Media Urges Twitter to Suspend Trump

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Journalists are increasingly asking — and urging — CNN to suspend or delete President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, as he continues his feud with MSNBC, CNN, and other media outlets that have been hostile to his administration.

Calls for Twitter to ban Trump began long before he took office. Slate.com suggested in November 2016 that Facebook was giving “preferential” treatment to the president-elect, while Twitter — which had banned “alt-right” users in the recent past — could boot him from its platform.

The New York Times published a commentary in December arguing that Twitter could suspend Trump — but advising it not to do so.

The Times’ Farhad Manjoo wrote in December 2016:

If Twitter wanted to, it would be well within its rights to suspend Donald J. Trump’s account.

As a corporation, Twitter is under no First Amendment obligation to let Mr. Trump use the service. It gets to make its own set of speech rules within its own walls, and among those rules is a prohibition on using the service to incite harassment.

And yet Twitter is in no position, now, to suspend @realDonaldTrump.

If you look closely at Mr. Trump’s Twitter messages, he has appeared to tack just inside the lines of the service’s rules of conduct. More than that, free speech advocates argue that Twitter’s policies ought to give great deference to political figures. Suspending Mr. Trump’s account would be censorship. Though Twitter is legally free to censor whomever it wants, it also has a duty to recognize how its actions affect the larger world.

The repercussions could be vast. As online services like Twitter become the world’s primary place for political dialogue, the rules they set up for policing political speech will have a wide-ranging impact — they could be used to ban not just billionaire presidents-elect, but also activists and dissidents across the globe.

But calls to ban Trump from Twitter continued. In January 2017, after Trump feuded with actress Meryl Streep, Chez Pazienza wrote at the Daily Banter that Trump’s Twitter account was “very, very dangerous, particularly as of January 20th. Which is why now is the time for Twitter to do the right thing and shut it down. The service should suspend Donald Trump permanently.”

Later that month, just before Trump’s inauguration, former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao and former Twitter executive Laura Gomez urged Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to suspend Trump, arguing that “@realdonaldtrump is bringing out the worst of Twitter  —  the company, the platform and its users. He’s using his manipulation skills and your platform to bully others and to incite supporters to harass people  —  both on Twitter and in real life.”


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/california/2017/07/05/media-badly-want-twitter-suspend-president-donald-trump/

  • Red Ryder

    Unbe-fricking unbelievable! The AUDACITY of these jerks to even THINK they could silence the leader of the country! What ARROGANCE!!!!!!

    • patriot2

      this is how normal the democrats get.

      • k9maiden

        The liberals have absolutely gone bonkers!!! They are a danger to themselves and AMERICA!

  • shamu9

    Death to Dems!!

    • phil62

      I wonder if homo land security is going to take down your name and all the names of the people like myself that give you a “like” on your comment.

      • The Redman

        They should. stupid white-folks ruined america from ever becoming a u.s.

      • shamu9

        Nah, not till Obama, and the Dems have his Take-Over Coup!

    • The Redman

      “Dem” stupid white-folks. hahhahahahhhhhaahha

  • Bayside GolfClub

    What is it.. A 23 words or less message? And the alinsky media fumes at anyone who can take a 1 sentence crack at their false narratives..
    FAKE FAKE FAKES.. Not even real FAKES.. Artificially FAKE..

    • The Redman

      white-folks, huh. gayclub. hahahhahahahhahah

  • Chris Berg

    Isn’t it interesting that many of the individuals (such as those listed in this article) demanding that Trump be suspended or removed from his Twitter account seem to be members of the more recent group of immigrants to our great country? Because they ALL come from socialist /communist countries wanting to change the US into the countries they fled from…insane…

  • Apatriot2

    I guess the MSM is getting a taste of their own Medicine. They write what they want about us and now Trump is writing about them!! Got a luv it…. Hows it taste MSM? You thought you were the only one(s) that could do all the writing. Maybe you should stop all your lying and start writing the TRUTH!!!

    • The Redman

      All stupid white-folks, huh. “got a luv it”. hahahahahahahhaha

      • Apatriot2

        Not all (as you say) White-folks are stupid, only the left Demorats / libturds who only what things for themselves and somethings for free. And NO not all White-folks are ruining America (yet) There are plenty of ethnic groups doing that also It has been going on for years do to allowing in Socialist / Muslims / Communists to run for office in the Government.

