Ivanka’s Revenge On Planned Parenthood

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Ivanka Trump has come under fire from the mainstream media and pro-abortion feminazis, and reports are saying that Planned Parenthood’s CEO is pissed at Ivanka. Cecil Richards, who gets rich by killing babies at her abortion mills, is letting the media know her disdain as she tries to shame Ivanka, but the First Daughter is getting sweet revenge on both Planned Parenthood and Richards. You’re going to love this.

Pro-life Donald Trump supporters were up in arms right after the inauguration when it was learned that Ivanka Trump had a meeting with Planned Parenthood’s Cecil Richards. Right away, it was assumed that Ivanka would be an advocate for the abortion movement, and Cecil Richards, a ruthless woman who needs federal money to maintain her abortion mills, was pinning all her hope on Ivanka, too.

Now, Richards is like a wounded animal as she realizes that whatever Ivanka’s personal politics may be, she is in no way going to promote Planned Parenthood. Life News reports, “The CEO of the Planned Parenthood abortion business is growing impatient with Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, and is grousing that Ivanka is not pushing her father to promote abortion.”

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source: http://madworldnews.com/ivanka-planned-parenthood-ceo/

  • Elly

    Murderers all ! Let them get their funding from Soros, Hillary and Obama.

    • kissmyasssob


      • Gloria D.

        I second that motion!

    • rick meek

      They already do – the 500 mil a year of taxpayer money is just a bonus……

  • Kathy Hinds Estevez

    I agree elly

  • johnnycab23513

    How can one be shamed by a woman that murders babies by the thousands. All shame is on her.

    • sunandfun

      Only the ignorant could be shamed by the woman who would rather see babies dead than leading a healthy life.

    • lindacarlson

      It’s HRC and women radical libs who are for abortions!! You need to read it thouroghly!

  • Gregory Stafford

    I hope Ivanka continues to support the President even though she may not always agree.

    • Gloria D.

      Me too.

  • Bury that bitch in her Lamborghini she talked about on tape.

  • marian barnes

    remember planned parenthood is NOT an abortion mill-it helps poor mothers to
    use medical contraception to plan families so that there will not be poverty stricken families and little children that no one cares about-the rich people know what to do the poor have no food or milk for unplanned babies and many die from lack of care.sane sensible family planning is a free service offered by planned parenthood.to defund this is to care nothing for the poor families with ragged starving children

    • sunandfun

      Too bad your mother didn’t take your birth the same way planned parenthood does with 61,000,000 others.

    • June

      Perhaps “poor mothers” should not have unprotected sex.

      • The Redman

        R white-folks inbreeding, huh. hahahhahahahah. in june or july

      • Rebecca Landrum

        No woman, poor or rich, should indulge in unprotected sex. Just how many of those rich hollyweed flakes do you think have abortions every year? No they don’t go to PP ( they can afford to pay for their murders themselves, thus assuring their privacy.

    • The Redman

      Yep.white-folks love 2 hoodwink, huh. mark.

    • toddyo1935

      This is the line they use. Sadly, Margaret Sanger’s goal for her Planned Parenthood was to eliminate exactly the poor and wrongly colored this person thinks they are saving. The sanctity of human life starts with conception and ends at natural death. All are “endowed by our Creator” and deserve a chance to learn and use those endowments.

    • Debra Corrales

      marion barnes, I only hope this was obvious sarcasm. Planned Parenthood offers REFERRALS for those services other than abortions. Poor families have access to medicaid, WIC, TANF or whatever acronym it goes by now, etc. The children do not need to die or starve, unless said parents sell their benefits to purchase drugs(shocking but oh, so true). To defund PP is to offer real services to the children who don’t need to suffer being torn apart in their mothers’ wombs.

      • Dave Harmon

        Its always interesting how others like Marion talk about how things are or work when they are not “Street Smart” on how it really is. PP can still help with everything for needed women WITHOUT ABORTION, but it seems that is the #1 argument because it is the $$$ maker for PP and also the #1 used item by many users of PP. Many women use it for actual birth control. I knew a person whom worked for them years ago and she had proof of as many as 20 plus abortions for a single person.

        • marian barnes

          abortion his NOT family planning fall planning is sensible intelligent choices after conception is too late for sensible choices
          then it is a life

        • Rebecca Landrum

          I wonder if she was not being paid for the baby’s parts?

