GOP prepares for a war with Bannon

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Senate Republicans say they will fight back vigorously against former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon’s efforts to knock off GOP incumbents in primaries next year.

They hope that President Trump will have their backs, but they’re not counting on it.

GOP leaders are urging their colleagues to put laser-like focus on their home states and constituents so even if Trump abandons or criticizes them ahead of the midterm elections, they’ll still be in a position to win.

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  • Red Steiner

    The ones that aren’t counting on President Trump backing them are those of McCain and Ryan’s ilk, and they damned sure don’t deserve backing. They, especially McCain are traitors for the first order! Ryan, while being a traitor is a traitor of a lesser degree than McCain, who is right up there with Hanoi Jane.

  • cheryl55

    THEY can “prepare” all they want to!! But Bannon is poised to do EXACTLY what he says he will do and there isn’t a dam thing they can do about it. Truth IS the PEOPLE need to vote their worthless asses OUT! With the issues that AZ has dealt with what is wrong with those PEOPLE that they keep voting in the IDIOT McCain who does NOTHING for them but empty their pockets! And Merkowlsi/Collins it is the SAME situation! Neither of these leaches are doing anything for their constituents, AND there are too many Democrats to count that ARE and HAVE done nothing for the people that they pilfer year after year and put them further into poverty and crime! Amazing how many of OUR citizens are so stupid that SHEEP have more common sense and fortitude!!

  • DonRS

    A few CORRECTIONS to this article. It is the ESTABLISHMENT RINO “REPUBLICANS” that are at war, as they have LIED, FAILED, CAPITULATED and COOPERATED with the DEMOCRAT AGENDA. In addition, they are NOT at war with ONLY BANNON, they are at war with CONSERVATIVE VOTERS.

    November, 2018 will be a BLOOD BATH for the RINOS!