Sessions Accused Of Hating Brown People

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Joy Reid of MSNBC proclaimed the reason that Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to stay in his appointed position is because he is having a “marvelous time persecuting brown people.”

“Theory one is that Jeff Sessions wants to continue to do the job and doesn’t want to disrupt the rule of law,” Reid claimed. “Theory two is that he is having such a marvelous time persecuting brown people and deporting immigrants, that he just can’t stop, won’t stop.”

Editor Jason Johnson who was with Reid added, “Jeff Sessions has waited his entire life to be able to take his special brand of bigotry and apply it through the rule of law in the United States.”

  • Jmanjo

    The whole reason this garbage comes up is the hogwash Pelosi spews when she opens her big stupid mouth.She is as stupid as the idiot Maxine Waters and as distasteful as California’s senator Harris who has a huge racial chip on her shoulders.

    • glo1934

      They all have huge racial chips on their shoulders and their posts hurt this country more than a nest of vipers; if they are NOT happy in America and grateful for all that they have been able to accomplish in this country and are still holding on to 200 year old shit, perhaps it is time for them to find another country who can offer them the comfort that they feel they are missing, as they are not representing the citizens of this country unless they are of a specific color and in Pelosi’s, as long as it augments their voter base, which due to their criminality is at this point pretty much extinct

      • Bobby

        Just look at AFRICA now PRESENTLY and see if they can do the same x Only in AMERICA x Wake up Constitutionally Minded Americans especially Independents because there is such a thing as Leftist Libtards and STUPID WHITE AMERICANS

  • Daniel Rhoads

    Hey liberals, the majority of the American people don’t believe the “crap that you are saying by calling everybody who says or does something that displeases you a “racist” for we know that is A BIG LIBERAL LIE and you know it”!! The American voters are “angry and pissed off that everytime we turn around we get called “racists” and it if you keep it up watch what happens to the Democrat Party in the 2018 election for you are going to have 2016 results all over again!! By the way, I am an Independent voter and have been one for over 25 years and even we, the Independent voters are “angry and pissed off at what you and your masters the Democrat Party are doing”!!!…..

    • Bobby

      Keerect and to the Point x 100%

    • Leroy Mosley

      Republicans are to blame also so don’t think the Democrats created this mess it been every President that’s been elected continued to add to it. One world Order is what the “Warburgs”, Rothschild and the five other elite Trillionaires, want each president seems to think they can slow the progression down some but to no avail. Eventually we all will become part of the One.

      • rottenrollin


  • Donald Hufford

    Then let them pay for all the freebies the illegal get and when they commit a crime let them pay the penalty so the Attorney General won’t be a bigot.

  • Randy Staller

    Stupid ass dem/lib/communist bitch, pull your head out of whatever orifice you’re storing it in

  • Mary Stanfield

    As a Hispanic/Native American, born here, (10th generationhHspanic, and 10 times that Native) I’ve never dis liked any person of any race, until I heard Joy Reid spewting hate. Joy, in my humble opinion in my 79 years, you are the most disgusting excuse of a human being representing the black community in this country. And my opinion is the same of the the poor excuse of a Hispanic male, Jorge Ramos. How sad that you are moth so hateful! And worse, that you are allowed to express that hate on National Television!

    • glo1934

      My exact sentiments; my generations don’t go back as far as yours, but I totally agree with you, as well as with Jackel regarding the hatred manifested and expressed by the FAKE Obama administration and his criminal gun running DOJ. Both Joy (who was obviously misnamed) and Jorge Ramos are beyond despicable

    • sandraleesmith46

      My ancestors came here 10 generations back at least too; long enough to have fought with Washington, and I also agree. In fact you have even more right than I to feel so. But I see an AMERICAN, not a separatist, here and that makes us sisters in the spirit of 1776!

      • Mary Stanfield

        Some of my ancestors settled San Antonio, Bexar County. Sent by the crown of Spain. Others came from the Netherlands. I’m not a separatist, and I am proud of being an American. And because of my ancestry, it’s very frustrating when blacks, browns AND whites, forget that this is America, Not Africa, or Mexico. Our blood is red regardless. Be proud and cherish who you are. Born here, or chosen to be here. Joy Reid must be very bitter..and Jorge Ramos very ambitious.So sad.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Mine came from Northern Europe and settled back east, mainly Pennsylvania area, in what’s now called Amish country in Lancaster and York Counties, but after the Revolution they began “pioneering” westward. Some went south to Texas as well, landing in the Houston area. Some of my forebears made it all the way to CA, and lit in all points between. And you’re RIGHT, we all do bleed red, and should view ourselves as AMERICANS, nothing more or less than that. No one is forced to come here, or to remain, if he/she doesn’t like it here. It’s sad that they seek to destroy, rather than simply LEAVE and find somewhere more to their liking.

