UC Berkeley Bans Ann Coulter

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The campus that is the home of the historical free speech movement, UC Berkeley, has banned conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter, citing security threats.

According to Young America’s Foundation, student organizers of an upcoming Ann Coulter event at the university were emailed by Berkeley administrators who claimed they were unable to “find a safe suitable venue” for Coulter.

“Young America’s Foundation, BridgeCal and Berkeley College Republicans have been working together to produce a lecture at UC-Berkeley on April 27, 2017, by Ann Coulter, a twelve-time bestselling author, whose book, ‘Adios, America!’ – a No. 2 New York Times bestseller — is widely credited with shaping President Donald Trump’s immigration views,” announced Young America’s Foundation in a press release, Wednesday. “The topic of her speech was immigration.”

“UC-Berkeley, a publicly-funded university, first imposed a series of ridiculous requirements on the speech allegedly in the name of ‘safety.’ Coulter, we were informed, would be required to deliver her speech in the afternoon; only students would be allowed to attend; and the speech location would not be announced until close to the event,” they continued. “Against our advice, Coulter agreed to all these requirements. In return, she requested two measures, which actually had something to do with safety.”

1) That the University of California chancellor request that the Oakland chief of police refrain from telling his men to stand down and ignore law-breaking by rioters attempting to shut down conservative speakers, as he has done in the past; and

2) That UC-Berkeley announce in advance that any students engaging in violence, mayhem or heckling to prevent an invited speaker from speaking would be expelled.

As Coulter explained, “If Berkeley wants to have free speech, it can have it.”

The university’s response was to ban her speech.

“This is as clear-cut a case as it gets that public universities are using taxpayer dollars to shut down conservative speech, while allowing liberal speech only,” Young America’s Foundation proclaimed. “UC-Berkeley has for example, welcomed the corrupt former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, who has cursed at and mocked Donald Trump, currently the President of the United States. The university, and U-C chancellor Janet Napolitano personally, have revealed themselves to be using taxpayer money for an unconstitutional purpose. Even after Coulter went along with their ruses and guises to shut down her speech, they simply announced, like Kim Jung Un, that it was cancelled.”

“We have no intention of acceding to these unconstitutional acts,” the organization concluded. “The Ann Coulter lecture sponsored by Young America’s Foundation will go forward.”

Ron Robinson, the President of Young America’s Foundation, further declared in a quote that “Berkeley disappoints anyone who really believes in free speech.”

“Their actions to ban conservatives while giving leftists a platform reinforces this fact,” Robinson claimed. “It’s a shame that Berkeley is robbing its students of the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education.”


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/04/19/uc-berkeley-bans-ann-coulter/

  • Chris

    Berkeley is not an educational institution, it an indoctrination institute. Radical left wing liberal thing and speech is imposed on the students. Public universities should be denied any federal funding when they break civil rights law! Time to shut down the lefts brainwashing our youth!!!

    • James Andrews

      Exactly……screw Berkeley anyway.

      • Marv

        James, be careful what you “screw” it might be contagious.

        • James Andrews

          Good one…funny!

        • MAD DOG


  • FAITH47


  • James Andrews

    They hate smart women like her; goes against their brain washing strategies.

    • The Redman


  • Lori

    This campus needs to be closed down and ended and should have been a long ,long time ago. Kick all the troublemaking forever student free loaders out and let them go find jobs and finally work for a living. No more free loading, violent protesters prosecuted and jailed or beat them into the pavement. no free medical, no food stamp ,no more free housing and any of the professors who are anti US and want radical terriorists give them to Isis. no more taxes for Berkley to ,no more donors. No more Berkley!

    • Debra Skeens

      Go Lori!! I agree. Im tired of paying taxes so these freeloaders live free and can “afford” the lifestyles I cant because Im paying their bills! If they want free everything, send’em to jail. Plenty’o freebies there. Yup. Give the radical professors AND LAWMAKERS to ISIS. Lol. That WOULD be a good day!

  • William

    The Progressive, Politically Correct, Liberal Democrats believe in Freedom of Speech, as long as it agrees with their idea(s) and Idiotology. Having said that, It would be appropriate for the Tax Payers of the United States, to Withhold, our Federal Tax Dollars, from this University, until those at the University of California at Bizerkley allow freedom of speech!

  • disqus_3MEvLTGTn0

    Sorry young snowflakes want free speech only when it’s to their benefit. If not they cry and destroy property. If that college was in the Midwest instead of marshmallow liberal California this wouldn’t fly. What a bunch of morons.

    • Sanjosemike

      Actually disqus_3MEvTGTN0, I’m OUT of California. We are moving out in May. I have had enough. I cannot print (here) how i feel about California. sanjosemike

      • James Andrews

        Good for you brother! Good luck…..proud of you. We’re on your side.

    • A US Veteran

      California leads the pack of wolves but never forget Ohio, Kent State. http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org/w/Kent_State_Shootings?rec=1595
      The Liberal infection began in the sixties with Bill Ayers Weather Underground and then the Hippie movement. There was nothing free about their movement except radicalism. Ayers, a domestic terrorist delivered Usurper Obama to Washington. Clever devil!