        • The Redman

          Nah, aprecot2. its stupid, hater white-folks-(98%)- who own, run, and ruining almost everything in america. U idiot stuck in denial. hahahahhahaahahahahha

          • Apatriot2

            I just think you are an idiot who is stuck in denial or rather brainwashed and you’re drinking to much cool-aid. Shut your mouth, open your eyes and ears and mainly your brain if that is possible. I’m hoping your smarter than you write, if not I can see why you are a libturd/Demorat THEY got you. How did you come up with the name THE REDMAN?

          • The Redman

            Nah, aprecot2. no 1 has me. yo no good pappy had U, I bet. hahahhahahaahahahah. y do U inbred white-folks use “your” instead of ‘you’re’. and its- Kool Aid- not “cool aid”, U smart idiot. hahahahhahaahahahahah. 98% of U pinkies live deep in denial of ya evilness. white-folks ruined america

  • Cindy Morris Harrison

    Awwwe…. you poor poor liberals!! Free speech is great when you want to do the bashing but it sucks when others call you out on your bias reporting. 😁

    • cdreeder

      bs reporting

    • k9maiden

      Oh yeah, right on Cindy! These mentally deranged bunch of Communist, Socialist, anarchist atheist are beyond the pale when it comes to anyone finally letting them have it, and by that, I mean the truth! Yet, they could all campaign for the Whore of Islam, lie everyday incessantly on and on about Trump, when they weren’t lying about him, they were embellishing to the negative everything the man said. Why does he use twitter? Because he cannot trust the damn Marxist Media to get the truth out there!

  • Dave Harmon

    If twitter does do this If I were Trump I would find ways to break their back. Cut off any federal or state $$$, audit the company with the IRS. List it as a breeding ground for Terrorists and they refuse to stop it so they are a Security risk. I say the civil war is the only way to stop them now. To many reps are in the back pockets of the Big $$ guys. Seems Dems and Libs even when out of office and not in control get more done then Reps. When Dems take it back the reps should do the same things they have done to Trump. The streets should be filled with the same stuff Dems do. But it will not happen because reps are like McCain, got their hands in other PPLS cookie Jar.

  • Dave Harmon

    We also need to shut down Anti-American so called News stations. The Laws are still on the books about anti American propaganda and inciting violence against America and any USA citizen. I say either start a force or invoke the military to defend against Anti-American Threat HERE at home. Its their sworn duty to do so.

  • Mike O’Mara

    I feel very strongly that it is well past time for the “media” to be held accountable for their lack of true “facts” they foist off on us . A great deal of this is totally baseless and doesn’t have even a passing acquaintance with reality. In fact a great deal of what they claim should start with “Once upon a time…” They offer their own opinions and often their own version of truth and represent it as news. They once had a purpose but in my opinion about 85 to 90 percent serve only one purpose and that is to serve the socialist left in it’s mission to take down America. That is why they hate President Trump. He doesn’t hesitate to call them on their lies and misdirection. I think CNN should have been shut down back when they admitted reporting Bagdad Bob’s version of Sadam’s news during Iran’s hate war and stating that reporting Sadam’s “news” was the only way they could stay and report anything. I seem to remember every other network or news agency reporting from there without become the voice of Sadam Hussein.

  • grinnie

    I vote we suspend Twitter……
    never use it and won’t ever use it.

    • phil62

      I don’t have a cell phone and never have so I don’t have to worry about a bunch of fools and their twitter, or titty partys, or whaterver they are called.

  • Mike O’Mara

    I forgot to mention that I have only seen President Trump respond to the attacks of what I like to call the urine stream media. I have not seen him initiate attacks on those people who attack him without regard to honesty or accuracy on a daily basis. Once these clowns go out of their way to establish themselves as enemies of the President (and normal Americans) they should not be surprised to be treated as such.

  • Robert Dimmock

    They finally are waking up to the fact that he’s a fighter and will kick their asses. He is going to win!!!

