Media lets loose its fury after Trump attacks

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Members of the media blasted back at President Trump on Wednesday after he railed against the press at a rally and called journalists “dishonest people” who “don’t like our country.”

Acrimony between the Trump White House and the media has been escalating for months, but the latest round of attacks and counterattacks was notable for its bare-knuckle ferocity.

At a rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night, Trump delivered a 30-minute diatribe in which he lambasted the “damned dishonest” press. The president accused the media of exacerbating racial divisions, attacking ordinary Americans, giving a platform to hate groups and of “trying to take away our history and our heritage.”

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  • claughrun

    Well. He’s right!

  • rick meek

    Trump has NEVER been so RIGHT ON IN HIS LIFE……They are bought and paid for like the politicians and trash they serve…….Justice will hunt them down…..

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


    • Linda Rupp

      So true.

    • Joe Pewter

      media is not gonna take Trump OR …US/WE..Trump supporters/USA Honorable Citizens Down…Believe It!!

      • Vanessa Hublard

        He may not conduct himself like you would normally see a President however, he will go down as one of the best President ever. You want to get at someone go after Hillary and Obama for all of their corruption not after someone who wants to get our country back to being honest with the people.

  • Donald Harding

    The Liberal Media does nothing but report opinions most of the time.
    They report just the facts!

    • Red Steiner

      They ignore and deny the facts. It seems that they are Muslim/Obama controlled.

    • J. P. Lynch

      You are kidding right??

  • James

    The truth hurts; and the liberal snowflakes just can’t take it, even though they like to dish it out!

    • Red Steiner

      They are a cowardly bunch, aren’t they?

  • VirgoVince

    the media and critics DESERVE what they get!!

  • Linda Rupp

    Great President id so correct!

    • Red Steiner

      Those of us who served this once great nation are, without exception, sickened and disgusted by what Obama and his lackeys nearly turned American into. We know from having seen and been effected by his actions what the real truth is. The ALT Left media is, I suspect, being, being funded by George Soros, the Clinton Cartel, and others of their ilk. We all, without exception, stand with President Trump in his efforts to save America and the freedom of all Americans including the Corrupt Soros supported, Obama fed media Clinton loving media.

  • Kstar

    Thank the Lord that our great President is not afraid to stand up to the fake news liars in the media press. People with brains don’t believe what the liars are saying anymore, only the brain washed idiots fall for their lies because this is what they are fed on a daily basis. Just take a look at most of the haters and they are of the younger generation that cannot think for themselves and cannot discern the light of day. God Bless our GREAT PRESIDENT.

  • Bayside GolfClub

    It’s truth in a bottle.. And the media hates this simple remedy to their lies. I watched them entirely misrepresent his words and deeds again, and again, and again, and again.. I flipped over to msnbs and watched them misrepresent him even DURING this speech. They’d cut away and say ‘trump just lied, because he DIDN’T SAY SOMETHING”, then.. then they would go back to some imaginary point where he DIDN’T actually say it some time in the past.. And lo’ and behold they were right.. he didn’t say it then either… How fake can they be?
    BTW – they were doing the same thing to GW Bush.. again, and again, and again, and again.. Now they have a blueprint and architecture for their incessant FAKE NEWS strategy. Say he said something he didn’t say, then go prove that he might have, if he in fact hadn’t said it when he didn’t say it which he might have if he did but hadn’t because he said something else when he didn’t because he was lying, when he could have but might have even tho he said something entirely different even if he was nowhere near the subject they say he was lying about but might have if he was. Or they simply leave an ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘but’, ‘of’, ‘if’ or’ any other number of context changing attempt to create their FAKE NARRATIVES.. FAKE NEWS..

    • Daniel Penney

      Run-on sentence much?

  • tCotUS

    Best the Media starts toning down a bit against Trump.. Patriots are getting fed up with their lies, pot stirring, & continual attacks.. Any Nation where the SHTF, the Journalists were the first targets.

  • peacemaker64

    The media has clearly lost their credibility for the foreseeable future. They and the so called liberals (renamed to Bolsheviks) and the alt left are traitors to Americans and the USA.

    There is talk of a civil war that they are starting against freedom loving Americans. I say bring it on! We are ready for them. If the alt left Bolsheviks wants to live as communists then leave to north korea or china.


  • 4Pip

    Why should they be mad? They love to toss out all the hate they can to our Pres. So he has a right to defend himself,if they want to be treated nice than they need to act better than they do. We have no news networks anymore they are just lying cheerleaders for Soros and his destruction of our country. I hope he throws all his money away because he will never be or beat God,He is the One with the power.

  • J. P. Lynch

    These three lying liberal progressive stooges suffer from mental illness! They should never be
    allowed to speak in public ever again!! MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Robert Morrow

    I go with President Trump as I have found that the so called news Medial People are the lowest form of life on the Planet. Personally I have not believed any News Media People in over 60 years as I found them to be total liars & hypocrites, for even if they have the truth they will twist it until it become a lie.

  • happily_deplorable_

    It’s funny how scared these fools get when they feel threatened. Sad thing is that they do it to ordinary Americans everyday when they spew their hate filled lies to their leftest base.

  • yuccaman55

    Why is the media pissed off? Did trump hurt your communistic feelings of grandeur, that you thought you could lie about every stinking thing including your fake news companies and you fake journalist degrees? Nothing but a big gomers Pyle of buffalo bisquits!

  • AZcowboy

    If they don’t like Donald Trump to be a persident, then who would be an ideal candidate to bring the US economy back to stability, and US global standing that is still dwindling? Obama’s foreign policy was soft and unstable, the economy was elusive sometime there are jobs that didn’t stay long, crimes remained high as much as during the GW Bush era. So who would be the perfect candidate? Nancy Pelosi? Maxine Waters? a member of antifa? a member of BLM? a member of LGBT? name one and let the adventure begin.

  • George Reed

    I would like to know what cnn and these three jerks have done to make this country better. I can tell you not damn thing just run off at the mouth these people are a waste of human flesh.

  • Vanessa Hublard

    He is right and shame on you media. You could actually be airing something positive to calm the waters however, you are causing a Sonoma. Don’t you realize it? What will be your legacy cause war in your country with your own. You have to live with the fact since Nov. you want to attack your President in every way possible for $$$$$$$ SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. Bring this country together not further apart. Stick to the facts you may not like it but, that is what we want to hear. We need peace in our country