Trump’s Message To Cop Killers

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In his most recent speech, President Trump stated that individuals who kill police deserve the death penalty.

Trump stated, “We’re not going to let bad things happen to our police. So we must show appreciation, gratitude, and respect for those who police our streets and patrol our communities. In 2016, an officer was assaulted in America on an average of every ten minutes. Can you believe that? It’s outrageous and it’s unacceptable. We must end the attacks on our police, and we must end them right now. We believe criminals who kill our police should get the death penalty. Bring it forth.”

  • Death penalty should be mandatory if a policeman get murdered. If they get shot a minimum of 10 years in prison. Also prisons should not be a place where they get TV, work out rooms and social activity. They should be put to work 12 hours a day

    • Stephen Leonhard

      Police officers are under appreciated. They risk their lives protecting us from those who would harm us.’
      Mandatory death penalty for anyone contributing to injuring a police officer.

    • wayne g dearry

      I would give them the “cool hand luke” treatment.

      • Gary Brown

        they did away with chain gangs because it was cruel and unusual punishment. That’s why they sit in prison and learn to be better criminals. I think anyone that kills anyone should get the death penalty and especially cops or fire fighters.

  • Apolloone

    That’s sickening, 52,560 assaults in a year. I’m guessing the so-called sanctuary cities have the biggest share.

    • GomeznSA

      Yep, any ‘guesses’ as to which party runs those cities (and have usually for decades) – BTW – they are also the ones that think any prison that ‘requires’ the inmates to ‘work’ (in any way, much less chain gangs) is ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment.
      NOTE: to be ‘fair’ – many of those assaults don’t necessarily result in lost time injuries BUT remember, if a crook is willing to assault an armed police officer, what do you think he would do to anyone else that gets in his way.

      • Apolloone

        “Any guesses as to which party runs those cities” phew that’s a hard question, I’ll take the Democrat party for a thousand Alex():-) The largest cities have Democrat mayors, if not a Democrat it’s some RINO. The longer these Socialists/Communists stay as mayors the worse these cities become, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, as an example. I was living in Seattle when the fruits started pouring in from California now this once beautiful city is fast becoming s%t hole. Most people seem to think Communism is dead, no it’s name today is Progressivism which will bring about the so-called New World Order, it will come about, not if but when, lots of so-called Republicans are on board with this Beast, Bush senior for one, most likely the ones against Trump are too. This isn’t new, this plan was conceived way back in ancient Babylon, Satan’s brainchild, carried to Jerusalem in the Talmud, today the Talmud has 66 books, and contains the most blasphemous words against Jesus Christ imaginable (not to be confused with the Torah) by the ideologues that Jesus had His harshest words for and saying, you are of your father Satan and other condemning statements. He also warns about them again in the Book of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9