Jesse Jackson Shows up on Reddit for AMA – But it Didn’t Take Long for Things to Go South

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If the popular online message board Reddit is known for anything it’s not for being friendly to conservative viewpoints. The users that frequent the site are notoriously liberal, and they’ve been known to tear any semblance of conservative ideology to shreds with aggressive, flaming comments.

So you’d think if Rev. Jesse Jackson would show up there he’d be a shoe-in, right? Wrong!

Jackson did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) style interview with the site’s users on July 1, and they showed him absolutely no mercy. There’s no doubt the next liberal figurehead will think twice before trying to show up on Reddit again for a self-congratulatory attempt at publicity.

The Daily Caller reported on the biggest highlights:

The top question stated that he is, “an immoral, hate-filled race baiter that has figured out how to manipulate the political system for your own gain.” The user continued to ask:

“How is your relationship with the illegitimate child you fathered in 1998 while cheating on your wife? Bonus question: How much money have you extorted from various people and companies over the years of practicing your shakedown scheme? Do you think Al Capone would be jealous of your business model if he were still alive?”

Jackson’s answer had nothing to do with the question, leading users to wonder if he read the same question as they did.

This wasn’t the only time users were left wondering about the Reverend’s reading comprehension skills. When asked, “What are some things that the average African-American can do to help reduce racial tensions in his area?”

Jackson wrote, “Well, the source of those tensions often come from denial of an even playing field. You know, we are very good at athletics.” He did not answer the question in the next three paragraphs of his answer either.

A user also wondered if Jackson was regretful for, “rushing to judgement after condemning the ‘perpetrators’ of the Duke lacrosse rape scandal,” the user also asked if he and Al Sharpton, “still support Crystal Mangum’s [the false accuser] rape allegations?”

Jackson replied, “No, the pattern is consistent.”

The activist was asked why, “do you think many African Americans dislike Dr. Ben Carson?”

He replied saying that he hasn’t been vocal enough on issues such as “equal and fair access to voting.” Though he defended Carson writing, “I have a rather high regard for him, because I feel that whether we agree or disagree, he’s a brilliant surgeon. Many blacks don’t like him, but many blacks do. And he’s a very treasured person in our community, really.”

You can see the complete thread here.

Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a liberal lose at their own game. Tell us your favorite part in the comments.