    • The Redman

      Only thing white-folks “win” is inbreeding, and a free ride in 2 Hell. hahahhahaahhahah. yo ride awaits U, bobbie-jo-boy

  • Larry Jenkins

    Hay you idiots on the left, if you can’ take the heat, then get your ASS OUT OF THE KITCHEN ! You people make me sick, you start something ,then you blame it on the right.Then when they come back with the truth,you start crying, its about time people in this country really fines out what the left is all about, and its not fornthe people of this country , there loosing there control over people ! I love it !!

  • VirgoVince

    WHAT does the media use for CREDIBILITY??

    • The Redman

      Yep. stupid white-folks, huh. vinnie. hahahahahahahahaahah

  • Joe S Hill

    The prejudice of the liberal media has been fully peaked here, and if these people think that by taking away or revoking President Trump’s Twitter usage will solve their problems, then that are seriously mistaken! ever since Trump took office,they have attacked him constantly and viciously, and they want Twitter to revoke his account? the man is the CIC and is still very rich, and to suggest this is like a flea trying to overcome a dog-doesn’t work that way! the liberal media thinks it’s infallible and untouchable, but it has gone way too far in it’s campaign against a US President, that was fairly and honestly elected by the true and real American voters in this country, and to sit back and watch these people abuse their rights in the manner and contemptible behavior it has shown clearly shows who the real bad guys really are! why these people haven’t been fined or sued remains a mystery, but for these people to go this far by suggesting a Twitter revocation against our President is absolute bullshi!! considering the rotten way Trump has been treated by the media, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if the man got tired and started to fight back, and the media bullying Trump has had to put-up with obviously reached a boiling point, and i hope he kicks their collective asses for the way they’ve treated him!

  • Richard Fagan

    They can dish it out but can’t take it. Maybe the corrupt liberal media should be removed from twitter.

  • Ron Simpkins

    To ban the president, any president, from a communication media is preposterous. Trump has increased the following on twitter and it would be in their best interests to continue his account. Most of the people I know would stop using twitter if they removed the president’s account. Remember CNN is in trouble because of their lies and false reporting, maybe it’s time for them to follow their stupidity to the end and put the business into bankruptcy.

  • DonRS

    So much for the liberal media’s demands for special 1st Amendment rights – for themselves, only. Without FAKE NEWS, what would they have to fill the time on their vacuous air time?

    • The Redman

      Most all white-folks R evil.

  • Thomas Pratt

    Free speech applies to everyone. Donald Trump has every right to use whatever means he sees fit to stay in touch with the American people. It is working very well for him and this is what CNN & the Globalist/Marxists fear the most! I have a question for CNN! What makes you so special that you can practise yellow journalism and say whatever comes into your retarded heads, but Donald is not allowed to?

  • Donna Morken

    What a lie, it’s the news media that is causing division and people to harass Trump supporters also riots, The liberal news media is a bunch of sore losers just like the democrats and can;t stand the fact that they don’t have influence over the people like they thought they did, American people are a lot smarter than they thought.

    • The Redman

      “What a lie”. white-folks ruined america

  • Richard Kubena

    If Twitter caves to the medias and suspends President Trumps account then I will suspend my account as well. Twitter had better think twice about how many accounts are they willing to loose by suspending the President of the United States account.

  • phil62

    Oh – so now the beast that is called news is wanting to take away free speech. Isn’t that a real kick in the pants. I do not watch any of the so-called news channels: CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX or any of the other stupid ass acronyms. I do not read ANY newspaper because they are worse than the tv news. I hate any and all “news” people because they are all liars and their junk is one sided to the FAR left. They belong in the same shit hole as Alinsky and Jeremiah Wright. If I want to know what’s going on I Iook in my email, like this one, and what I don’t care about I read the intro line and DELETE the rest of the trash. There is no longer any such thing as a good reporter in this country. A good reporter gives you both sides of the story and lets you make your mind up from there. Piss on these jerks.

  • ld

    better yet lets cancel cnn and msnbc

  • Kev Mercer

    Just reinforces the fact that the left believes in free speech as long as you agree with them, if you don’t it’s hurtful and bigoted racist speech. The idiots keeping digging the hole for themselves. They will dig it so deep they’ll never get out. Contrary to what they think regular people are listening to their diatribes. Please CNN keep it up.

  • Jmanjo

    What Twitter should do is to shut down NBC and CNN because they lie, cheat, and fake news!

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america