Should Trump Doubt U.S. Intel?

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Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) stated to CNN that it was “appropriate” for the president to doubt the U.S. intelligence community’s assessments.

Partial transcript as follows:

RAJU: what is your reaction to the president throwing cold water on the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Russia was behind the interference in the U.S. elections?

ISSA: I think just last week in these very halls we saw an example of the FBI not being trustworthy. We saw the downgrading of Hillary Clinton’s criminal activity, the words being changed on Peter Strzok’s own computer. So for the president to cast doubt is not unreasonable. At the same time, we take those charges seriously and so I personally would neither rule in nor rule out the validity of a very interesting and odd-timed indictment of people who can never be brought to justice and for whom there’s even a question of how do we know? Did we use spy techniques in order to find out? Did we hack them in order to find out who they were? So I think for the president to cast doubt is appropriate.

  • Jmanjo

    With so many turncoat intel guys backing the Deep State and rogue Dems yes Trump should take untel agencies with a grain of salt until he determines if they have doctored some of the reports. For instance, Clapper, Brennan, and Comey have ruined the reputations of their agencies and others have hurt theirs as well. Every president should be careful what they are given as “good “intel!

  • Mike Tanco

    He needs to question most of these pricks. Look what the FBI tried to do? DC is corrupt.

    • William Gordon

      Right on–time to kick the demos out who are trying to turn the nation into a commie/nazi/socizlist country

  • Kathie Stroder

    Unfortunately, yes, President Trump should take all information from the intelligence agencies with a grain of salt until verifying it through his own trusted sources. With all the lies, corruption and political posturing brought to light, our president would be naive to do otherwise. People are either ignorant of what’s going on or just disingenuous with their indignation. I suspect the latter is the case.

  • URWorstNightmare

    Well…Actually it would probably be a good idea if he were to actually take the time to read it first.

  • pcman

    I served in the Intelligence Community for 44.5 years, including 20 years in the military. President Obama is the only one that used intelligence to attack political opponents. He also forced the intelligence agencies to back up his plans and policies. Both totally wrong use of intelligence. How the IC digs itself out of the “swamp” will be difficult and will take rebuilding President Trump’s trust. President Trump is right to distrust the IC.

    • PM

      Obama took info from NSA and FBI and used it to blackmail the political opposition-Boehner, McConnell, etc. They let Obama do his way with the country and Obama’s legacy is racism distrust, lies and debt.

  • Old Dog

    Question them all check and verify. If you can confirm it then it’s no true! Plus all the crap President Trump has been through he would be stupid to trust any of the intelligence agencies

  • Joseph Morgan

    YES! It is imperative to question everything and everyone if this country is to be made safe. There are so many turncoat agencies and personnel that are selling out to anyone who offers them compensation(LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY).

  • PM

    Based on the fact that Obama appointed his Goerings to be head of important departments, NSA and FBI was in Obama’s pocket. And they provided sensitive information to Obama on the political opposition and their Obama loyalties remain as evidenced by Comey, Strozk and other, then yes, they need watching and questioning.

  • Ralph Sinamon

    No brainer! The very same people that never wanted Trump involved have been non-stop busy with the ongoing attempt at a coup d’etat! The fresh influx of voices are just more of the same! They believe that we are mere subjects to be ruled over and to also be their personal “piggy-bank”! Quite frankly, I’m thinking that every anti-Trumper should be investigated! The crap OUT PRESIDENT is being forced to put up with is unprecedented! The anti-Trump crap is from a crowd that doesn’t give a whit about the rules or the fact that President Trump IS THE DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT! If these assholes get their way, the U. S. is done for!



  • William Gordon

    I AS citizen and retired GI have big problems with all the garbage coming out of the media. I BACK MR TRUMP –BUT i AM NOT FOR THESE ASSES WHO ARE TRYING TO OVER THROUGH OUR COUNTRY ESPECIALLY THE ASSES OF THE dEMOS ACTIONS

  • jwden123 .

    The intel community has proved it cannot be trusted. NSA, CIA, FBI they are all criminals.

  • cardiol

    Of course it is appropriate for the President to doubt the U.S. intelligence community’s assessments.
    The U.S. intelligence community has repeatedly provided the President with “doubtful” assessments.
    FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s e-mails to his married mistress, Lisa Page, then a U.S. intelligence community member, were not merely expressions of justifiable Opinion, which did not affect their Official Conduct.
    They, as Lisa Page testifies: ‘Mean Exactly What They Say’, which was how They, using the resources of the U.S. intelligence community, could prevent Trump’s election, and if Trump was elected, how They, using the resources of the U.S. intelligence community, could neutralize him, including Impeachment.

  • gutz thecat

    Pain is coming, those who need to go to jail will go there for their crimes.Orange jumpsuits with adult diapers for Clinton ,Obama,Lynch,Holder,Brenan et al.

  • al connelly

    The DOJ needs to do their job and take legal actions against FBI, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Obama, Muellar, etc. Take the gloves off and put an end to their anti American and biased actions, clear the swamp!

  • voltage737

    I wouldn’t trust what any of them have to say. They are all bought and paid for by hitlery and oblunder. All need to be fired and start with all new blood.

  • christopher kelly police ret.

    this deep state thing is absolutely entrenched and part of the intelligence world since the establishment of the FED and the CFR. 2 evil organizations with compliance of the vatican and IMF. there is no bigger crooks in the world than Christine La Garde and mario Draghi. pure davos / bilderberg evil. these intel agencies are just tools of western europe control via banking that calls the worlds order and arrangement. Pure evil that started with the divine right of kings from centuries long back. Kissinger is the main player of this Bohemian grove alliance. I WORKED for this scum and had to leave because I saw what the world order was. We here in America live a dupped existance as pawns of demonic control. There are zero scrupples in Wash D.C. ; just using the power of fake money. The job of the consolidated control is to keep are eye off the ball. this is no longer palpable and will fall apart. Communication is to prevalent in the world of today. the powers that be regret they let it happen. It came too much too quick.

  • panamacarol

    Absolutely he should question all of them! NO ONE is above the law, although, the dems do not see it that way. With what we have learned so far, I would not trust any of them. I am sure there are plenty of good guys there who are helping to clean it all up. But if things are left as they seem to be going (no one in trouble), I will never trust them. Clean out the barn Donald…..lots of turds in there!!!

  • Big Iron

    Unless one is insane one should always doubt “intel”! …at least until proven!