Supreme Court issues shock ruling on voter ID case

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As we’re all well aware, one of the key powers of the president is the appointment of Supreme Court justices. The appointment of Neil Gorsuch was crucially important to help bolster the conservative viewpoints of the Court and slow the activist shift that seemed to be taking place after Barack Obama’s appointments.

Or did it?

The Republican-controlled legislature in North Carolina passed a measure in 2013 requiring voters present IDs at the polls, shortening the early-voting period and ending same-day registration.

In April of last year, a district court judge appointed by President George W. Bush struck down a challenge to the law. However, months later in July, a three-judge panel of Democrat appointees in a circuit court of appeals reversed the decision, saying the law was passed with the INTENT of discriminating based on race.

Well, perhaps the Court agrees?

Today, per Politico, Chief Justice John Roberts issued an unusual statement Monday saying the high court’s decision not to wade into the case should not be taken as an indication of the justices’ views on the broader issues at stake. He suggested the high court’s decision not to wade into the case was because of the confusion over the newly-elected Democratic governor and attorney general’s efforts to have the state back out of the litigation and accept the 4th Circuit’s decision last year voiding the controversial measure.

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  • Betty Sakai

    What the Hell? Justices on the SCOTUS hold their seats Constitutionally only during good behavior. Nobody — regardless of color — can cash a check anywhere without showing identification. I cannot vote without showing proof that I am a U.S. citizen. It’s TIME to impeach Justices who vote politically.

    • Go,Bernie


    • JMICHAEL270

      You have to show a photo ID at the Doctors office!

      • Lilly Putney

        DR. office bank post office if you loose your key any gov. office and the list just keeps going. Make every one show an Id. I have since I first started voting 18yrs old in Tx. I am now 82 and still showing my Id.

        • JMICHAEL270

          Totally Agree!

      • Margie

        Not only there, but I have to show ID at the library just to get a card!

  • Robert Weltzien

    The North Carolina law was cravenly crafted to specifically keep minorities out of the polling stations. Just as the former senator from Mississippi, Theodore Bilbo said: “I call on every red blooded American man to keep the niggers away from the polls”.

    Enough said

    Robert B Weltzien MD PhD

    • markypolo

      Robert: Are you implying that “niggers” are too fcking stupid to get an ID? You are the moron here!

      • Douglas

        Weltzien is right. I read the law. It said everyone could vote as long as they weren’t niggers.

        Hey, Weltzien, you’re not just an idiot, you’re a fucking idiot!

      • Rick Robinson


    • Juanito Ibañez

      Robert Weltzien claimed:

      “The North Carolina law was cravenly crafted to specifically keep minorities out of the polling stations.”

      Here it is, Bobby; now point out EXACTLY where it does what you claim:

      SESSION 2013
      HOUSE BILL 589
      April 8, 2013

    • Rick Robinson

      Weltzen you are supposed to be a doctor? You need schooled fool.

      • Alex Ferguson

        Little Ricky has trouble with facts…….

    • Don in Ohio

      Robert, I searched the bill (see link below posted by Juanito) and I can’t find any reference to race, color, religion, etc. except that there shall be NO discrimination.
      Maybe there should be a reading comprehension test to keep YOU from voting since you clearly don’t understand the law.

      If I’m wrong, please post the relative section….I’m waiting.

  • Dave Harmon

    Agreed Betty, this no Id needed is nothing more but allowing individuals without citizenship to vote and get the socialists Libs ideas in place. It also destroys all that this country has held scared and helped allow it to be the best country in the world; Our CONSTITUTION. As for the Supreme court, or any other judge anywhere, an political ties, agendas, ruling based on color, race, gender they should be removed immediately and based on the violation possibly be banned for life and even lose tax payers retirement benefits. Enough is enough. Responsibilities for anyone crimes need to be enforced; especially politicians and leaders of this country.

