NY Daily News Columnist Shaun King Makes Bizarre Accusation Against Gun Owners in Rant That Would Get Conservative Columnist Fired!

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If a white person tweeted what this columnist, and Black Lives Matter leader, they would find themselves out of a job quicker than you can say ‘racism.’ So, why there hasn’t been more calls for columnist Shaun King to be fired is shocking.

It happened in response to a tweet of a picture showing an anti-gun editorial with bullet holes in it. According to The Blaze:

New York Daily News columnist Shaun King went on an unhinged rant against white gun owners Saturday, suggesting their ownership of firearms was “compensation for small penises & low sex drive.”

King, who is considered to be one of the top leaders in the Black Lives Matters movement, went on his tirade after seeing a tweet from Red State editor Erick Erickson. In his tweet, Erickson announced he had fired several rounds of bullets into a controversial New York Times editorial demanding strict gun control.

“Speechless at this tweet,” King wrote. “Conservative white men are scared of the New America that they shoot newspapers.”

The Daily News columnist then suggested white males own guns because of low sexual self-esteem.

King’s tweets come after the Daily News published two controversial covers in the aftermath of the San Bernardino attack. One blamed Republican presidential hopefuls for offering prayers as the tragedy unfolded and another called an NRA executive a “terrorist.”

What’s interesting is the self-incrimination aspect of all this. MacBeth said “Methinks he doth protests too much.” The fascination with sex organs that Mr. King shares, tells us a little more of where his mind is, and what he’s focused on. And it’s not pretty.

Add to that another liberal calling an NRA executive a ‘terrorist’, when we know the real terrorists are those trying to take our guns.

It makes for interesting viewing as you watch those who scream the loudest are really self-incriminating. That should give your eye a twinkle the next time you watch or read the news.

What do you think of Mr. King’s rants? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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