How Democrats Try To Crush Anyone In Their Way

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Fox’s very own Tucker Carlson warned viewers of the dangerous mob which is going after Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“It’s worth saying that most Democrats in Washington don’t really hate Kavanaugh personally,” Carlson stated. “He’s hardly an abrasive character, as you learned if you watched his interview with Martha [MacCallum] last night. There’s nothing personal about any of this. Kavanaugh stands between the Democratic Party and the power it seeks. He is in the way. He must be crushed – in this case, along with his wife and his two little girls. Sorry, that’s the cost of winning. No omelets without some broken eggs.”

“The problem is that outside party headquarters in D.C., people out there don’t understand this,” he added. “When they hear a U.S. Senator call Brett Kavanaugh a sex criminal, they believe it. Why wouldn’t they believe it? Because that’s the only other thing that never changes, ever — human nature. There’s a mob instinct in people — a gut-level desire to worship the powerful and hurt the undesirable. It’s always there, in every population in every country from the beginning of time until now.”

  • Craig Swenson

    The mob frenzy are things that we see in other countries. It is also a known tactic to draw media attention since the Vietnam War protests in the 1960’s. Saul Alinsky of the University of Chicago wrapped it in his book, “Rules for Radicals” (1971). Another tactic of the Left is to use the federal court system activist judges to block or issue injunctions on Executive Branch actions. The legislative process is broken due to extreme divisive partisanship. Getting back to civil discourse will be a long struggle. Agreeing to disagree is very hard for many people that are so passionate about “their” position without compromise. Equally hard push back is required to stop globalization from swallowing America. Yep, no omelettes without broken eggs. This is the reality of America today. McCarthyism looks to be making a return if not stopped. Due process and rule of law thrown aside. Horribly sad. Decent people must step up and participate everywhere.

  • Jmanjo

    Democrats need to be voted out of office so that America can remain a decent country to live in and not a cesspool of unbridled liars and cheats.

    • OrlandoRican

      Good luck. The majority of these uckers are imbedded in gerrymandered districts. And with the influx of illegals who are voting “D”, it will be very difficult to get rid of them. Our country has been taken over by America haters.

  • William Gordon

    wE nEED THE DEMOS BECOME US CITIZENS INSTEAD OF RUSSIA/CHINA CITIZENS–PROBLEM–obama sold us out to those countries while in office–just read and check what Mr. Trump has had to do so we are United Sates again–obama is the worst president this nation has ever had–His partner was carter–both of them sold us down the drain –Iran and iran twice—-check it out– FIRST CARTER SET THE iRAN I ANS TAKE OVER OUR EMB AND STEAL FUNDS–OBAMA GAVE THEM CASH (ENOUGH TO FILL MY HOUSE TOP TO BOTTOM–WITH NO RETURN–BOTH OF THESE IDIOTS CAUSED US MANY PROBLEMS–MR. TRUMP IS TRYING TO CLEAN UP THE MESS –AND GET US BACK ON TRACK AS THE USA

  • William Gordon

    Bwst way to get us back on track is to do away with the current crooked demos and bring a second party interested in making our country again the best in the world–not commie/nazi/socialist–but real American

  • Raymond James Thibault

    I think they are desperate and need mental help.

  • OrlandoRican

    They get away with it because of the incompetent Republicans and because the ucken media is with them.