Rob Reiner Screams Civil War

in Fraud & Corruption

Actor and director Rob Reiner argued with Fox and Breitbart News Network are “trafficking in another narrative” that is not the same as press sources such as the Washington Post and the New York Times and believes this “might be the last stage of a civil war.”

Reiner stated, “I think of it as two mainstream medias. You have the Washington Postthe New York Times, all the networks except for Fox, working very hard to get the truth out.”

After saying Fox has good journalists he added, “this is the first time that you have mainstream media essentially divided into two halves, so that you have Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair, and Alex Jones, which has now been taken off of Facebook, thank God, you know, trafficking in another narrative.”

“[W]e are in it right now, it might be the last stage of a civil war. The last battle is being fought. Hopefully, it won’t be fought physically, but we are more divided than we ever have been and we’ve got a president who is backed up by media. Presidents have always spewed propaganda—liberals, Democrats, and Republicans. They always have…to push a policy, to push a rationale to go to war. But they’ve never been backed up by, essentially, in a sense, state-run media. That’s new–and social media, it’s all new. And it’s very, very scary right now.”

“[I]f you say ‘no collusion,’ or ‘fake news,’ or ‘witch hunt,’ you say it over and over and over again, you will cement people who believe in what you believe. But saying it over and over again doesn’t make it true. And we know, just based on what we’ve seen, there’s all kinds of conspiracy right out there and obstruction of justice. He’s now trying to make it so that when Mueller comes with his report, his base will not believe it.”

  • Michael Hayes

    Rotten meathead, never stops being a moron.

  • GRA

    It is snotballs such as this (in addition to like-minded others) whom will actually cause a shooting civil war to get started.

    • Butch

      Get ready to lock and load !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • edsfarm1

    You have the Washington Post, the New York Times, all the networks except for Fox, working very hard to get the truth out.” REALLY??? MEAT HEAD!!!!

  • codycollie


    I would like to know where this shithead and his friends will run and hide when the “WAR” starts? ☠️

    • Scott Todd

      Denmark most likely.

  • jjmcl431

    No Rob, the last stage of a civil war is the actual fight. Reiner even portrayed a stinkiing commie and a leech when he was a part of the “All in the Family” show. He was not ashamed of portraying someone who was perfectly at home living off the hard work of both his father-in-law and wife. A true socialist, willingly and happily living off of others.

  • BEM

    Meathead is a big mouth snowflake!

  • Andrew Molina

    Maybe he will be target #1

  • OldHighlandGuyOne

    So if the civil war is coming to an end what the hell was that in Portland this last weekend? I think the civil war is just starting and the left is responsible for it. Rob Reiner, here’s your sign, “L”.

  • austin farrell

    Journalism is all about context- forget the facts. Yhe jpuralism schools were4 loaded with regugee left wingers around world war II L:Ots of ” journalists” but few reporters Thre were lots of commnists and fellow travel;s around. They did in McCarthy who has been proven to be more right than wrong ith with the gains they have made in this country since then they are trying the same on President Trump . I don’t 0wn a weapon .But bet a lot of guns and ammunition have been purchased and put away for when the time comes.

  • Bob Schaack

    Reiner, you ARE a true “Meathead”…you say, “we’ve got a president who’s backed-up by the media.” Are you kidding ? At least 95% of ALL media are against Trump and only one natinal cable channel [Fox] usually backs his agenda

  • Don in Ohio

    Archie Bunker was right, Rob was and still is a meathead.

    Rob says “might be last stage of a civil war.”
    So when did it start, President Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, Carter, Clinton or Obama?
    All of the above!!!

  • whefler

    Just another COMMUNIST meathead pushing for their “right” to commit TREASON and start a Civil War in an attempt to destroy America. Dumbassed Liberals . . . . .