    • Mimi

      That is is false narrative the leftist liberals are spewing. They do not do mammograms, and furthermore there are facilities that provide these services. Planned Parenthood is strictly an abortion mill. Check out the facts.

      • conservative since 1962

        I doubt that “Marian Barnes” will check out the facts as you suggest. She seems to be one of those who have their mind made up so will not listen to facts!
        God bless you.

    • Dave Harmon

      Best contraception is Sustain from sexual intercourse. NO one has a right to reproduce on the backs of the taxpayers. As for the poor in this country now, seems the drug use which they again CHOSE to do is a huge reason for it. Anyone today with a little self esteem and self respect can rise from the so called poor and starving. There are some ppl in the USA who are poor and hungry due to political, agenda driven crap from ALL SIDES. Those are a different scenario.

      • disqus_v5723Mqspa

        The word is “abstain”. Otherwise, correct observation.

        • Dave Harmon

          YES…. and that is called LAZY due to computer corrections…..lol

    • Sharon Windus

      When was the last time you talked with planned parenthood? When I called, at my Dr.s insistence, to ask about them recommending a good OB Dr.,

      I was told all they did were abortions and how soon did I want to have one. I told them NEVER.. and hung up. took me a while to find a good Dr. but I did.

    • Patti Pierce

      Doctors used to be the ones to give you contraceptives, and there are people who cannot have children who would love to have just one of those “aborted babies”! The only reason they want to kill babies is for their stem cells for research to produce more deadly drugs that do nothing except harm the body.

    • Rebecca Landrum

      What a crock!

  • The Redman

    white-folks-(98%)-R some of the worst terrorist in the world.

    • Rebecca Landrum


      • The Redman

        Yep. most white-folks R homegrown hater terrorist.

      • conservative since 1962

        Please do not “feed the Troll” by replying to his/her/its insane racist rants.

  • Mimi

    Just look at Ivanka’s babies. Who would want to kill them before birth? That is an abhorrently evil picture. The emphasis should be on no sex until marriage. This society has gone to the devil in that area. Abstinence until marriage is the key. Hard, but think of the strong society that would make. Look at the STDs – one night stands – college rapes – disgusting society, in
    my opinion.

  • Dave Harmon

    I am not one who is against women’s choice, however I am against abortion for selective birth, for anything other than life or death scenario which I find is rare. I DO NOT WANT TAX PAYERS $$ TO BE USED FOR ABORTIONS OR BIRTH CONTROL. I am sick of the feminist and Libs telling everyone we have to “Help” the less fortunate” who continue to drug it up, party and re-produce. Perhaps going to work would help curb their production rates when they have NOTHING. I was raised to either make sure your financially ready or GET 2 jobs. I had to work 2 jobs and a 3rd on weekends for 2.5 years until I got my degree and got a better career. Worked factory days, security at nights and trimmed/cut trees on weekends with a tree company.

    • Mimi

      The sexuality of the society has made this condition. There is so much more to life than sex. You would never know that by watching TV or going to college (regular dens of inequity0– the way the females dress these days – the schools – the universities – the colleges – IT IS VERY SAD. I comment you for your work ethic, by the way!

    • Joey

      I agree with everything you stated Dave. I will add one more thing, maybe two things. Planned Parenthood has always been about eugenics. Getting rid of the undesirable that the so called elete believe have no value on this earth. It’s never been about helping the less fortunate, except in birth control and abortions. All the other services they clam to offer is a lie. No mammograms, and no pre or post natal care.
      Cecil Richards and her upper tier minions have become rich off of the taxes of everyone that works, and off of those whom they deem undesirable. The main reason the Democratic Party backs them is because they keep their political coffers overflowing, that, and the fact that so many of them hide behind their phony compassion. They are the true eugenics specialists.

