Trump Accused Of Siding With The Enemy

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Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) is accusing the President of picking the side of the “attacker.”

Booker stated, “It is absolutely contradicting the intelligence community again. He basically threw them under the bus yet again. There’s been a conclusion, a consensus of the intelligence community, a consensus of the Senate intelligence committee in a bipartisan fashion of the Russians attacking us. So for him to say it could be this person, that person is him undermining us, undermining our safety.”

When asked if President Trump should resign, Booker stated, “I’m hoping people are going to look at this in the long shadow of history. I guarantee you there will be generations to come that will be talking about this moment in history. The first time —you can go back to World War II, World War I — where a president has stood on the national stage and took the side of the attacker of the United States as opposed to the side of the American people. And so where do you want to stand with that?”

  • backrow

    I do not believe he knows what he talking about, just talking to be offensive in my opinion.

  • Willie Reeves

    Way to go Mr. Booker speak your mind but even more speak what you know and have observed on that hill.

    • Danny S.

      Kind of hard to see anything when your head is up Schumer’s ass.

  • Ron

    First if you look at the “CIA NSA and FBI” there action during the Obama term of office is very questionable at best and treason at worst. There was FBI documents found in Hillary’s bedroom and she claims she knew nothing about them . The report that claimed shows Trump colluded with the Russians was faked by the CIA with OSS help. Wake up and smell the S_IT storm coming.If you all wish to learn the truth follow the money and you will see it .In the words of President Harry S. Truman “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” How many senators house Representative and ex presidents are richer now then when they enter office a hint it is not limited to one party. How many ex FDA employees now have company jobs with drug company’s ? the system needs to be corrected and its not a single party its both party’s. God bless President Trump He was rich before he entered politics .

  • William Gordon

    Booker in my eyes ==you are the traitor and if you check–Mr Trump is using in some case rhe same as the idiot Obama–but he is doing it as a saleman instead of a stupid demos politician like you –so give The President a chance to fix what you and your president screwed up the l;ast eight years-Booker Jackass, – wake up–

  • William Gordon

    Booker your big mouth doesnot help anyone but you–the rest of us know what you are doing–letting the world know you are the crook/ass/commie/nazi—Ceck your action same as wwII.

  • Berengaria

    Cory Booker, the second coming of Barack Hussein Obama, is trying to
    tell Americans to believe the Lying DEMS like him, to believe the Never Trump Congress & to believe the Corrupt, Obama Intelligence Community, No Sir, We Are Not!!!
    We Americans have watched the Witch Hunters, with the help of the Intel Mob, try to Railroad Our President Trump out of Office & we’re in no mood to listen to more Lies!

  • Danny S.

    Corey Booker is just like Schumer he’s no more then a drama queen!! All of a sudden the Dems are law and order supporters. I CANT STOP LAUGHING….

    • Willie Reeves

      Asses and fools such as you a russian lover as you and your racist bigot grand master moron and insane so called president should pack your bags and move on out to Russia i am sure they have work for you both in Siberia. You stupid misfit imp and lapdog. Your boy or should i say your child is going bown.

  • Willie Reeves

    All you racist bigots should get your head out of the sand and from under that rock you live under and breath fresh air, your kind will be history in a few year, enjoy while you can. All of you are just like him insane crazy morons and traitors.

    • Danny S.

      Oh Willie your lack of intellect shows with each sentence you write. However ,I think I’ve heard that garbage before from other inbreds on the left . Can you please come up with and original thought . It would also be nice if you had some facts to back up your tirade. Now have a cocktail and calm down!!

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    If I was President Trump-With Brennan-Clapper-Comey-McCabe-Strzok and Liza Page-Rosenstein-Sessons-List goes on—YES-I would be very-“Not so Trusting in my Intelligence-Agencies—And I believe if anyone-Can get real Honest-They would Feel-The Same-Way.!!!!