  • mary_shultz

    Toro caca either verify you are a US citizen who has the legitimate right to vote in this country’s elections because you are a US citizen. Having to furnish an ID is not a racist policy it is a form of identification for identity and verification purposes. We are the only country in the world right now who is dumb enough to think we don’t need verification. I want citizens of the US voting in US elections and making the decisions and nobody else. This is our country and we do not need anybody voting who does not understand our language and the laws of this country. Citizenship is an earned right not a freeby. Many people from all over the world have fought and died for this country it is a privilege to live here. ty Toledo Sgt

    • Go,Bernie

      Right on!

  • MarcJ

    “I’m proud of the fact on this show Hardball and other shows on MSNBC that we talk about denial of voter rights” – declared that far-left creep Chris Matthews. He means voter ID “racist” laws. Well – let me give you an abbreviated list of actions when a photo ID is required:

    1) Buy alcohol;

    2) Buy cigarettes;

    3) Open bank account;

    4) Apply for food stamps;

    5) Apply for welfare;

    6) Apply for Medicaid;

    7) Apply for Social Security for pension and disability;

    8) Apply for unemployment insurance;

    9) Rent-buy-drive a car;

    10) Board airplane;

    11) Get married;

    12) Buy a gun;

    13) Adopt a pet;

    14) Rent hotel room;

    15) Get hunting license;

    16) Get fishing license;

    17) Buy cell phone;

    18) Visit casino;

    19) Pick up prescription;

    20) Hold rally or protest;

    21) Donate blood;

    22) Buy “M”-rated video game;

    23) Buy nail polisher;

    24) Buy cold medicine;

    25) Enter ANY government building;

    26) Apply for a job;

    27) write a check;

    28) buy computer duster (to prevent huffing or something);

    29) buy super glue;

    30) rent a car;

    31) buy some form of insurance;

    32) get into an adult night club

    etc., etc. I will leave to others to complete this list.

    But for voting – no ID required??? So that government employees union goons can
    transport illegal immigrants by busses from one polling place to another with
    pre-filled voting slips for Democrats?

    • Alex Ferguson

      DOPE—Buying super glue, getting into an adult night club, and donating blood are not RIGHTS granted by the very Constitution you Trumptards HATE!
      See if the rec room in your trailer park has a dictionary–look up ‘Poll Tax’….

      • Juanito Ibañez

        “look up ‘Poll Tax’….”

        Irrelevant, seeing as how all states offer individuals FREE Voter ID cards — all they have to do is prove they are US citizens AND are residents of the state.

      • Margie

        YOU are so sick.

      • john

        Alex is on DOPE.

        • Alex Ferguson


    • Rick Robinson

      Yep..that pretty much says it

    • Kmat

      The Left uses the excuse that none of those things are guaranteed in the Constitution. the phrase is something like “you cannot infringe on the Right of a CITIZEN to Vote”. It is another BS Statement from the Left with a small sprinkling of truth. The Key is Citizen and the requiring a person to prove they are Citizens does not infringe on the Right of Citizens to Vote. The Left seems to think just being within the US Borders make you a US Citizen. The Left also thinks that their Voting Base of Minorities are to Stupid and Lazy to get a proper Free ID.

    • The Redman

      Don’t 4 get white-folks privileges.

      • Petru Dans

        for the 10 dollars EVERY BODY have the same PRIVILEGE TO HAVE ONE I.D.!! TRY TO DRIVE LICENSE OFFICE!!!!

        • The Redman

          Lots of stupid white-folks go ta jail 4 not having em. peter-breath. hahahahhahaaahhaahah

    • rosebud

      we need to unite and start hanging these politicians traitors from the courthouse steps

  • Low Cover

    Damn! The Patriots are going to have to loose the Hounds of Hell after all.

    • Rick Robinson

      I can hear them howling now!!

  • USAnowMSAsadly

    I dare ANYONE to try to get into a Federal building without proper identification! Democrats KNOW that if they make voters have necessary identification, they would lose more elections. They MUST HAVE illegals, the dead, and felons voting in order to even have any chance of winning election. SIMPLY A FACT OF LIFE.

