Radical Muslims Target Christian Family

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A Christian mother and her two children were shot and killed by radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen last Tuesday in Jol village, Riyom Local Government Area (LGA) in Nigeria’s Plateau state. This is only the latest in a series of attacks by Islamic extremists, who are persecuting local Christians and other non-Muslims near the city of Jos.

Morning Star News reports that Rebecca Daniel Choji was traveling with her 16-year-old daughter Suzanna Daniel Choji and 29-year old son Joel Choji to a medical center in Vwak village. They were driving with a relative, Dachung Yakubu, to receive treatment for illness when they were brutally gunned down en route.

Joel and Suzanna were killed instantly. Rebecca died two days later from her wounds. Yakubu was wounded by the gunfire and remains in critical condition.

Choji and her children were members of the Church of Christ In Nations in Jol village. It is one of many churches that have experienced attacks from radical Muslims.

Gyang Dahoro, an elder at the church, told Morning Star News, “We have been under attack constantly from these Fulani herdsmen because we are Christians.” He added, “Our villages have been ravaged, and our houses and churches destroyed, and in most cases these herdsmen have taken over the villages where Christians have been displaced.”

Speaking of Choji, he expressed sadness that she is one of the many “Christians killed in recent times as the herdsmen in collaboration with Boko Haram continue to invade our communities.”

A police spokesperson confirmed the incident to the press: “The four persons were going to a clinic when they were attacked by gunmen,” he explained.

This follows two incidents in September, including the massacre of 19 Christians in a village and the Labor Day kidnapping and murder of the Reverend Father Cyriacus Onunkwo perpetrated by radical Muslims living in the African nation.

source: dailywire.com


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