          • Mary Stanfield

            If they’re Dutch, We may be related. My dutch Ancestors settled in a small town in New York. Slowly, some moved west. My great Grandfather was born in Indiana. His brother, sisters and cousins were born in between Some joined the Church of Latter Day Saints and traveled with them to Salt Lake. That’s why I say, we’re Americans. I have yet to find the exact tribe of our native lineage (29%) But I will! Have a blessed Sabboth…

          • sandraleesmith46

            In fact, some of them were Dutch. So a relationship is highly possible.My grandfather’s family had a farm in IA by the time he was born there, and my grandmother’s family had gone to what became Aurora Co, in SD, but it was still the Dakota territory when she was born there. Some of her sisters migrated on west to CA as young women. Far as I know, there’s no Native nations’ blood in our line, but with all the westward movement during the “pioneering” era, I’d be really surprised if there wasn’t some. I know I have 6 different national heritages in my blood line; there’s no way I can be anything but an American! Have a blessed Sabbath too.

  • jackel

    Well in fair play, you could accuse A. Holder and B. Obama of hating white people the way they tired to turn white police officer shootings of Blacks as racist, and, going beyond by not doing anything about the civil disobedience that followed!!!!! And, neither one of them said a word about any Black officers shooting Whites as [email protected]!!!!!
    And, don’t ignore facts, as they did, that many more crimes are committed by Blacks as opposed to Whites. And, if it is true that racism on either race, then clean the police ranks through the unions, then courts if necessary. Don’t think that blatant favoring one side or the other will fix any problem; it makes it worst.

  • glo1934

    You’re one sicko liberal whacko bitch

  • jackcandobutwont

    Racists, when they have nothing else to BMW (biotch moan and whine) about use the race card….

    SO how can simply enforcing existing laws be racist?? IT AINT!


  • Snaps

    As usual, insults with no facts to back them up. Since facts aren’t necessary, then we can just pass along the claim that Reid and Johnson are both communist traitors and probably witches and cannibals. See how easy it is when you don’t need facts?

  • M. E. Thomas

    I think Jeff is not moving fast enough. Thing should speed up once the Mayor is arrested for obstruction as well as dumb ass Jerry Brown.

    • sandraleesmith46

      What “everybody knows” doesn’t stand up in court; moving fast, can easily mean evidence isn’t properly collected and the perp WALKS, with double jeopardy attached; is THAT what you want? OR would you prefer actual convictions for their crimes? Personally, I prefer the latter.

    • glo1934

      I never was for Jeff sessions and was very wary when he was appointed to that post, as I don’t consider him to have strong enough convictions or guts; This post is a total different ball game from the senate. Another thing, I have always felt that there is a connection between Sessions and the Clinton’s, hence his reluctance to prosecute and/or investigate Hillary; What totally teed some of us off was that he waited until he was in the position to recuse himself from the Russia Investigation. He once in a while picks up something just to justify his existence at DOJ, but it usually goes nowhere; He generally looks like a scared little mouse who comes out of his hole, pokes out his head and look around to see if it’s safe and as soon as he feels threatened he scurries back into his hole, not to be heard again for ages. I truly hope that he will stick to his new undertaking, but on the whole, I believe that he does not have the president’s back, nor does he support the majority of his policies.

  • Bobby

    Deporting ILLEGALS – why Not x They are NOT IMMIGRANTS x Big Difference here x Democrats/Leftists are just PANDERING and using them for VOTES x Stop toeing the Democrat Agenda

  • sandraleesmith46

    I doubt he asks their color, just their LEGAL STATUS here in the US. NOT all illegal aliens are POCs! What they all have in common is that they are LAW BREAKERS and here having done that.

  • Real American

    Joy Reid has apparently been sniffing Mercury .

  • Gy/Sgt. Lew Souder

    Hey liberals, Anti-Gunners and all of the Democrats (especially PELOSI) , why don’t you all leave with all of the Illegals when we send them back to where they came from. America would be a much better place to live without you!!!!

  • rottenrollin

    Joy Reid is such a freaking twit twat.

  • CharlesWilliamMorganJr

    Jeff Sessions has the full confidence of the Trump administration. I admire his guts to remain in his position regardless of any outside influence. It will be especially encouraging to see at least one person hold on to their position for the entire time the administration is in office!

  • higgy01

    Joy Reid is typical of the libtard so-called media. Like the rest she wants nothing to do with facts or the truth but enjoys inventing ridiculous stories that match her warped and delusional brain.

  • sanchezmikea

    On the Spanish/Mexican side my family arrived in New Mexico in the 16th Century. Mexican as in Zapotec and also mixed with Apache, Pueblo, Comanche, Navaho and all other Nahuatl peoples via cross raiding, trading etc. The greatest thing that happened to us is the Constitution of the greatest country on Gods green earth. Our live expectancy has doubled and we benefit from a Democratic republic with a capitalist economy, where hard work and frugality is more often rewarded then in most of the planet. The reason we need a wall, is because everyone wants in, not like communist/socialist countries, or other dung holes where many are trying to get out.
    We welcome those who wish to work hard and play fair to add to our great country. As MLK said the seeds to freedom are embedded in our constitution. (Par.)

  • sanchezmikea

    What liberals fail to consider in illegal contributions to our economy, is the high cost of there medical costs, as most cant afford insurance and go to emergency, which cannot refuse them and the taxpayer pays for. In addition the cost of public education from K to 12th is another $340,000. We also subsidize public transit and free lunches which is heavily used by illegals. When Bush tried to reinstate the Bracero program which gave migrant workers legal status to work, along with earned benefits, it was the Democrats who killed it. To all of us of Mexican decent, know thy enemy.