Gutierrez Blames Trump For Puerto Rico Deaths

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Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) spoke about President Trump calling his administrations response to Hurricane Maria a “success.”

Gutierrez stated, “It might be, although I’m sure that there are others that will compete, one of his biggest fabrications and lies. How do you celebrate and declare a success when officially now the deaths are over 3,000? And, you know, that’s the latest study. One accepted by the government of Puerto rRico that never wanted to change the numbers and was complicit with this president in trying to hide the real calamity and deaths and the lack of action of the American government. But let me say this; the Harvard study said it was over 4,000. I was there within ten days. I was there within ten days, not because the government allowed me to go facilitate it, because Donald Trump did everything he could to stop any oversight, over the conduct of the American government, and what it was doing to facilitate.”

“I think the mayor of San Juan was absolutely correct, you let people die. And, you know, if you think a success is having the deaths of people on your hands. I think it’s important to put it into context. He said two things. He said, ‘well, you know, the people of Puerto Rico would be better off, but they want us to do everything for them.’ So he called us lazy. And then he said, ‘wow, you’re busting my budget.’”

“This is a president of the United States with a catastrophic situation in Puerto Rico, unprecedented in Puerto Rico with thousands of people dying and saying how expensive and how lazy we are. The only one who was lazy was you, Mr. President. You were lazy, and you weren’t on duty and people died because of it.”

  • ruth

    remove head from ass and grow up — no one is the blame — were you there to know or just jump on the Liberal bandwagon to become the biggest jackass along with the mayor of San Juan

    • rokann1

      Amen Ruth! These jackass liberals will find any and everything to blame on OUR PRESIDENT! They are all whining cry babies! Boo-hoo!!

  • Jim

    Everytime liddle louie opens his pie hole I find it sad that his mama chose life.

    • Munge

      Yeah she should’ve swallowed.

  • Jmanjo

    What a fool Democrat congressman! Everyone already knows the San Juan mayor screwed their people up by totally interfering with delivery of life saving supplies and food to get political sway. What a SOB. I’m surprised the Puerto Ricans haven’t decided to have a public execution for such a sick POS!

  • got my licence

    The supplies sent to Puerto Rico were commandeered by the croup mayor for distribution to her friends and family and the rest were sold on the black market. Supplies that did not sale are still being found such as rotting food and pallets of bottled water. Bottom line they did not want the supplies, they wanted the money.

  • TrosOfSamothrace

    The revised 3000 death count was NOT based based on a body count but a computer projection/simulation, so more lies from the left.

  • Clayton

    after the first 100 they died because of the power grid being down and the corrupt kiss Killary ass mayor of San Juan that held on to the supplies trying to make Trump look bad and back fired when she had her pic taken in a warehouse full of supplies

  • Manuel Bou


  • Danny S.

    Gutierrez can’t even speak English without sounding like he just hopped over the wall. He is a whiny little butt licker.

  • William Gordon

    TtHE PROBLEM IS NOT oUR President–it is the people in office in PR–if the people who check out the people in office as to where the live and their funds and property they will find out where the funds have been going–stop blaming the USA–Check the people in office and find out where they have been doing with PR funds. INCLUDING THE REP TO US CONGRESS

  • William Gordon