    • Dan

      Liberals again show how they want to steal elections.

      • Alex Ferguson

        You Trumptards don’t understand the term “Poll Tax”—are there no schools near your trailer parks?

        • Juanito Ibañez

          “You Trumptards don’t understand the term ‘Poll Tax’.”

          Irrelevant, seeing as how all states offer individuals FREE Voter ID cards — all they have to do is prove they are US citizens AND residents of the state.

          • The Redman

            R U-?

        • Rick Robinson

          Stay there sucking on your mommy’s tit and keep it in the closet libtard.

          • Alex Ferguson

            Guess again, Ricky–I’m sucking on YOUR mom’s tit…….

        • john

          We do not pay POLL TAX anymore FOOL.

      • The Redman

        Nah, jes say -white-folks-. hahahahahhahhah. D-bo.

    • The Redman

      No matter. white-folks will cheat 2 win as always. “sadly”, huh. hahahahhahahhahaah

      • USAnowMSAsadly

        Hey Pinkgirlyboy, you black-folks are simply ignorant losers. You all produce your own slavery. Driving a car requires a driver’s ID. Is that racist? Get over your worthless pitiful self boy. Now boy, shine my shoes.

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          • Alex Ferguson

            So, Teabagger–is THAT a threat? What an ultra-maroon!

          • Alex Ferguson

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            I WIN!!

          • USAnowMSAsadly

            Work on those “silent screams!”

          • Alex Ferguson

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          • USAnowMSAsadly


          • Alex Ferguson

            From your photo it’s hard to tell if your boyfriend in the background is as big an asshole as you are—is he?

          • Alex Ferguson

            Die, Teabagger.

          • USAnowMSAsadly

            As your post was a direct theat on my life, I am reporting you to Federal authorities, AKA the FBI. Having several family member DIRECTLY assciated with various State and Federal law enforcement agencies they GO by the book. You might want to just a tiny bit of studying up on what the average prison time is for those convicted of threatening someone. (I was shocked how long a person typically has to serve. You might want to head to your local Walmart to stock up on KY Jelly! In a Federal prison little white boys like yourself tends to get their bunghole (asshole) stretched to 3 times its normal size. The only question is how loud your screams will be coming from your prison cell. They will cover your mouth with a towel to muffle your screams. Or, worst they will initiate you to prison life by “double bagging” you. You figure out what that means.

            You have cooked your own goose. When you appear in court I will be there to witness your life’s transformation. 🙂

          • Alex Ferguson

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          • Alex Ferguson

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          • USAnowMSAsadly

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      • john

        Hey, remember what George Wallace said,”YOU CAN’T BRING THE NEGRO’S IQ UP TO THE WHITES ONLY BRING THE WHITE’S DOWN TO THE NEGRO’S”. I am 75 and I have seen it come to pass in our school systems.

        • The Redman

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  • Rick Robinson

    Just promoting illegal voting. What has happened to our country that the inmates are now running the asylum ?!

  • Anna Lee Rivers

    All of us Americans have to show an ID for everything so what the heck, why different laws for different people? So completely ignorant bunch of people in offices to make crazy decisions!!!

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america

    • Don in Ohio

      Red, It wasn’t even America until us white folks gave it a name, Ha ha.
      YOU are always good for a laugh!

      • The Redman

        U stinky pinkies ruined it from day 1. dumb-don. hahahahahhaahahaha

  • 4young

    We need ID for everything but voting..our most prized right of citizenship…that is not right..we the people have the right to ensure we are the only ones voting…that is not racist it is patriotic…

  • jesse

    Pathetic, it’s going to take several more Conservative appointments to fix the activist, unconstitutional high court that was politicized under obama, as was every other branch of government under his fraudulent reign. I guess it’s discriminatory then to require ID to drive a car, to buy a gun or liquor and to get on an airplane too! For people that come from ivy-league schools and are supposed to be so smart, so many of these judges are utter fools!