      • Dave Harmon

        YES so true. My concern is that AMERICANS who still believe in AMERICA and it’s CONSTITUTION continue to allow the anti-America, liberal, socialists to continue their brainwashing of youth, control the educational system, keep parents from being able to discipline, out right LIE about history and its REAL documented actions as well as simply allow the take over of this country by foreign outside individuals whom are really about the down fall of America; and they do it without any REAL FIGHT from us. We allow ignorant self agenda judges stop what the MAJORITY of ppl have voted in as law, we allow those same judges to even stop our president of the USA from making rulings according to our constitution he can all without our Government REMOVING THEM IMMEDIATLY from the Bar. We allow minority groups and millennials to assault ppl, destroy private, public property, use Anti-American inflammatory public taunts, incitements of riots, looting and even murder; We allow those same PPL to discriminate against any individual disagreeing with them including University students of their own age groups and gender and race; ALL in the name of freedom of speech.Yet we punish every white person who is simply accused of making some “INSENITIVE” sexist, racist comment. LIBERALS who have become Socialists who have now become Anarchists, go UN_PUNISHED for the hundreds of Laws they break Daily. We are about to have to fight for our lives now, all because of non-violent ways of dealing with violence. I believe in “An Eye for an Eye, Do on to others as YOU would have done on to you”. It’s simply physics, equal and opposite force (reaction) creates LESS damage then an object standing still when struck by another moving object.

        • Joey

          I agree 100%, I come from the old school of thought and values. For years the American populace have been being duped and are pretty much numbed out to what all has taken place. I guess I never thought I would see the day when what our forefathers, great grandparents, grandparents, and parents worked and fought and died for would turn into such a cesspool of worthless garbage. My husband and I have realized that outside of God the only ones that will protect us, is ourselves. So we have weaponed up and have taken the necessary training to do so. We’re not going to bow to the fascists ever!

          • Dave Harmon

            AGREE. My wife and I are prepared and ready. She has her carry permit as well and luvs her 44 mag/ ar15. We hope it is just a drill……lol….we hope.

          • Joey

            Yeah, Lol, prefer to do target practice at the gun range.

  • Jim Bahen

    Any woman that would kill her own baby is truly a COLD, woman. The most innocent of all life should have VALUE, and we wonder why people value life so Cheaply !!

  • Larry

    Cecile, you are as useless as tits on a boar hog! Fund your own murders! I do believe it is a woman’s right to choose, but AMERICA SHOULD NOT PAY FOR IT, PERIOD! NO FUNDING, NO NOTHING!

  • Jim

    Why should anyone, woman or man, have any right to murder an unborn baby? If I was that baby. No matter just how bad my life might be, according to you. I’ll take my chances. that’s right. I’ll take that chance over certain death! Any of you that do not get this? How about I (unborn baby) take your place? You can check out any time. The world is a much better place without you!

  • Bayside GolfClub

    You can have your abortions in private.. But it is wrong to make my neighbor;s pay for it.. Pay for it yourself..
    NOW.. If abortions for liberals was mandatory.. Count me in..

  • keepyourpower

    Richards got what she wanted. We the taxpayers are funding PP in the new budget. WHY?????????? She is opening 3 new PP clinics in Kansas.

    I thought our new President was against this!

    The only thing that will save him from this…. is to VETO the bill. But, I doubt he will.

    It is time for a good government shut down!

    I talked to a woman who retired from Homeland Security.

    She said that during the last shutdown, she had already had plans to go on vacation.

    She took a cruise, and returned, as the shutdown was over.

    She was rewarded Every cent that she should have received, in her paycheck AND….they gave her back her vacation days!

    So ..the government employees cannot complain about shutdowns..they still get paid, and they get extras!!


    We had to live with the Democrats, and Obama, for 8 very long, and painful years.

    Now that we have both houses, and the President, we should not be bending over for them one iota!!! I hate feckless politicians!

    • jillocity

      Update…I saw an article that said funding for PP has been pulled from the House budget…but it still has to make it through the Senate. Prayer would be good.

  • Laird

    What disgusts me beyond this wretched, evil woman (Richards), is the Republican Congress that refuses to defund Planned Parenthood! The blood of innocents is also on their hands because of their refusal to help put an end to this neo-Nazi organization!

  • generalJed

    If Planned Parenthood is a private corporation, why does it need a hal billion dollars from the Federal Gov’t to function? Why does our taxpayer dollars flow to the Southern Poverty Law Center, etc.? WE ARE TALKING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS THAT COULD AND SHOULD BE SAVED.

  • Steve Walker

    Jesus Christ himself said that “it would be better for a man to have a millstone tied around his neck and cast into the sea than to offend one of these little ones”. Enough Said.

  • rick meek

    PPH – is just a “fetal Material” collection center…. It’s then used in medical research – drugs – cosmetics and other products…….

  • Leroy Mosley

    People are sick, would you want a child that was born because the mother was raped .