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Nikki Haley Offers Warning To North Korea

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Appearing on NBC’s Today, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley outlined a stern policy regarding North Korea as the hermit kingdom becomes increasingly agitated:

“We are not going to do anything unless he gives us reason to do something. So, our goal is not to start a fight.”

When asked what threshold would have to be crossed for the United States to intervene, Haley responded:

“… if you see him attack a military base, if you see some sort of intercontinental ballistic missile, then obviously we’re gonna do that. But right now, we’re saying: ‘Don’t test. Don’t use nuclear missiles. Don’t try and do anymore actions,’ and I think he’s understanding that. And China’s helping us really put that pressure on him.”

When pressed on her answer, Haley noted that a nuclear test or ballistic missile test would prompt the president to step in and “decide what’s gonna happen.”


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  • Joe Pewter

    I voted Trump..these people Trump has appointed are juvenile amatures..the statements Haley has made are not warnings..they = “i know you are but what am I” or sticks and stones..,.,.non-sense…..many of Trumps appointments are an embarrassment to his campaign message..I could do 5 of their jobs at the same time/”part time” and get it done right..government has not become 1% more honest…have Ivanka maintain a low profile…have Kushner maintain a NO as usual is showing right now

    • survivor33

      I have to disagree with you Joe Pewter. These people Trump has chosen are not juvenile amatures….they have been in Service in some way or another to the Gov and if Trump wanted them, then he has a reason. If you voted for Trump, give him a chance to prove himself and don’t be second guessing his actions…because you do not know all of the stories. We have enough negative from the left and from the media without his voters fighting him too.

      • Richard Autry

        I thought I heard somewhere that his term in office was going to be extremely difficult at first, but after the dust has settled, so to speak, everything will turn out great.

        • Joe Pewter

          Hope So

        • survivor33

          The liberals/Soros won’t let the dust settle. They are all working together to make Trumps election as hard as possible. However, Trump has done some good things with the time and the LOYAL people he has. If could ever get rid of the Clintons/Obama’s/Soros, things could start coming together and for the better but they all keep popping up in the public eye so we know they are causing trouble.

          • shamu9

            Death to Georgi Soros! The Biggest Bastard on Planet Earth! Typical Dem-o-krapp!

    • Richard Autry

      That’s all the more reason to join the Article V coalition.

      • Joe Pewter

        Thank You

    • jillocity

      you voted for him because he’s not a politician, but now you want him to act like a politician…have you bothered to inform yourself on what he is actually DOING? Be glad he’s not a politician…Syrians certainly are. At least those who survived Assad’s sarin gas attack.

      • Joe Pewter

        re-read my message hopefully u will understand it the second background on a number of appointments position on One World Order agendas..try and think before u speak once…good luck at that

  • James Stevens

    Joe, you need to see the video where Nikki addressed the United Nations. I would not want to be in the cross hairs of her scope. This gal will pull the trigger. jwstx

    • Joe Pewter

      I’m not hiding

    • littlerocker

      Yeah, she might ban his flag.

  • robert sanders


    • Richard Autry

      Using our military power President Trump could take out that fat little peanut before he even knows he’s in hell.

      • wildbillusmc

        We would have no trouble identifying him because he is the only person in NOKO who is a “fat ass”! The rest of the country ts starving so he can play “warmonger” and fire his missiles and set off nuke tests. One of his officer should take him out and become a hero by saving his nation from certain destruction. The North Korean people (civilian population) need food and medicine, not war!!!

        • Richard Autry

          True, he is not only a war monger but also a whore monger. If he is
          taken out, he doesn’t have anyone to replace him, so whomever takes him
          out will be a hero. But I don’t expect any of the military leaders have
          the spine to do the job. Because, if he fails in that effort, he not
          only loses his life, his family goes too and everything will be lost.
          Anyway, Kim Jung Un is running a leadership cult, where everyone is
          programmed to worship him, and not realizing the greener grass that
          they’d reap, I’m sure they wouldn’t take kindly to his elimination. Now, if
          the US is forced to take him out that’ll be different, but China
          wouldn’t be too keen on it.

    • Irvan

      Dream on, Dream on.

  • James Stevens

    Relax Joe, that was a metaphor not a threat. We are all on the same team. jwstx

  • Agostino

    You may be looking at the first female president.

  • george briar

    I want Nikki to sit on my face.

  • rowleya

    Right and correct
    Haley agrees with me

  • Paul Marsh

    Silence is golden, they have heard idle threats for 8 years and take it as the joke it was. The only noise they should ever hear is the planes dropping bombs on them. Don’t make the mistake of sending 3 or 4 planes send hundreds and finish it in one day.