  • Ronald Bradford

    I’m thinking that this voter ID is, or, at least should be a given. I carry all the ID I need on my person anyway in the form of a driver’s license. All that is being declared is that, yep, that’s me on that driver’s license, and yep, that address on my driver’s license is where I currently live, and yep, that’s in your computer, thank you…oh, you already found it!? Right there. Oh! thanks for the voter verification number….oh, any booth? Thanks, Oh, would you mind helping me to figure out this machine…say…that’s cool. I’m finished when the flag is waving? great…HEY! It’s waving…I’m finished? Great! Get an “I voted” sticker? Thanks…see ya next time…I’m outa here back to work!

    Folks, it’s that easy…no shame, no secret stuff…all races are allowed…all American Citizens are eligible to register…with their ID….simple as that. I work the polls and have been for several years now…very, very seldom is there someone who is turned away because there is no way of proving his identification.

    So…everyone settle down and get registered to vote where you live and what I explained will be as simple as that…if you need help or assistance, someone will assist you.

    Concerned American Patriot

  • John Freese

    If you are not a U.S. citizen YOU DON”T GET TO VOTE!!!! If you do, it is espionage and the traitors who let you vote are guilty of espionage and treason. Don’t like my comment……………KISS MY ASS!!!!!

  • Sharon Windus

    Needs to be the law for ALL 50 STATES.. MUST show valid picture ID to vote. Most places you can get it free. Just have to show proof of citizenship and residence. Any person living in the states needs it to get along in life unless they never go to a bank, library, don’t drive, don’t have checks or credit cards, etc. So it’s not exactly hard to come up with. Unless of course you are dead or not a citizen. But then you don’t have the right to vote anyhow. Just make it a non issue by passing a law requiring it in the entire nation. Other countries do it.

  • Bayside GolfClub

    Maybe it was based on VOTER FRAUD BY A PARTICULAR RACE… Because… That’s what’s UP !

  • blackhawk132

    Hurting minorities has nothing to do with voter ID . It has all the demo-rats fearful that their illegals never getting a chance to vote for any demo-rats . Voting illegially is also harmful to African Americans as this scum only votes for demo-rats .Black folks have been voting for hundreds of years for years and where did that get them ? You want to help minorities ; Clean up their
    neighborhoods and let them live like all Americans . Demo-rats forget they are human beings and do nothing to help them . It looks like the KKK has resurfaced and still controlled by demo-rats .

    • imjmz

      Some of their neighborhoods started out “cleaned up” and as more and more moved in, the ones doing all the “cleaning’ finally gave up and some moved out. You have to want to live like Americans, some choose to live like savages.

  • Henry Teja

    You need a photo ID to enter every federal & state buildings! You need a photo ID to obtain health insurance at one of the health exchanges under Obamacare or if you have private issuance for most new doctors or health facilities in order to have proof of health insurance. You need a photo ID to enter most news outlet, whether they be print or TV or Radio stations. Also certain facilities and gated communities require photo ID to process a temporary pass to enter or park your vehicle. So what is the DAMN DIFFERENCE when it comes to VOTING for a federal or state elected position?

  • imjmz

    At 55 years of age< I got carded to buy a pack of cigarettes. I left them and what ever else I had in my hand on the counter and walked out saying "Do you think I dress up in this elaborate old mans mask just to buy a pack of cigarettes?" Point is, some things you can lie about, some things you can't.

  • Julia

    I’ve always wondered why it was not necessary to show ID when voting, it is only common sense!

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Excuse me but since when are judges higher in authority than the Constitution? The Constitution says that the legislature can impeach judges for misbehavior. It seems our Representatives and Senators are afraid to do their job in dealing with judges that exceed their authority. Please Americans write your congress person and senators and remind them about what the Constitution says about misbehavior on the part of Judges. THEY ARE NOT GODS!!!!!!!!REMIND YOUR LEGISLATORS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!