment politicians on both sides are doing everything they can do to stop Trump and his immigration promise.


    I watch OAN because of the liberals on Fox, and the kids of Rupert Murdoch
    And their liberal spouses keep hiring more brain dead dems. Juan William’s, Jessica Tarlov, Richard Fowler, Marie Harf, Shepherd Smith, etc. Brit Hume needs to go back to ABC where he belongs and Bill Hemmer back to CNN. Murdoch’s children are ruining what was once a great network.

  • dominke

    How many were against Trump from start and he has proven all of them wrong. These media jokers need to stay with reporting news and not make it. Mr. Hume should understand that news and policy are different items.

  • Big Iron

    Brett, Who really cares what you think anyway; I’ll Trust Trump!