Trump’s Plan To End Birthright Citizenship Called Fake

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NBC’s Chuck Todd called President Trump’s proposal to end birthright citizenship via executive action is a big election “ruse.”

Todd stated, “It’s hard not to look at it through a prism of the election considering when the election is. . It’s hard to take the birthright citizenship proposal as a serious proposal when he talks about it as an executive order when it just can’t be done. That’s not the way to do it. This is a constitutional amendment. If he were serious about it he would have unveiled the campaign to get it passed in 35 plus state legislatures and how to get 2/3rd of Congress and all the things you need to do to get a constitutional amendment passed.”

“It is what it is. This is the last campaign and for three weeks now he has desperately tried to get immigration as the front page story. When other things get in the way he’s complained about it as he did during the pipe bombs. You do feel as if first he tried, ‘I’ll send troops to the border. Oh, that hasn’t gotten on the front page. Now I want to try birthright citizenship.’ I think he’s desperately looking for a reaction on the left to fire up the right on immigration. We’ll see if it works. This feels like throwing mud at the wall.”

“They want to create a perception of a strategy here. There is no constitutional method to the executive order. It is a ruse.”

  • usmcSergeant

    What do you expect from a lying liberal.

    • Mein kampf

      It has nothing to do with a liberal view. Educate yourself. As a former serviceman including myself you should be less judgemental about those who came here to seek a better life and work hard to protect human rights without regard to their nationality, language spoken or religious affiliation. But of course you seem to have developed that anger stemming from the past 20+ years or so of ineffective politics that have made you very unhappy and dissatisfied with your life.

      • 1Americanboy

        There is s BIG difference between LEGAL & ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT

      • Moe

        Your dead wrong, anyone with good intent and character can come here just wait in line and follow the rules, or stay where you are. A nation without borders is no longer a nation. Open borders will destroy the nation in debt, possible diseases and crime. No documentation no entry. My grandfather came here after waiting several years, he had to have a sponsor. Your guys show up and need assistance to remain. You took the most honorable title and twisted it making if a joke. We love legal immigrants, we do not want anymore than the twenty million illegal aliens here already. My don’t you take a few families into your household and you support them not us who oppose illegal immigration.

        • George Jetson

          That’s you’re opinion Curly. I’m not sure I agree with the German guy but I live along the border in 5 different states from Texas to California (including Colorado) and we can’t find one single American citizen who’ll work and stick around long enough only because they’re hooked on meth, heroine, opioids or alcohol and have a poor history of employment. You stay in your big city and we’ll do with what we have which is a good supply of hard working immigrants and then some. And yes, we’re working on helping them become legal citizens and keeping their noses clean away from your big city habits.
          Note: As a matter of fact, I own over 500 acres and yes I do help them make a living on my land and that includes any good American citizen who’ll keep his nose clean as well. Keep your pitiful politics away from here because we know who to trust if you know what I mean. You have a g’day sir.

          • Moe

            Thank you “Larry,” maybe you should move south of the border then they will not illegally enter here. Hey, here is an idea, why not encourage them to apply for entry first instead of illegally crossing the border. Well Larry, don’t be a smuck, why not put America first and follow the law. If your hiring legal immigrants that is worth praise, but if your encouraging illegal immigration that is wrong. Please find a website with liberals like yourself to chat . Respectfully Thank You Larry best wishes, your a piece of work

          • Mein kampf
          • Moe

            Suck a rotten egg moron.

          • Mein kampf

            That’s what you’re boyfriend said about your testicles after he stuffed them in his mouth. Now we know why you call yourself Moe!
            The Moe gay the Moe better for you,
            This covers both sides of your preferences Moe.

          • Moe

            You got to give up this venture and find a job, after you take a laxative to clear your brain.

          • Mein kampf

            HAHAHA!!! I work at the CERN laboratory outside of Geneva. Too much info for your feeble mind to handle. Best job in the world. 6 months out of the year. In time we’ll provide you with a mental suppository that’ll turn your insides out and will make that walnut you call a brain into an empty husk. Never mind, in your case it would be a total waste of our resources. Have a g’day Shemp.
            SHEMP HAPPENS!!!

  • David Elsperger

    Yes he can do a Presdential Order if you’ve listened to a Constitutional Lawyer explaining how and why you would have known that, Instead of spewing garbage!!!

  • 1Americanboy

    It was never intended to be used as it is in toadys world It was used for the slaves and Japanese would be Americans if they had kids here it is not for any illegal to come here and have a baby that is an American Sorry but look it up

  • Moe

    Obama f_ _ _ed the American thousand times by executive order, why can’t Trump stop an abusive strategy that makes immigration a mockery instead of an honorable title as it once was before Obama twisted the meaning’

  • Kelly

    Chuck Todd is just a loser bs artist. he really will never amount to much, And nobody really listens to him.