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We’ve been treated to an embarrassing amount of fake news from CNN of late, not to mention outright blackmail over a spoof video, but one would hope they’d hit the bottom of the barrel. Apparently not. Would you believe…CNN actually contracted an al-Qaeda propagandist to assist with their reporting?

American Muslim Bilal Abdul Kareem presents himself as a “journalist & documentary filmmaker,” who is reporting directly out of Syria. He publishes his own reports on his social media, and even boasts a verified Twitter account. He also runs the YouTube channel “On the Ground News.”

A closer look at Kareem’s work however reveals him to be more of a propagandist than journalist, reporting from al-Qaeda controlled areas, and always presenting a one-sided perspective against the Syrian government. He also harshly criticizes ISIS (which is at war with al-Qaeda and their affiliates), while featuring extensive interviews with members of al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s Syrian afiliate.

For some unknown reason, Western outlets that feature Bilal’s reporting (and interview him) always fail to mention the concern over where his alliances lie. CNN even went so far as to hire him for an award-winning documentary on Syria – and it was the far-Left journalists over at AlterNet who caught CNN in the act of trying to cover up their tracks.

As Max Blumenthal documented, on June 16, Bilal sat down before a camera to vent his frustration with a former employer. Bilal Abdul Kareem described how he and his online outlet, On the Ground News, had been contracted by CNN to film the documentary Undercover in Syria.“This was with CNN and their correspondent Clarissa Ward, which I have big-time respect for, big-time respect as a journalist, as a person,” Abdul Kareem remarked.

With a sardonic grin, Abdul Kareem described how he was slighted: “This Undercover in Syria, you can Google it — it won the prestigious Peabody Award, and it won the prestigious Overseas Press Club Award, which are basically the highest awards in journalism for international reporting. Now, [CNN] barely mentioned my name! I’m telling you, somehow CNN must have forgotten that I was the one that filmed it, I guess they forgot that.”


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source: https://www.allenbwest.com/matt-palumbo/new-cnn-shame-look-hired-cover-middle-east

  • PM

    since he’s a muslim contributor, I can only view his submissions with a grain of salt because he is going to tell us what he wants us to hear and not the truth. I refuse to watch CNN or any of their telecasts whether I’m home, or at an airport. There are more important things to do than listen to their drivel.

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Seems like Commie News Network’s usual approach to delivering the news.

  • Thomas Pratt

    Proof positive that the Globalist & CNN are guilty of treason. It has become apparent that the CNN has no regard for freedom in the United States. Hiring this clown is the final straw that will break the backs of any shred of credibility they think they may have. How the heck does CNN rationalize the hiring of a terrorist. This must be a clear indicator to these lefties that by embracing Democrats they are embracing the destruction of freedom in the Western World and the United States. They are just totally insane!

  • Bob Flannery

    CNN was founded by ted turner, a liberal, who then married jane fonda who did commit treason, so we used to call it the communist news network,,now with the on air idiots like cuomo and maddow aka mad cow, is become the clinton news network…how must a true journalist feel when chelsea clinton was given a made up job as a journalist and she was making more money that people who had been there for years,,,,fake news

    • Marlene Binger

      Bob Flannery, CNN IS, in my opinion, the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK and from the way things are going, CNN will ALWAYS be the “Communist News Network! I NEVER turn to that channel – could never get the truth about ANY of their news!

  • Bob Flannery

    it is now obvivious to even stupid democrats, are there any other kind, that the lame stream media is done,,,u can fool some of the people some of the time,,but not all of the all of the time,,,CNN is FAKE NEWS

  • Retired Chief Petty Officer

    Since he is on CNN I don’t even need a grain of salt. I simply refuse to acknowledge their claimed position as a news network. All I have ever seen from them is propaganda and lies. Furthermore, nothing is more infuriating that going to the military hospital or other base facilities and seeing them spouting their garbage 24/7 by choice of the people who are working in their publicity offices.

  • Bob Flannery

    lock up hillary and bill, and how come weiner only got 18months, a secret service again who did similar things got 16 years, weiner must have some information that demo rats dont want exposed, that bitch wife of his huma is a muslim brotherhood supporter as are her parents,,talk about being infiltrated byu the enemy

  • Bayside GolfClub

    Cut off the left’s funding by deploying an IRS style auditing squad using private sector auditing firms. Find out where every stolen dollar of federal funding has gone…. End the evil corruption that funds the leftist thieves.. Simple.. 10% of money recovered upon convictions.. Win.. win… win… MAGA.. Quick like…

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america