Trump Plans To Revoke Security Clearances Results In Name Calling

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Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper spoke about the possible White House decision to take away security clearance of former top Obama-era officials.

Clapper stated “Well, it’s interesting news. I’m reading it and learning about it just as you are. I think it’s, off the top of my head, a sad commentary—for political reasons—this is a petty way of retribution, I suppose, for speaking out against the president, which I think on the part of all of us, are borne out of genuine concerns about President Trump.”

“I think this is just a very, very petty thing to do and that’s about all I’ll say about it.”

  • GomeznSA

    clap on clap off has done nothing but dabble in political rhetoric (and overt Trump bashing) since he lost his ‘position’. As many have observed on a multitude of sites, when he departed federal ‘service’ his clearance should have been cancelled on the way out the door.

  • Dick

    Please explain to me why anyone who is not now in government service is allowed to retain any clearances?

  • elchucko

    In no way do I compare myself to those in question. When I left the service I lost my “secret” level clearance. I assumed others also did.

  • Clapper is a proven liar who should not have a top secrete security clearance. Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Brennan and Clinton should all have their clearances revoked. They are a threat to national security.

  • pcman

    IMHO after 44.5 years working in the Intelligence Community, I can see no practical purpose to maintain security clearances for former government officials. Once they leave office, they have no “need to know.” If any are called back for their insights, they can be “briefed in” as required. The cost of maintaining and updating unnecessary clearances is in the millions of dollars a year. More importantly they impede the process of establishing and updating clearances of employees who need their clearances to do their jobs.

  • Warren Cohen

    security clearance and access to classified information is granted on a “need to know” basis. Until these clowns need to know is clearly defined – pull their clearances so they are not able to use them for monetary gain as speakers at lame stream media outlets

  • Calvin King

    When I was in the service I held a TS (SI) clearance. When I left the service the clearance was voided–and rightfully so. I no longer had a “need to know.” So it should be with this bunch of criminals and crooks.

  • Daniel Rhoads

    Republican Congress Members, There is a very simple fix to this is to make a law saying that once a person leaves government service their security clearance is automatically revoke!! If they come back, it can be renewed, simple solution to a simple problem, but the Demcorats will hate it, who cares???……..

  • Suzu M

    Anyone who thinks they should still have security clearance when no longer being in a government position…should definitely get their security clearance revoked ASAP! Now! Immediately! As I speak! They are a danger to us right this minute! Oh the arrogrance! Good gracious, how dumb do they think we are????

  • Edward Allen

    There is a whole lot more that should happen to these infidels than just to have their security clearances pulled! A lifetime jail stint or tightly secured neck tie would do for starters!