Trespassing ICE Protester Gets Comeuppance

in Liberalism Exposed

Court proceedings concluded for Therese Okoumou, an ICE protester who climbed the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day.

Unfortunately for Okoumou the news was anything but good as she was found guilty on all charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct and interfering with government functions. 

This is also a blow for her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who seems to be on a losing streak after his attempts file lawsuits against President Trump on behalf of Stormy Daniels failed forcing the pornographic actress to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to Trump’s lawyers. 

Avenatti said of the verdict, “The verdict today was not surprising in light of the letter of the law but sometimes you have to stand on principle. The Trump administration’s draconian policies of separating children from parents, stripping children from mothers, has no place in any civilized society on earth, never mind on any American soil.”

While Okoumou has been found guilty on the three misdemeanor charges, she has yet to be sentenced. She could get as much as 18 months behind bars. This is not the first time Okoumou has been arrested for political protest.