Iranian Commander Admits to Having Terror Cells in U.S.

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In a video released over the weekend, Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander Hassan Abbasi said he had a secret army within the U.S. that was ready to strike.

“I’ll be brief. We have 2 million Iranians there. Be certain that I will raise a guerrilla army from amongst them against you,” he said.

“Look how vulnerable you were on 9/11 when four Arabs who don’t know how to fight managed to endanger your foundations,” he went on to say.


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source: http://conservativetribune.com/iranian-details-guerrilla-army/

  • bobwire40

    Is his army ready to DIE ?

    • Gloria D.

      Exactly!!! What an A S S!!! President Trump will hunt them down now..thank you for letting us know just how many you piece of worthless S H I T!!!!!! We knew we had these murderers here already..thanks Ovomit!!!!

  • Gregory Fortner

    Shoot all the people from the mideast in America. Since we can’t tell who is who.

    • shamu9


    • Robert Kahlcke

      Kill um all and let God sort it out,

    • An American Patriot

      Not a good plan. There are those from the Mideast who are not bad people.



      • Freddy King

        That’s because they have yet to be converted.

  • Frank Pones

    Thanks Obama for allowing this to happen to us the American people.

    • Gloria D.

      Actually the liberal loons of America helped Ovomit do it.

      • digger

        I know a lot of good god fearing liberals however I do not know any good progressives.

    • meangreenMarine

      This sure didn’t happen in the last 60 days of the Trump Administration!
      Thank OBAMA, because this is his Army! Should the fit hit the Shan, we know
      who should be hunted down and be arrested FIRST!

      • Freddy King

        Arrested my arse….shot dead on the spot

  • Jerry DeLue

    How many guns in the USA? Far more than $2M Iranians…what a joke.

    • Gabor Ban

      Mmm, that is why they are looking for “Gun Free” zones!


    I don’t doubt it one bit with the democrats wanting to let anyone and everybody into our country. And they wonder why they lost the election. Wake up democrats the American people don’t want illegal aliens or Muslim refugees in our country.

    • Cecil Highsmith

      Amen, we’ll fight them until death.

      • Freddy King

        Their death that is, ALL of them. Remember, they procreate like cockroaches.

  • jimahrens

    Plain and simple He is full of shit!!!!

  • Juanita Parsons

    How many Americans didn’t know that already? Wake up people!!!

    • onewldindian

      All of the half-witted demonstrators trying to let them all in. The Trojan horse has changed form to liberals and Demoncrats like that phony Schumer. He is a disgrace to his religion and he himself is in-American. And that phony loudmouthed Dizzy Lizzie Pocahontas liar Warren is as much an Indian as a chimpanzee! She is nothing but a thieving bitch!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    I’am just waiting for President Trump, to validate my Muslim Hunting Permit, with no bag limit.

    • Gloria D.

      Lololol!! I like that.

    • Freddy King

      You and me both, my group are well stocked with muzzy removing stuff.
      Just waiting for the go ahead from trump. And if a few liberals get caught up in the fray….Oh well!

  • shamu9

    How much do 2 million Parachutes cost? Air Drop All of ’em back in Iran!

    • Gloria D.

      Save us money..just kill them otherwise they will be back to kill us somehow. They’re sneaky rats.

      • shamu9

        I didn’t say Functional “Chutes!! lol!

        • Gloria D.


    • JohnB

      Air drop them in the middle of the ocean. My sincere apologies to the fish.

    • Freddy King

      I would make the chutes optional.

  • Russ

    If they were to attempt to attack this country they would shit their pants, we could wipe them out in fifteen minutes, no problem.

  • I known already for the last ten years thanks to the Democrats who allowed them in.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The primary terror cell is the Democrat Party under the leadership of George Soros.

    • Freddy King

      Another one big enemy of ours.

  • christopher kelly police ret.

    bring back the old nyc transit cops from 65-80. they will find these iranian scum and you don’t have to tell them what to do. Remember the booth holdups and the stakeouts took them down with their gasoline cans. no internet back then.no social media. just ed koch showing up at every grand jury to smooth out the rough edges. it was war. things did then change for the not so good but the transit cops were aquitted and life went on. the rest of the country has no idea what went on as a group of the BEST as we were known just did the job and went home.

  • Larry Velasco

    How about we, undoit. I know, that’s not a word. Makes sense to me. I am so tired of hearing about Iran. Let’s just petition Donald to send them a NUKE. Develop a Nuke that will dissipate quickly and SEND EM what ever it takes to KNOCK THEM OUT.

    • Freddy King

      Now THAT, is a grand idea.

  • Larkspur Girl

    I knew it all along. Ever since Obama got into office with the help of George Soros and Hillary Clinton, this was a set up from day one! I will bet dollars to donuts that Soros has also funded the Iranians to help ISIS…. The real enemies are the Democrats in Congress, they have known about this. This is why the Democratic party is pissing mad! Hillary was supposed to skate right into the White House and open our borders to Globalization. We have been sitting ducks for a very long time…. now with Donald Trump as President we may have a fighting chance to take back the USA from the NWO and the Globalists! Makes me glad I own a firearm!

    • Freddy King


  • PAproFirearms

    The Japanese said that they NEVER considered attacking the American homeland: we had too large an armed citizenry! Well, if crap starts to happen, it WILL be open season on ALL who even LOOK like terrorists!

    • Freddy King

      Just waiting for the word to do it.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    I think all Americans should watch this Video-Sounds like a All out Threat to all American-Citizens-Anyone Disagree??So now -Liberals-And Americans-Do you now think-We should just Open our Careing Arms-To these people-Who may End-up Trying to “Kill”All of us??I Love my Family too much-Not me–

  • kassa1

    You just seen last night , the leftist /Marxist democrats stand behind law breakers as they USE them to proplellbtheir evil agenda like giving (Obama and dems) 400 million and green light to kill Israelis and Americans!

  • American Male

    This guy is not as smart as a WWII Jap. They were afraid to invade due to the armed populace.

  • rick meek

    Everybody has cells in the US —- the damn politicians have imported them for decades….

  • youkeepthechange

    This is not a joke. Think about our children in school, people at work or shopping in malls….. We are vulnerable in so many places. As long as muslims are allowed to infiltrate and organize we are under attack!

  • wolchak

    I agree ! Muslim season, just like deer season ! Whether it’s Iran or any other Mid EAST Muslim nation, ban Muslim immigrants and get rid of all who are here ! ! !
    No matter how docile they seem, if they are Muslim they MUST support / believe in Sharia Law that proclaims DEATH to all non believers in it ! Is it possible to be a Muslim and and not condone
    Sharia Law ? I don’t know, Mohammed ALI, the boxer surely didn’t ! ! !

    • Freddy King

      If muzzy season was declared all guns and ammo will sell out in a day, Stock up now.

  • My country

    What else is new ? With stupid judges ruling that we can’t protect our borders and everything they can find to run in on us if the deportations don’t start soon ! Christmas will be a horrible time because we will meeting these things in combat in our towns and cities in order to break the cycle of destruction that our government is doing .