Look who just stepped forward to help build the wall

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During the election, chants of “build the wall!” became a rallying cry for Donald Trump’s supporters. Although many in the media speculated that President Trump would pivot away from the pledge, early signs show he has no plans of abandoning the idea.

Of course, much has been made of the Mexican government’s opposition to the wall. At one point, the disagreement caused the two sides to mutually cancel a planned visit. However, at least one Mexican company has heard the pleas to build the wall, and they’re willing to help.

A Mexican cement company says it would aid the construction of President Trump’s wall along the U.S.-Mexico border if asked.

“We will gladly do it,” Cemex President Rogelio Zambrano told Mexican newspaper Reforma Wednesday, according to NBC News.

Zambrano was answering whether Cemex, one of the world’s largest cement producers, would provide a cement estimate for the controversial barrier.


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source: http://www.allenbwest.com/mlee/look-just-stepped-forward-help-build-wall

  • Elaine Morris

    I am very grateful to them. I was on a site in Israel. They asked me to pass a message on to Donald Trump. “Place censors” ALL ALONG THE BORDER. The Border Patrol would automatically know where they are.

  • Ed

    Mexico has a wall on their Southern boarder, Pope has a wall all the way around the Church grounds, Israel has a wall, China has the great wall, etc..At times in history walls were constructed and destroyed like the Berlin Wall.

    • bmoc

      Don’t forget that Obama built a 15′ wall around the White House. It was OK for him to get protection, but not for We the People!

  • geraldcuvillier

    I would place land mines, then you would know where they had been.

  • Linda

    Electric fences work pretty good. A friend of mine has one in the country so as to keep animals out of the garden. Just build a much higher wall and higher voltage.

    • Stephen

      MUCH HIGHER VOLTAGE! Set phasers to, “KILL!”, not stun. it wouldn’t take long for some deluded beaner to attempt climbing it. Once he dies, the rest will get the message. Apply for citizenship from Mexico, not from within the United States!

      • Linda

        You are 100% correct. Now all we have to do is get this message to President Trump and Jeff Sessions.

  • John

    I like the idea of automatic infrared directed machine guns with the field of fire directed to where the wall would be, so anyone or anything getting across the border is automatically ventilated. Then all the ICE does is keep them armed and lubricated!!

    • Deert

      plus minefields.

  • Eastcoastcoonass

    Make one big sand pit with air at the bottom, when they step on the sand air is released and they fall to the bottom no mess no body.

  • Mexico will pay for the wall one way or another and they should for all the drugs and criminals they have sent into our country.

  • bmoc

    Was this gesture made for profit, or was it made to keep illegals out of the US, or to save Mexicans from running into the evil Trump’s America?

    • Charles Coburn

      Profit of course CEMEX knows a rube when they see one. Si Senor Pincho Manos!

  • kermit froggie

    Why not take a few thousand soldiers and man the boarder, with the orders to take no survivors, and put a 100 dollar bounty on every illegal disposed of. That would be a lot cheaper than paying out billions annually for welfare to support the illegals. Every other country in the world protects its boarders, with death.

    • Holy Joe

      Except the idiots of the EU countries led by Germany & France. (and to a slightly lesser degree by the idiot politicians misgoverning the U.K.). They all like accepting undocumented self motivated potentially terrorist sympathizing illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, to the opposition of their ordinary citizens. Does anyone get the irony that all these North African and Middle Eastern countries wanted their total freedom and total absence of any white people after WW-2, then then when they totally screwed up their own countries for Fifty odd years of self maladministration or ‘Uhuru’ – they then want free access to Europe to screw that up as well. Then the Clown Prince of America ‘Obama’ takes in as many thousands of these self motivated law breakers as he illicitly can get away with to the detriment of those foolish people who apply for legal immigration status to the U.S.A.

  • Dave Harmon

    I say enforce the wall with military support. Orders: If attacked with rocks whatever, eliminate the threat. Mexico gives illegals in their country 5 years prison automatic for being illegal. Mexico thinks they own the USA. Time to make all immigrants assimilate to the American way not us to them as it has been for decades now. Supposedly your here for a better life then leave the one your supposedly fleeing from behind. It does not work because it a LIE they are here wanting better life and a chance. Most want free social services, kids paid for, housing free, utilities free plus tons of cash. Its a social democratic liberal SCAM to eliminate the USA and white males. Think I’m wrong? Look at commercials, sitcoms, cry baby minority crap about Oscars, movies pushing single women or with a minority male, even the records of selective abortions if the child is determined male. WAKE UP AMERICA.

    • Lovette Bennett

      Excellent message, except you need to re-study English: “Your” means possessive, such as “it is your money.” “You’re” indicates “you are,” (Supposedly you’re here for a better life…” and “then leave the one you’re supposedly fleeing…”) Good otherwise.

      • Dave Harmon

        YES…lol…. What happens when you trust in comp. Software for English correction….lol….

  • Lovette Bennett

    Hmmm…Mexican cement. I would wonder what that company might have in mind to undermine the integrity of the wall itself? Food for thought…

    • Alicia Fernandez Caruso

      Just what I was thinking!!!!