Megyn Kelly Makes False Statement

On Friday, NBC’s Megyn Kelly falsely claimed that “all 17 of the United States’ intelligence agencies” reached consensus in perceptions of allegations of Russian state “interference” in last year’s presidential election. She described the federal government’s… Keep Reading


Will Britain Ban The Burqa

According to Fox News, an intelligence source in Great Britain revealed that after the latest terrorist attack in London the British government is considering banning the burqa. The source reported, “It is just whispers at… Keep Reading


Captain America Not Very American

From actor Chris Evans (Captain America) to director Joss Whedon, the Marvel Comics franchise is committing harikari in the most unbecoming of ways: through unapologetic, partisan bashing of a democratically elected president they can’t stand. Keep Reading


Comey Built Case To Oust Trump

On Tuesday, The New York Times reported via anonymous sourcing that a leaked memo written by former FBI Director James Comey in February suggested President Donald Trump had asked the former director to drop the investigation into former national… Keep Reading

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