Kellyanne Goes After Hillary

in Elections

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway ripped into former secretary of state and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for attacking President Trump and making herself out to be a victim on Sept. 11.

Despite Monday being the 16th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and despite recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, “Hillary is talking about Hillary,” Conway said.

Clinton gave an interview with USA Today on Monday in which she attacked Trump and members of his campaign.

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  • Michael whitman

    Its amazing how crooked Hillary could be a victim to anything but her greedy, above the law, and narcistic way of thinking

    • The Redman

      Remind ya of most white-folks, huh, hitman. hahahhaahhahahahah

  • HDMania

    Typical liberal demorat of the worse kind..Hitlery is the one with all the dealings with Russia..not Trump..she has evidence of nothing..

    • The Redman

      Yall no good white-folks ruined america. hahahhahahahahahah

      • bob usarmy 62-65

        right and without us you would still be living in teepees wearing a loin cloth and killing each other…period

        • The Redman

          U ah typical white man like kelltamus. yall deny yall evilness like ya pappy satan does, bob-boo. hahahahahahhaahhahaha

  • No one should pay any attention to Killary, she is one big time loser and inept person. She should be in prison to say the least for her failures and traitorous behavior as secretary of state and for money laundering through the Clinton foundation.

    • The Redman

      Yep, cross-eyes. yall white-folks have really ruined america alright, huh. hahahhahhahahahaha

      • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

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          • The Redman

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  • M Jane Deneen

    What else is new. Hillary lost. Get over it. Nobody feels sorry for you. Retire or wait for your orange jumpsuit. Hope it comes quickly. Out of our hair for lots of years.

    • The Redman

      white-folks, huh. hahahahahahahaahha

  • lolastaples

    Hillary is a loser…she should be held accountable for all the corruptible, non-American, crooked dealings she has had through the years. One day it will come out, she can’t hide and lie her way out of everything forever!

    • The Redman

      Most white-folks love 2 steal, kill, and lie. hhahahaahahhahahaha. what have U done lately.

  • The Redman

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    • R johnson

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      • The Redman

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  • Dennis Broussard Sr.

    Give her a new house by 2018!!! Not the white house but the Big house. What she deserves. I can’t believe they haven’t charged her yet????

  • bob usarmy 62-65

    typical of clinton…me first always

    • Susiev

      Typical Psychopathic behavior.


    First she stuck with the Sleaze ,be cause she needed him to get the oval office.
    She was pushed aside for BHO the anti American . Then she allowed AMERICANS TO BE KILLED ON HER WATCH, but WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE. Then she sold EVERY thing she could to bolster her campaign chest. Then she ran and LOST. Now SHE CAN’T STOP COMPLAINING. Is she the ultimate brat ? Unbelievable. Some one,put a sock in her mouth . She is disgusting.