Obama Issues Major Threat to Trump

in Elections/Important Issues

Barack Obama has broken plenty of traditions during his time in office, and the outgoing president is yet again breaking another one, this time regarding former presidents jumping into the political fray after their term is up.

The New York Times reported that during his final news conference in office, Obama included a number of conditions that would cause him to get back into politics and openly oppose incoming President Donald Trump. Surprise, surprise, one of them involved rolling back his most controversial executive order.

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  • arthur M. alex

    Obama is what he is: A facist half-breed negro, homosexual degenerate who ripped off the American people in the amount of an additional 10 Trillion dollar debt, which will cause future generations their quality of life!
    Those trillions went to fund the Arab Spring, The Muslim Brotherhood, Iran’s nuclear bomb, and missile programs, ISIS, Al Queda, Wall Street, LGBT, negro, spanish drug gangs, and hundreds of other entities sworn to destroy the USA!
    He should be tracked down like a mad dog, brought to justi e, and summarily executed.



  • Howleyesque

    NOT A PROBLEM BARRY! Hey President Trump have the AG get a COURT ORDER and UNSEAL THE FRAUD’S RECORDS! Let’s ALL SEE what he felt he NEEDED to hide from us!
    Be CAREFUL what you ask for floppy ears you MIGHT GET IT! Especially IF what that Democrat Congress woman has said about YOU FUNDING ISIS THROUGH THE CIA TURNS OUT TO BE TRUE! 13 steps UP can make for a LOOONG drop on a SHORT ROPE!

    • gracebydesign

      I agree. I want his recent wealth influx probed too. A street activist should not be able to afford several million dollar plus homes he has recently purchased! The presidential salary does not offer that financial status! Whose funding you Obama? George Soros or Saudi Arabia?

      • Howleyesque

        Along with an investigation into WHETHER OR NOT SONGBIRD MCSTAIN’S family BOUGHT that pardon he was given by Nixon!


    The only ones that like obama are the uneducated Negroes and the ignorant whites and the white girls with no class or morals that bed down with the animals. I guess I can’t leave out the illegals and the stinkin muslim goat fuckers and woman abusers

  • My country

    Obama better crawl back in the hole he came out of . Hate is a mild word compared to what people feel about him . He is the epitome of every vulgar wicked thing and those that love him are the same kind . He has hurt along with the media and democrats every black person in this country and he is not black only half . He never came from slaves nor knew anything of slavery . He is a sodomite and lives with a he/ she .That why Valerie Jarrett lives with them . Those children are not theirs . Why do you think the news keeps reporting their worth when they had no money and were just children . He has to remember he’s not president and never will be again and most of all he is unprotected. Just a civilian now .