  • RB

    Maybe it’s time for Trump to look into withholding federal funds from Berkeley as he mentioned before.
    If this university is going to continue to block free speech of conservatives while promoting liberal ideas, then this is needs to stop. Hitting them in the pocketbook is usually the fastest way to bring about change so that BOTH conservatives and liberals have the right to free speech.
    Liberals don’t have to agree with the conservative side, but conservatives have the right to present it.

  • Wes

    Here’s the solution. Banning any Constitutional activities are punishable by the loss of all federal funds and the closure of the Institution that is guilty of such actions.

  • Joe Snowblower

    Berkeley, home of the historical free speech movement ?
    Who ever dreamed this up, must be dead by now .

    A big mouth does not equal free speech.

    • Sanjosemike

      Hmmmm….actually…..a big mouth is the VERY definition of free speech. You need a Constitutional education. I think you should look this up. When you make comments like ‘A big mouth does not equal free speech” you demonstrate that you are very ill informed and sadly uneducated. Please don’t embarrass yourself further. I recognize your right to say what you said about free speech. However, you betray yourself as an idiot.


      • Debra Skeens

        Uncalled for.

        • Joe Snowblower

          It’s OK ,Debra
          he’s just a big mouth (with a small brain).

      • A US Veteran

        Do you agree the “big mouth” should share the stage without yelling or combat? That would be “Free Speech” or Constitutionally protected speech.
        Berkeley became a free speech campus because of radical speech desires in the sixties. Draft Cards and US Flags was the kindling for their bond fires set by the founders of radical speech. Oh, include Saul Alinsky.

    • James Andrews

      What’s so ironic, is that they want Big Brother socialism, which inevitably leads to losses of freedoms, as well as more of our hard earned dollars. They are idiots, to say the least.

  • rdbsouers

    It is time for that nut bag in charge of Berzerkly to step down and for that institution to lose it’s funding from the government. Maybe a good house cleaning as well. Losers, nut bags, and whiners that need to be out in the street.

  • rdbsouers

    can they spell communist, socialist, radical left wing flakes?

  • The Redman

    Now dats good news. hahahhahhahahhahahaha. white-folks like her, ruined america

    • Debra Skeens

      I’d recommend you learn to read and think for yourself. Have you ever taken the time to actually listen to her or do you only listen to the FakeNews, bastardized liberal version?

      • The Redman

        Do U “listen” well while on ya back. tramp-troll d-bo. hahahhahhaahahahah

  • John

    I will stop my donations.

    • Debra Skeens

      You’re a donor? You might also want to ask for a refund of previous donations!

  • Alii Eshett

    this you expect from liberals

  • Sanjosemike

    Now is the time to call in the National Guard. sanjosemike

  • rayhause

    If you are Californian, I’m really can’t understand why you have not united in taking care of Coulter. If you let these little turds run over every conservative you can pat yourselves on the back for all failures. You need to have a large group of men that will put these punks in their places, bust some heads. They may just learn we are tired of their sorry asses.

  • Thomas Pratt

    If the excuse is a matter of Ms. Coulter’s personal security and Ms. Coulter wishes to speak, I would be more than happy to donate some of my personal funds to help her pay for her own security.

    I am tired of so called Liberal, who are really just Marxists shutting down free speech and putting forward the insane notion that theirs is the only speech that should be allowed.

    Why are these ” so called accepting progressives, so unaccepting when it comes to a difference of opinion?

    Why do the progressives commit violent acts against true conservatives just because their opinion differs?

    If we true Conservatives, that believe in free speech every time one of these Leftist Loonies threaten us, than we deserve to lose our freedom.

    Time to grow some backbone and stand up to these progressive cowards!

  • Marv

    This “Home of Free Speech” is in California which contains more “nuts, fruits, radicals and Socialistic Idiots” than any State in the Country.

  • juan robledo

    Crazies attend that liberal minded school


    I lost all respect for ann when I saw a story where she was dating a black.

  • Moe

    Obama institutions of higher learning are as sneaky and ignorant as he is, yet still the guy who broke all the laws is walking around free and laughing thanks to an extremely corrupt federal government. Thanks Congress first priority yourself and second protecting the ass of a pathological lair.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Berkeley needs to be shut down until they decide to become an actual place of education.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Time for a new to be presented to congress concerning these Marxist havens, which reigns them in and turns then back into institutions of education only. You protest, you get dismissed.

    • HCUA


  • Vicki M

    The Universities and Colleges in California are cranking out Leftists as fast as they can and have been for 40 + years. The trickle down is now in High Schools and even elementary schools. There is no “education” it is Brainwashing naive, and impressionable young students without any “how” to think but only “what” to think. Sad and scary.

  • Mileaway

    Cut off all federal funding. If CA had any character they too would cut off funding for these rioters and anarchists!

  • AZcowboy

    When you want to express your opinion in public, either the audiences buy it or not, is their personal choice. In America when someone is barred from speaking out, something is wrong. Because it’s unconstitutional. I hope that a prestigious institution like UC Berkele should know that by heart.

  • Tuffy1650

    Stop All government spending on Berkeley. They allow free speech only if it
    fits what they believe..How will ever learn what to believe unless they examine & debate both sides..Liberal professors have caused this kind of ignorance.